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Тест: какие правила в английском вам пора учить? Узнайте это сейчас

Тест: какие правила в английском вам пора учить? Узнайте это сейчас

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Тест на уровень английского

<…> often do you have English classes?

When Why Where How

Excuse me, is this <…> seat?

you’re your yours you

I <…> much coffee these days

am not drinking am not drink not drinking don’t drink

I can’t meet at four. I’ll be <…> the barber’s until five

in on at with

Sorry but we haven’t got <…> Sprite

any no some many

The guest bedroom is <…> room in the house

quieter the quietest quiet quietest

We <…> some talent show when the power went off

watched to watch watching were watching

I think she <…> pay about 100 euros a week rent. It’s quite an expensive flat

should can has to must

I <…> to text you when I get home, I promise

won’t forget am not going to forget am not forgetting don’t forget

The Quiet Place is the most terrifying movie I <…>

ever saw am ever seeing have ever seen had ever seen

We took a cruise on <…> Lake Michigan to see all four states

a an the нет артикля

Our neighbors’ car <…> last night

was stole was stolen have stolen were stolen

He’s been writing articles for us on and off <…> three years

since during till for

If I <…> the Queen, I would say hello

meet met had met will meet

In spite of <…> in the USA he still can’t speak the language

to live live living lived

Could you tell me what time <…>?

the train leaves leaves the train does the train leave leaves

We <…> the food poisoning if we hadn't gone to the restaurant you recommended

wouldn’t get won’t get didn’t get wouldn’t have got

You <…> it’s your birthday! Now I’m the only one without a present!

must have told me should have told me needn’t have told me might have told me

The police officer asked if we <…> anything suspicious

had seen have seen saw would see

After living in London for a year I still can't <…> driving on the left

used to get used to be used to be using

The car <…> 50,000 km, we'll need to get it serviced

will soon do will soon be doing will soon have done will soon have been doing

I have a bad habit of piling up books that I never get <…> to read

along up around down

Going on Safari in Tanzania is definitely <…> my travel bucket list

in at within on

There are rumours that either the tigers or the lion <…> from the zoo

has escaped are escaped have escaped is escaped

Seldom <…> watching series if I’ve started, but this one is dead boring

I quit do I quit quit I to quit

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