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Тест: какой у вас уровень английского?

Тест: какой у вас уровень английского?

Это не унылая школьная контрольная. Будет интересно!

Тест на уровень английского
Узнайте свой уровень, получите рекомендации по обучению и промокод на уроки английского в подарок
Тест на уровень английского

I think morning <…> the best time of day to go to the gym.

is are have does

Many popular YouTube vloggers do <…> own versions of 'Try Not To Laugh' challenge.

his its your their

I love Billie Eilish’s new album, at the moment I <…> to it on repeat.

am listening listening listens am listen

I usually read comics online before I go <…>.

in bed bed to bed off bed

<…> is your favourite 'Avengers' character?

which who what why

Are you sure we don’t have <…> milk left at home?

no some any many

It’s such a shame I still <…> 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu'.

haven’t seen didn’t see don’t see will not see

Noah Schnapp is <…>kid among 'Stranger Things' cast.

the younger youngest the youngest the most young

I <…> Skyeng YouTube-videos when you called.

watched was watching whatch am watching

Millie Bobby Brown is only 14 and she <…> as one of the world’s most influential people.

named has named has been named has to be name

Let’s play some <…>at my place tonight.

table games board games desk games chair games

What does your t-shirt <…> ?

say tell speak talk

You didn’t use a cheat-sheet on the exam, <…>?

did you are you do you have you

I think we could be friends with Ed Sheeran. We seem to have much in <…>.

same together common general

I don’t mind ordering a pizza but it depends <…> what toppings you want.

on at of out

Be careful with my Adidas shoes. They’re <…> new.

trend brand fashion style

If I ever meet one of the guys from BTS, I <…> freak out.

must should have to might

Do you know that <…> floss dance has been added to Fortnite as a dance “emote”?

- a the an

If I <…> out of the car while doing the Shiggy Dance last summer, I <…> so many likes on Instagram.

don’t fall, won’t get didn’t fall, wouldn’t get hadn’t fallen, wouldn’t get hadn't fallen, wouldn’t have got

It’s not cool to say “cool” anymore, the trending word of 2019 is <…>.

dope YOLO fake flex

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