Упражнения на времена группы Simple

Времена группы Simple

Выберите пропущенные части правила
Choose the missing parts of the rule

We use Past Simple Present Simple Future Simple in the following cases.

  1. Something that is true in the past present future .

    Examples: I live in London.

    The Earth is round.

    You're twenty.

  2. Something that happens right now regularly or all the time in the past present future .

    Examples: I go to school 6 days a week.

    Tom and Jim play football every Saturday.

    My mum usually bakes a cake for my birthday.

  3. Something that is sometimes always never true according to the scientific facts, habits, unchanging situations or general truths.

    Examples: Mars is the Red Planet.

    The human body contains 206 bones.

    Bears sleep in winter.

  4. To form questions in Present Simple, we use "have"/"has" "do"/"does" "did"/"had" .

    Examples: Does he go to school at 7:45 a.m.?

    Do you study Maths at college?

  5. We add -s or -es -ed -ing to the verb in the singular 3rd form (after "he"/"she"/"it").

    Examples: Angelina Jolie plays Lara Croft.

    He visits his grandma every week.

    My dog sleeps on the floor next to my bed.

    Tom watches his favourite show on Fridays.

  6. We use "to be" "to have" "can" in the sentences without the main verb.

    Examples: She is a doctor.

    I am twelve.

    It's my car.

Определите, какое окончание у каждого глагола
Decide which ending each verb has
Look Stay Run Swim Live Eat Buy Watch Do Teach Go Cry Study Fly Try -s -es -ies
Поставьте предложенные глаголы в правильную форму
Put the given verbs in the correct forms
  1. Mike works in the office from Monday to Friday.
  2. He flies to France on holiday every summer.
  3. Clara studies at university.
  4. My granny watches TV at home every day.
  5. Mary often goes swimming in the ocean.
  6. Little baby Angel cries a lot.
  7. Mr Julian lives far from town.
Запишите ответы (Write the answers)

Type don't or doesn't in each sentence to make it grammatically correct.

  1. Kate doesn't does not go shopping each weekend.
  2. We don't do not watch TV every evening. Sometimes we prefer listening to music.
  3. I don't do not like cats. I am a dog person.
  4. Kelvin doesn't does not take his dog for a walk. His parents do it.
  5. My aunt and uncle don't do not have children.
  6. My mother does not doesn't eat sweets. She is on a diet now.
  7. My classmates do not don't speak English very well.
Заполните пропуски (Fill in the gaps)

Use Present Simple.

Does Mike like likes liking watching TV on Saturdays? — Yes, he does .

Do you going goes go to school every day, except Sunday? — Yes, I do .

Does your mum cook cooks cooking dinner every day? — No, she doesn't does not .

Is he a doctor? — No, he isn't is not . He is 's a teacher.

Do you doing is doing do your homework every week? — Yes, I do .

Are you sad angry happy ? — Yes, I am .

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Выберите подходящие формы прошедшего времени глагола to be
Choose the correct past forms of the verb "to be"

Sandy was wasn't were weren't at the cinema yesterday. She was wasn't were weren't at the swimming pool.

My parents was wasn't were weren't at the office all week. They was wasn't were weren't on holiday.

A: Was Wasn't Were Weren't you in Spain in June?

B: I was wasn't were weren't there in June. My friends and I was wasn't were weren't in Spain in July.

A: Where was wasn't were weren't your grandparents a month ago?

B: They was wasn't were weren't on holiday in the USA.

Daniel was wasn't were weren't at work yesterday because he was wasn't were weren't ill.

A: Was Wasn't Were Weren't it cold last week?

B: It was wasn't were weren't cold. It was wasn't were weren't very hot.

Image 1 is a derivative of "Красивые девочки в бассейне" by master1305 on Envato Elements. Image 2 is a derivative of "Люди, работающие в офисе" by GeorgeRudy on Envato Elements. Image 3 is a derivative of "Месяц июль" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements. Image 4 is a derivative of "Четвёртое июля" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements. Image 5 is a derivative of "Больной человек чихает и покрывает нос тканью" by davidpereiras on Envato Elements. Image 6 is a derivative of "Термометр за окном показывает очень температуру горячего воздуха, нагревается лучами" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements.
Прослушайте и добавьте окончания глаголов
Listen and add the right endings

Frankly speaking , I love weekends very much and always look forward to them.

This weekend was amazing, my big family finally gathered together.

My elder brother, he is 22 by the way, used to live in our town, but he moved to another city a year ago.

Grandma cooked the tastiest pie ever, and grandpa made just as good shish kebabs.

The day after that was full of emotions .

Then I rode a bike and even a horse. I helped my grandparents in the garden.

Unfortunately , the whole weekend has just slipped away and the school week lasts long.

Перетащите элементы на места пропусков
Put the elements into the gaps

Make the sentences with the given words. There are extra words which you do not need to use.

When was your sister born you were

1. ?

