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Listen to the audio and mark the sentences as True or False MaxGeorge George, I've been meaning to talk to you about something. Is everything OK? I'm sorry I've been out of touch, but I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. That's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. OK, I'm listening. You have my full attention. I want to offer you a starting position at my firm in Moscow. Oh, Max. I can't thank you enough for thinking of me, but I'll have to turn it down, although I appreciate the thought. Why? You've always enjoyed being a part of a team, and in this case, we are going to be on the same team. It's bound to be great. Hear me out. It's an opportunity that I otherwise wouldn't miss, but you remember what happened with Sardana. You are my best friend. I don't want to risk that. George, you are my best friend as well. That is why it is best not to mix friendship with business. In any case, I have another idea that I have been working on. Could you share it with me? Of course, and I would very much like your view on this. I'm thinking of getting involved with ecological budgets and stocks. I really believe that there is a future there; plus the job has got a lot of travelling and lots of other benefits, so I'm really up for it. That's a brilliant idea. What's the plan? I think I might start a new venture in this, which is not easy, but I have a business plan. I showed it to Kate, who was very enthusiastic. Wait, what? What does Kate have to do with this? Haven't you heard? She's really into this. She was the one who gave me the whole idea. The best part is that she's willing to take part in this no matter whose idea it was. The only problem is that I need to get funding or pitch it to someone who will financially support my business plan. So, what are friends for? What do you mean? George, say yes and we can start this business together. I have saved some money and this sounds like a good investment. Thanks, mate, but I just told you. I don't want to have the same issues with you that I had with Sardana. I don't want to hear it. Friends are forever. I already have a plan in mind. Call Kate and ask her to join us. There's the bottom line. You want Katie to come over, don't you? You can't let it go, can you? What can I say … She's the one who got away. I'd like to give it another chance.
  1. George turns down Max's offer because of a similar experience with Sardana. True False
  2. Kate was the one who developed the business plan. True False George developed the business plan.
  3. Max knows investors who could be interested in financially supporting George's project. True False Max wants to invest his own money into the project.
  4. Kate is ready to take part in a project only if it is based on her idea. True False She's willing to take part in the project no matter whose idea it was.
  5. Max still has feelings for Kate. True False

To remember the structure of an email better, let's order the parts of this letter.

Put the parts of the email in the correct order Subject line: Meet the new intern Dear team, I am writing to announce that we have a new intern. I am pleased to introduce you to Mary, who is starting her internship today. She will work in different departments as a personal assistant. Feel free to greet Mary in person and congratulate her on the new role! Best regards, Ann Jones HR specialist SkyPromo
Put the parts of the text in the correct order to learn the steps of writing a warning email Start with stating the problem and the reason for writing a warning. Describe a problematic situation. Provide details and dates if possible. Explain why the situation causes problems to the company. Describe what you need the employee to do in order to correct the situation. Warn about the consequences of failing to do what you ask. Express hope for a positive change in the future to finish on a positive note. Don't forget to sign your name and department.


12 апреля 2023
Учусь в Skyeng уже полгода, в последнее время стала довольно быстро расправляться с домашками, так что раздел с бесплатными заданиями очень помогает не скучать между уроками. Занимаюсь английским практически каждый день.
01 мая 2023
Спасибо за бесплатные задания. Кажется, у меня наконец получилось разобраться, в чем разница между прошедшими временами. Мучился с этой темой еще со школы.
15 апреля 2023
Удобно, что можно делать упражнения с телефона, помогает скоротать время в дороге, да еще и с пользой.

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