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Тест. У вас все еще Upper Intermediate? Проверьте, не упал ли ваш уровень английского за год

Тест. У вас все еще Upper Intermediate? Проверьте, не упал ли ваш уровень английского за год

Upper Intermediate — это В2, если так привычнее

Тест на уровень английского
Узнайте свой уровень, получите рекомендации по обучению и промокод на уроки английского в подарок
Тест на уровень английского

Узнайте, не позабылся ли ваш английский за этот год. Ответите правильно хотя бы на 10 из 20 вопросов — значит Upper Intermediate на месте. А может, ваш уровень даже повысился?

We were already at the passport control when we realized that we <...> one of the suitcases in the taxi

left have left had left would leave

Politicians are more worried about reelection <...> truly improving the economy

then than that as

I felt so stupid that you didn’t come. <...> husband was there

everyone’s else’s everyone’s else everyone else’s everyone else

<...> home from work feeling tired?

Often do you come Do you come often Do often you come Do you often come

When I was young, I <...> in a school band, and lately I <...> music again

have been playing, have taken up played, took up played, have taken up have played, took up

Guys, do you mind me asking <...> in a relationship?

if you’re are you if are you you

I guess Will Smith <...> his YouTube channel eventually

is going to shut down is shutting down will shut down shuts down

My wife, she <...> things out, and then I can’t find my collectables. That’s so annoying

always throws had always thrown is always throwing always threw

Can you just draw the curtains? I have this weird feeling that we <...>

are watching are be watched are been watching are being watched

<...> of these shirts are dry yet. So you’ll have to wear something different to the dinner

both neither either nor

Surprisingly, I <...> broccoli as a kid, but I hate it now

would like used to liked am used to like used to like

Sorry, guys, but I'm exhausted! I don't fancy <...> out tonight

to go go to going going

I’m <...> the subway right now. The train is too loud, I’ll call you later

in on at from

<...> not getting very good reviews, the book was selling well

despite in spite even if so as to

I was surprised when the neighbor said he <...> the police if we <...> another party

will call, have would call, would have called, had would call, had

It smells as if <...>. Are you sure you switched off the oven?

burnt something is burning burnt food to burn

Thank god we have a dog! If he <...>, we <...> someone was trying to break into the house

doesn’t bark, don’t know didn’t bark, wouldn’t know hadn’t barked, wouldn’t have known hasn’t barked, won’t know

Why don’t you drop <...> on your way home? I’ve just made some cookies

by along into down

We've gone the wrong way. We <...> left at the traffic lights

shouldn’t have turned can’t have turned must have turned had to have turned

He was sent to <...> prison for participating in a money laundering scam

нет артикля a an the

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