Did she call you yesterday evening Was called

2. ?

It wasn't hot last week weren't ago

3. .

They went to the shop yesterday go were

4. .

Where did you buy this dress bought didn't

5. ?

She met her friend an hour ago meet last

6. .

Заполните пропуски подходящими формами предложенных глаголов
Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the given words

That day I woke up late because the alarm clock didn't go off did not go off . I missed my bus and was late for work. The boss gave me a lot of work, so I didn't have did not have time for lunch. When I finished work and wanted to save the documents, the light was gone and all the information was lost. I was really tired at the end of that unlucky day when I finally came back home.

Соедините неправильные глаголы с их формами прошедшего времени
Match the irregular verbs with their past forms
ZG8= ZGlk YnJpbmc= YnJvdWdodA== YmVjb21l YmVjYW1l ZHJpbms= ZHJhbms= YnV5 Ym91Z2h0 a25vdw== a25ldw== ZmluZA== Zm91bmQ= bGVhdmU= bGVmdA== Y29tZQ== Y2FtZQ==
Прочитайте правило и заполните пропуски
Read the rule and fill in the gaps

Present Simple past Future Simple future speaking prediction

We use the tense to speak about the without any plans. We make the decision spontaneously at the time of . Look at the examples:

Don't go away. I will go with you.

Probaby, we will stay home and cook dinner.

I think I will buy a new house next month.

We also use the Future Simple to make a about our future. We don't have a plan. We just think that it will happen in the future. Look at the examples:

It will rain tomorrow.

Will Jo get the job in this company?

We won't (will not) fly to Mars before 2050.

The structure of an affirmative sentence is: [Subject] + am/is/are will will being + main verb.

Example: I will go for a walk at night.

We form negative sentences using: [Subject]+ will + not + main verb.

The short negative form of will not is won't wan't wern't .

Example: My mum will not (=won't) cook breakfast for us tomorrow.

The structure of questions in Future Simple is: Will Am/Is/Are Have will + [Subject] + main verb

Example: Will we go to the shopping centre in the morning?

Составьте предложения из слов
Make up the sentences putting the words in the right order
I will go in the park tomorrow

1. .

Sara will not eat pizza for dinner

2. .

Kids will watch TV after school

3. .

My mum and dad will celebrate New Year's Eve in Italy

4. .

Prince will rescue a princess in a fairytale

5. .

Посмотрите на изображения. Впишите will или won't и выберите подходящие слова/словосочетания, чтобы закончить предложения
Look at the pictures. Type will or won't and choose the right word/phrase to complete the sentences

A squirrel will Will WILL cook feed eat nuts for breakfast in the morning.

We will Will WILL play tennis play football play the guitar tomorrow.

Santa Claus won't will not Will not Won't Will Not WILL NOT WON'T buy take give presents to bad kids at Christmas.

Mike and Sara will Will WILL ride bikes drive a car sail a boat on summer holidays.

I will not won't Will not Won't Will Not WILL NOT WON'T go to school hospital saloon next Friday.

Clara will Will WILL put up wear take off the ghost's costume on Halloween.

The image 1 is a derivative of "белки" by ivankmit on Envanto Elements The image 2 is a derivative of "Футбол" by twenty20photos on Envanto Elements The image 3 is a derivative of "Подарок от Деда Мороза" by twenty20photos on Envanto Elements The image 4 is a derivative of "Маленький мальчик на своем велосипеде на тротуарной дорожке возле своего дома" by seventyfourimages on Envanto Elements The image 5 is a derivative of "Прогулки с мамой" by Pressmaster on Envanto Elements The image 6 is a derivative of "Ghost в лесу" by seventyfourimages on Envanto Elements
Найдите ошибку в каждом предложении и впишите правильное слово
Find the mistake in each sentence. Type the correct word
  1. Does he go to the museum tomorrow? Will will WILL .
  2. Will our dog eating a chicken sandwich? eat Eat EAT .
  3. Did Sara go to school next Friday? Will will WILL .
  4. Well people fly in the future? Will will WILL .
  5. Will I playing the guitar at night? play Play PLAY .
Поставьте глаголы в Future Simple
Put the verbs into the correct Future Simple form
  1. Sam will call Will call Will Call WILL CALL me tomorrow.
  2. Fairy will dress up Will dress up Will Dress Up WILL DRESS UP Cinderella in a beautiful sparkling dress.
  3. My cat will not eat won't eat Will not eat Won't eat Will Not Eat Won't Eat WILL NOT EAT WON'T EAT a chocolate cake.
  4. You will not have won't have Will not have Won't have Will Not Have Won't Have WILL NOT HAVE WON'T HAVE any kids in 5 years.
  5. Walt Disney will earn Will earn Will Earn WILL EARN a lot of money.
  6. We will not drive won't drive Will not drive Won't drive Will Not Drive Won't Drive WILL NOT DRIVE WON'T DRIVE a car in rainy weather.


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