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Тест: какого уровня английского вы достигли в 2019 году?

Тест: какого уровня английского вы достигли в 2019 году?

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Тест на уровень английского
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Тест на уровень английского

Билли Айлиш, толстый кот Виктор и Илон Маск со своим кибертраком могли оказаться в одной компании только в нашем тесте на определение уровня языка. Предлагаем с пользой вспомнить яркие события уходящего года в мире кино, музыки, мемов, политики и технологий.

How <…> Marvel characters are there in Avengers: Endgame?

many plenty much a lot of

Taylor Swift announced her <…> album, Lover, with a big mural of a butterfly

sevens seven seventh seven’s

Elon Musk <…> reservations for his crazy new Cybertruck

already taking is already take already takes is already taking

Billie <…> Bad Guy is definitely the catchiest song of 2019

Eilish Eilish’ Eilish’s Eilishes

I’m glad Rami Malek <…> an Oscar for his role in Bohemian Rhapsody

had won gave brought...

According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner is the world's <…> billionaire at 21

younger the youngest young youngest

I felt so <…>watching Notre Dame cathedral burn

bad bed badly worse

Lost Caravaggio painting Judith and Holofernes, <…> in 2014, finally was auctioned for astonishing $171 million

undiscovered rediscovered prediscovered de-discovered

Queen Elizabeth II <…> Instagram. Now I have someone interesting to follow

joined has joined had joined joins

There are so many streaming services right now, like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Apple+, that I’m <…> which one to choose

frightened confident confused amused

Headspace is a cool mediation app <…> you can learn different advanced meditation techniques

which that when where

I’m so excited about the sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale. I simply can’t wait <…> it

to read read reading having read

If I <…> a famous writer, Stephen King would let me stay at his Victorian mansion

am will be were had been

<…> Donald Trump is a big fan of fossil fuels, he dreams of buying Greenland one day

although but so since

My university professor doesn’t believe I can get a good job with hair dyed pink. Well, I just told him, ‘Ok, <…>’

bomber booer boomer beaver

In one of his interviews, Joaquin Phoenix said that he <…> more than 20 kg to play Joker

lost have lost would lose had lost

Who will become the next James Bond when Daniel Craig steps <…> from the role?

away down off up

If only I <…> the end of the show for Daenerys Targaryen. Mother of Dragons deserves better

could rewrite can rewrite would rewrite had rewritten

Greta Thunberg began <…> global movement by skipping school and in 2019 Times has named her the Person of the Year

— (нет артикля) the a an

There’s a new trend on social media to write vaguely about your unhappiness or emotional problems to attract attention. It’s called <…>

fishing catfishing sadfishing blackfishing

I don’t really trust book recommendations on the internet, but Michelle Obama's biography Becoming is literally <…> every list. I guess I should read it

in among with on

According to the World Economic Forum, plastic <…> fish in the World Ocean by 2050

will have outweighed will be outweighed would have outweigh have outweighed

Seldom <…> eggplant emojis in my Instagram feed. And now they’re gone forever

I saw did I see saw I to see

Viktor the Fat Cat used to have an ordinary life and he even <…> that he would become a viral meme

shouldn’t have imagined mustn’t have imagined couldn’t have imagined needn’t have imagined

Some people believe that the world is getting too sensitive and too politically correct as we’re turning into <…>

snowmen icicles chills snowflakes

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