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Тест: какой у вас сейчас уровень английского?

Тест: какой у вас сейчас уровень английского?

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Тест на уровень английского
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Тест на уровень английского

Невмоготу ждать перевода нового романа Стивена Кинга, хочется прочитать одним из первых? Интересно узнать, как на самом деле говорят героини Джейн Остин, но не уверены, хватит ли вашего уровня английского, чтобы дочитать до последней страницы? Ответьте на 25 вопросов, а мы определим ваш уровень владения языком и дадим несколько советов о том, как читать в оригинале.

Reading a book you enjoy <…> a great way to relax.

am is are be

How <…> books do you want to read this year?

many plenty much a lot of

At the moment I <…> Michelle Obama’s Becoming

reading is read read am reading

<…> literature is big business as according to statistics women buy more books than men

womens women’s woman woman’s

My English teacher <…> reading is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary

says speaks talks tells

I definitely have this book. I just <…> where I put it

forget forgotten forgeted forgot

It seems like An­na Karen­i­na is on every list of <…> books of all time

greater the greatest great greatest

The 2019 Man Booker Prize committee decided to split the prize <…> Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo

between with among for

I <…> Netflix’s The Witcher yet because I want to read books first

didn’t see am not seeing haven’t seen hadn’t seen

I’m not much of a reader. My <…> reading habits center around Facebook updates

day daily daytime all-day

I find Mr. Bennet in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to be very witty and funny, <…> is something you don’t often get in books from that time period

where which who what

Boris and Theo from Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch are two of my favorite characters ever <…>

to write writing written wrote

If I <…> a famous writer, Stephen King would let me stay at his Victorian mansion

am will be were had been

I wasn’t that much impressed by Hel Elrod’s The Miracle Morning <…> I’ve been trying to change my morning routine since reading it

because so although in spite of

The life of Oliver Twist as a child on the street in Victorian London is no bed of <…>

roses dreams rainbows sweets

I love <…> newsfeed on Goodreads: seeing my friends’ progress definitely motivates me to shut down Netflix and pick up a book

- (нет артикля) a an the

Season 1 of Big Little Lies ignores one important detail from the book: after Perry <…> Jane, she developed an eating disorder

has verbally abused verbally abused had verbally abused would verbally abuse

I like to imagine <…> a dinner party with Long John Silver, Blind Pew and Billy Bones from Treasure Island. More rum, more fun

host hosting to host being hosted

If there had been graphic novels on our reading list at school, I <…> so many Literature classes

wouldn’t miss didn’t miss won’t miss wouldn’t have missed

Speed reading is a good skill for boring news stories or long emails, but not anything that requires complete <…>

comprehension conception perception appreciation

I have a bad habit of piling up books that I never get <…> to read

along up around down

Some fifty years ago people even <…> buying any book online

shouldn’t have imagined mustn’t have imagined couldn’t have imagined needn’t have imagined

If you make it a habit to read for at least an hour every day you <…> at least 50 books by the end of next year

will have completed will be completed would have completed have completed

Seldom <…> reading books but Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind has turned out to be too difficult for my current level of English

I quit do I quit quit I to quit

In her book No Visible Bruises Snyder <…> some myths about domestic violence, such as restraining orders being an effective solution

ruins exposes contradicts debunks

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