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Тест: какой у вас уровень английского? Проверьте прямо сейчас

Тест: какой у вас уровень английского? Проверьте прямо сейчас

Вопросы помогут вам вспомнить тренды последних лет

Тест на уровень английского
Узнайте свой уровень, получите рекомендации по обучению и промокод на уроки английского в подарок
Тест на уровень английского

Тестов на определение уровня языка в интернете полно, но настоящее удовольствие вы получите только от этого. Он не просто проверит ваш английский, но и напомнит о лучших фильмах, вирусных видео, мемах, музыке и событиях последних лет.

The Weeknd's "Save Your Tears" <…> the most popular 2021 music video on Vevo

is are have does

Many singers streamed <…> online concerts for people all around the world

his its your their

I love Taylor Swift’s new album, at the moment I <…> to it on repeat

am listen listening listens am listening

I don’t <…> watch drama movies, but "King Richard" is pretty good

sometimes never usually always

<…> meme do you prefer: Doge or Cheems?

when which what why

If you are bored, you <…> try online courses

will need should are able

It’s such a shame I still <…> "Dune"

haven’t seen didn’t see don’t see will not see

Wikipedia <…> that Billie Eilish released her second album "Happier Than Ever" on July 30, 2021

says tells speaks said

Netflix recently released "Britney Vs Spears," a 90-minute documentary <…> the conservatorship established for the pop star

challenging creating surrounding showed

I <…> YouTube Originals when you called

watched was watching watch am watching

The word “vaccine” <…> the word of the year by many dictionaries for 2021

named has named has been named has to be name

Everyone admits <…> a challenging and anxious year

to have having have have had

In her first album <…> 2015, Adele finally came back this year with "30"

since that when then

Everyone was <…> impressed by the courage of doctors all around the world

entirely highly many badly

Billie Eilish won 2 nominations at the 2021 Grammy Award. That’s what we call girl <…>

strength efforts beauty power

Joe Biden <…> the 46th president of the United States

made went became started

The spaceflight company led by the billionaire Elon Musk launched a <…> trip to orbit with the first-ever all-civilian crew

historic fun charming spacy

I <…> Måneskin on Eurovision for quite a while before I realized that Damiano David was very hot

was watching had been watching have been watching would be watching

My social media feed has been flooded with <…> posts this year

shop shopped shopply shoppable

Do you know that Travis Scott’s 2021 Astroworld Festival was called a <…>?

tragical winning tragedy impressive

I'd rather you <…> to some charity funds to support them

would subscribe to subscribe will subscribe subscribed

As the two platforms are so <…>, many content creators have reshared videos created on TikTok to VK Video

the same similar same boring

This year, the sales of CDs are really <…> streaming music services

lagging behind pulling down missing out on sticking up for

The Silhouette Challenge dominated <…> TikTok’s February content in 2021

much many a lot of much of

This is the trending slang of 2021 and another way of saying that someone is over the top

extra cancelled FYI ok, boomer

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