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Тест. У вас все еще Advanced? Проверьте, не упал ли ваш уровень английского за год

Тест. У вас все еще Advanced? Проверьте, не упал ли ваш уровень английского за год

Advanced — это C1, если так привычнее

Тест на уровень английского
Узнайте свой уровень, получите рекомендации по обучению и промокод на уроки английского в подарок
Тест на уровень английского

Узнайте, как поживает ваш английский, — удалось ли вам сохранить свой высокий уровень за этот год. Ответите правильно хотя бы на 10 из 20 вопросов — вы все еще Advanced. А может, вы уже почти как носитель языка?

My sister <...> twins. Isn’t that a wonderful surprise?

expects has expected is expecting will be expecting

In spite of <…> in the USA for a couple of years now, he still can’t speak the language

to live live living lived

I <…> to text you when I get home, I promise

won’t forget am not going to forget am not forgetting don’t forget

It’s a shame they <…> to the wedding. I would have loved to see them

haven’t invited haven’t be invited haven’t being invited haven’t been invited

I love <…> newsfeed on Goodreads: seeing my friends’ progress motivates me to shut down Netflix and pick up a book

нет артикля a an the

I’ll ask the management <…> for another in-house employee

does our budget stretch whether our budget stretches if stretches our budget our budget stretches

Boris and Theo from Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch are two of my favorite characters ever <…>

to write writing written wrote

The team leader said that the strategy session <…> until the <…> week

has been postponed, next is postponed, following had been postponed, following had been postponed, next

You <…> sandwiches with you — there’s a perfectly good cafe next door

mustn’t bring needn’t have brought ought to have brought should have brought

I wish I <…> that. I can see now I’ve upset you, sorry

didn’t say wouldn’t say hadn’t said haven’t said

You can definitely benefit from a gap year. <...>, there are some dangers involved, for example, getting sidetracked from your studies

in addition nevertheless furthermore consequently

If he'd taken the medication as prescribed, he <…> sick in bed

wouldn't still be lying won’t still be lying wouldn’t have been still lying wasn’t still be lying

My parents are very critical <...> the way we bring up our kids

about on over of

There are rumours that either the tigers or the lion <…> from the zoo

are escaped have escaped has escaped to have escaped

According to the World Economic Forum, plastic <…> fish in the World Ocean by 2050

will be outweighed will have outweighed would have outweigh have outweighed

It still surprises me how tiktokers manage to have <...> thousands of followers

much lot of many a lot of

Stop putting the travel agent <...>, it wasn’t her fault we missed our flight

down off up with back

The injury is not serious. We’ll <…> you on your feet and running around in no time

let force have make

Under no circumstances <…> my hubby any money. He’ll waste everything on gambling

you should lend do you lend to lend should you lend

You wanna rent a party bus for the New Year's Eve celebration? That’s a(an) <...> splendid idea

highly absolutely very enough

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