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Тест. У вас все еще Intermediate? Проверьте, не упал ли ваш уровень английского за год

Тест. У вас все еще Intermediate? Проверьте, не упал ли ваш уровень английского за год

Intermediate — это В1, если так привычнее

Тест на уровень английского
Узнайте свой уровень, получите рекомендации по обучению и промокод на уроки английского в подарок
Тест на уровень английского

Узнайте, не начал ли ваш Intermediate слегка ржаветь за этот год. Ответите правильно хотя бы на 10 из 20 вопросов — значит все в порядке. А может, ваш уровень даже повысился?

Sometimes it’s <...> to tell a white lie than to upset someone

better gooder the better more good

<...> do you like most about your lifestyle?

how what why which

We <...> with colleagues in Zoom tonight. I have a reminder in my Google Calendar

are meeting will meet meet are meet

I finally found a perfect designer bag. It <...> me a lot of money though

costed cast was cost cost

I get very <...> reading the news so I unsubscribed from all the newsletters

worried worrying worriedly worries

I <...> a shower when all of a sudden I <...> a huge spider

had, saw had, was seeing was having, saw was having, was seeing

As a working mom of four young kids, I get <...> moments on my own

few a few little a little

I <...> my hair bright colors, but I’d love to try

have never dyed am never dying never dyed will never dye

We’ve been dating <...> eight months. I think it’s time to start thinking about marriage

since for ago in

When the new park <...>, I’ll go jogging there every day

will open opens opened to open

Breakfast <...> in the hotel restaurant, but due to new health regulations we can only offer room service

serves is serving is served is serve

I’ve picked up someone else's phone <...> mistake. My password won’t work

on off as by

I’ve just recently moved out of my parents’ house. So I <...> running my own place

am used to am getting used to used to use

Nobody leaves the classroom <...> I find out who quoted Morgenshtern on the blackboard!

while until as soon as because

And then he <...> to me, ‘I am your father. We’ve never met before’

told spoke said talked

We don’t have any plans yet, but we <...> go out for pizza tonight

must ought to shall might

If you want to stop <...> your ex when you’re drunk, just delete his number

text texting to text texted

It’s a totally <...> website. You better check those facts in The New York Times

unreliable irreliable underreliable disreliable

Сould you please tell me <...> ?

where the nearest ATM the nearest ATM is where is the nearest ATM where the nearest ATM is

I prefer to spend Christmas alone — I don't really get <...> with my family

off over along into

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