Упражнения: Phrasal verbs

Фразовые глаголы

Match phrasal verbs with their definitions dG8gc3RheSBpbg== dG8gcmVtYWluIGluIHlvdXIgaG9tZSBmb3IgYSBwZXJpb2Qgb2YgdGltZQ== dG8gdGFrZSBzb21lIHRpbWUgb2Zm dG8gaGF2ZSBzb21lIHRpbWUgd2hlbiB5b3UgZG8gbm90IHdvcmsgYmVjYXVzZSBvZiBpbGxuZXNzLCBob2xpZGF5cyBvciBvdGhlciByZWFzb25z dG8gbW92ZSBvbg== dG8gbGVhdmUgdGhlIHBsYWNlIHdoZXJlIHlvdSBhcmUgc3RheWluZyBhbmQgZ28gc29tZXdoZXJlIGVsc2Ugb3IgdG8gc3RhcnQgYSBuZXcgYWN0aXZpdHk= dG8gdGVhciBzb21lYm9keSBhcGFydA== dG8gbWFrZSBwZW9wbGUgYXJndWUgYW5kIGRhbWFnZSB0aGVpciByZWxhdGlvbnNoaXA= dG8gcG9pbnQgb3V0 dG8gdGVsbCBzb21lb25lIGFib3V0IHNvbWUgaW5mb3JtYXRpb24sIG9mdGVuIGJlY2F1c2UgeW91IGJlbGlldmUgdGhleSBkbyBub3Qga25vdyBpdCBvciBoYXZlIGZvcmdvdHRlbiBpdA== dG8gdHVybiB1cA== dG8gY29tZSB0byBhIG1lZXRpbmcgb3IgYW4gZXZlbnQ= dG8gZW5kIHVw dG8gZmluYWxseSBiZSBpbiBhIHBhcnRpY3VsYXIgcGxhY2Ugb3Igc2l0dWF0aW9u dG8gbW92ZSBvdXQgb2Y= dG8gc3RvcCBsaXZpbmcgaW4gYSBwYXJ0aWN1bGFyIGhvdXNlIG9yIGZsYXQ= dG8gY2Fycnkgb24= dG8gY29udGludWU=
Choose the correct options to complete the sentences
  1. Friday night we decided not to party, but to carry on stay in turn up and watch some TV series.
  2. I will tear apart move on take some time off work next week to visit my parents who live in another city.
  3. OK, we've been discussing this presentation for two hours now. It's time to end up move on move out of , we have other issues to talk about.
  4. Let's discuss our family budget. I can see that the question of money takes time off points out tears us apart . We always argue over who should pay for the rent of our apartment.
  5. I'd like to point out carry on stay in that the use of mobile phones in a class is strictly forbidden.
  6. No one turned up ended up moved on to my birthday party, so I had to eat my cake alone, crying and watching some TV series.
  7. I said to myself that I would only watch one episode of Game of Thrones that evening. However, I moved out of pointed out ended up finishing the whole season in one night.
  8. I moved out of stayed in moved on my flat in the city centre because the rent was too high!
  9. Let's not get distracted and turn up take some time off carry on with the task, we need to finish it by 2 p.m.

Read each definition and decide which verb or idiom is explained there to stick to somethingto manage to do somethingto be related to somethingto ace somethingto think outside the boxto make someone tick
  • — to continue to do or use one particular thing and not change it or stop it for any period of time
  • — to succeed in doing or dealing with something, especially something difficult
  • — be connected with something
  • — to do very well in an exam
  • — to think using your imagination and having new ideas instead of traditional ones
  • — to motivate someone for an action
Match the two halves of the sentences SXQgaXMgYmVpbmcgcGFydCBvZiBhIHRlYW0gdGhhdCBtYWtlcw== bWUgdGljay4= TGV0J3Mgbm90IG1ha2UgYW55IGNoYW5nZXMgcmlnaHQgbm93IGFuZCBqdXN0IHN0aWNr dG8gdGhlIHBsYW4u SSBkb24ndCBzcGVhayBDaGluZXNlLCBidXQgSSBtYW5hZ2Vk dG8gZXhwbGFpbiB0byB0aGlzIHBlcnNvbiB3aGF0IEkgd2FudGVkLg== SSB3YW50IHRvIHBhcnRpY2lwYXRlIGluIGEgcHJvamVjdCB0aGF0IGlzIHJlbGF0ZWQ= dG8gcmVzZWFyY2ggaW4gZWR1Y2F0aW9uLg== SSBkaWRuJ3QgaGF2ZSB0aW1lIHRvIHByZXBhcmUgYnV0IHNvbWVob3cgYWNlZA== TWF0aHMu SSBoYWQgdG8gdGhpbms= b3V0c2lkZSB0aGUgYm94IHRvIGNvbWUgdXAgd2l0aCB0aGUgaWRlYSBmb3IgbXkgc3RhcnR1cC4=

Let's look at another group of phrasal verbs — phrasal verbs with take.

Read the messages on the forum and choose the correct options

Do you hate your boss?


I've got a Liverpool accent, and my boss is always taking me off in front of my colleagues. My dad says, "Just ignore him," but it really upsets me.

to take off   to imitate to shout


My boss is OK-ish, but I haven't had a pay rise for a year and a half. Whenever I try to take her aside and talk to her, she pretends she has something urgent to do!

to take aside to make somebody go away to move somebody away


I was so relieved when my previous boss retired. She was very strict and would never let us take extra time off. Imagine my shock when I found out that her daughter would replace her. And guess what? The daughter takes after her mom in everything!

to take (time) off   to have a break to be late

to take after to admire to be similar to


She's always asking me to work extra hours and has the cheek to give me paperwork to do at home. And not only that: yesterday she asked me to pick up her suit from the dry-cleaner's. I mean, is she taking me for a fool or what?

to take for to regard as to make act like

More phrasal verbs with take

  • to take something off — to remove
  • to take off — (of a plane) to leave the ground and begin to fly
  • to take aback — to surprise or shock
  • to take something back — to return something to the shop
  • to take up — to learn or start to do something, e.g. a new hobby
  • to take to — to start liking something or someone


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