Упражнения: Relative clauses

Придаточные определительные предложения

Let's check how well you remember the rules.

Choose the correct options

We use commas with

non-defining relative clauses. defining relative clauses.

The clauses which give us very important information are

non-defining relative clauses. defining relative clauses.

We can use that instead of who and which in

non-defining relative clauses. defining relative clauses.

A sentence will still make sense if we remove

a non-defining relative clause. a defining relative clause.

To talk about possession, we use the pronoun

that. whose.

To talk about people, we use the pronoun

who. which.

We can leave out a relative pronoun in a defining clause if

it is the object of the clause. it is the subject of the clause.

Correct the mistakes
  1. The other day I bumped into a girl who was at the art school with me.The other day I bumped into a girl that was at the art school with me.
  2. Dan suggested going to the gallery that he knew.Dan suggested going to the gallery which he knew.
  3. My grandmother, who's 80 now, started drawing at the age of 65.My grandmother, who is 80 now, started drawing at the age of 65. She is a rather famous artist now.
  4. The girl who has short hair is called Mary.The girl that has short hair is called Mary.
  5. My sister, who is an interior designer, is working on a huge project.
  6. Yesterday, I went to the museum where they have the collection of street art works.Yesterday, I went to the museum that has the collection of street art works.Yesterday, I went to the museum which has the collection of street art works.
  7. Zaha Hadid was an architect whose brave creative decisions inspired a lot of people.
  8. The book which I was reading when you saw me was about design.
  9. Anna will never forget the moment when they announced the winner of the design contest.
  10. It is the best exhibition that I've ever been to.It is the best exhibition which I've ever been to.It is the best exhibition I've ever been to.

Put the words into the correct order to make sentences My friend Mike, who went to the same school as me, has just got an award for the best non-fiction book. I'm looking for a manager who has great communicative skills. The flat which belongs to Richard is located in the countryside. Last week I bought new shoes, which fell apart the next day. I lost my mother's necklace, which I'd been wearing for more than ten years. The man whose car is parked over there is my father.
Choose if the sentence is formal or informal

The professor whom I was assigned to was very encouraging.

Formal Informal

The award goes to the band who gets the most support from the fans.

Formal Informal

The people who I went on a trip to Mexico with have taken part in IronMan.

Formal Informal

The cinema which I made my speech in is right near the corner.

Formal Informal

I live near the forest where you can find and hear nightingales.

More formal Less formal

I met a woman with whom I used to take part in debates.

Formal Informal

Read the funny definitions and choose the correct relative pronouns to complete them
  1. Dad is the person who which always tells you to go and ask your mother.
  2. Coffee is the drink which whose helps me change from "I hate everything" to "I feel good about hating everything".
  3. An artist is a person who whose uses their talent to create great things for little or no money.
  4. Spring is the season which when everyone fails to "begin a new life".
  5. A teacher is an adult schoolchild which who refused to leave school.
  6. Home is the place where that you can be ugly and not worry about it.
  7. Summer is the time where when you forget everything you've learned during the academic year.
  8. An office is a place where that you can relax and surf the internet.
Look at the sentences in Exercise 1 again and tick the ones where you can use that instead of other relative pronouns

I can use that in the following sentences:

Sentence 1; Sentence 2; Sentence 3; Sentence 4; Sentence 5; Sentence 6; Sentence 7; Sentence 8.

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