Упражнения на Complex Subject в английском языке

Сложное подлежащее

Заполните пропуски словами из списка
Complete the sentences with the words from the list
  1. The is believed to be very friendly.
  2. The is said to be a bestseller.
  3. The appears to be delicious.
  4. The is expected to start at 8 p.m.
  5. The seems to have a flat tire.
  6. The is likely to be completed on time.
  7. The is reported to be a blockbuster.
  8. The is predicted to be sunny tomorrow.
Расставьте слова в правильном порядке, чтобы получились предложения
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences
We are expected to complete the project in a month. His book is believed to be launched tomorrow. My colleague was noticed to be unwell this week. Michael's performance was considered to be exceptional. The results are anticipated to be released next week. Your assignment is required to be submitted by tomorrow. The president is recognized to have given an inspiring speech.
Выберите верные варианты
Choose the correct options
  1. The soup appears to be boiling to have been boiling to boil to have boiled . It's time for lunch, I don't want it to get cold to be getting cold to have gotten cold .
  2. The Great Wall of China is believed to be built to have been built to build to have built by several different Chinese dynasties over many centuries.
  3. They appear to be dancing to dance to have danced to have been dancing to the music. They seem to be happy to have been happy to be being happy .
  4. Mary, you seem to have read to read to be reading too much. You've already read 300 pages. I think you need to take to be taking a break.
Закончите предложения
Complete the sentences

She is adapting to the climate.

She seems .

  1. Tom excels at soccer.

    Tom tends to excel at soccer .

  2. She has baked a pie.

    She insists to have baked a pie .

  3. It is snowing outside.

    It seems to be snowing outside .

  4. He isn't preparing for the exam.

    He appears not to be preparing for the exam .

  5. They have climbed Mount Everest.

    They assert to have climbed Mount Everest .

  6. He is looking healthier.

    He seems to be looking healthier .

  7. She was a skilled guitarist.

    She demonstrated to be a skilled guitarist .

  8. You might lose the game if you don't practice.

    You are likely to lose the game if you don't practice.

  9. The debate between the politicians was rather intense.

    The debate between the politicians came off to be rather intense .

Соедините части предложений
Match the parts of the sentences
VGhlIGNha2U= aXMgc3VyZSB0byBiZSB0aGUgaGl0IG9mIHRoZSBwYXJ0eS4= SGVyIGZyaWVuZHM= YXJlIHVubGlrZWx5IHRvIGxldCBoZXIgZG93bi4= VGhlIHN0YXJz YXJlIHRob3VnaHQgdG8gYmUgYmlsbGlvbnMgb2YgeWVhcnMgb2xkLg== VGhlIGNvbXBhbnk= aXMgcmVwb3J0ZWQgdG8gYmUgbGF1bmNoaW5nIGEgbmV3IHByb2R1Y3Qu U2hl aXMgbGlrZWx5IHRvIGJlY29tZSB0aGUgbmV4dCBDRU8u VGhlIGRvZw== aXMgc3VyZSB0byBmaW5kIHRoZSBib25lLg== VGhlIGNoaWxkcmVu YXJlIGNlcnRhaW4gdG8gbG92ZSB0aGUgcGxheWdyb3VuZC4= VGhpcyBib29r aXMgdW5saWtlbHkgdG8gZGlzYXBwb2ludCBpdHMgcmVhZGVycy4=
Заполните пропуски
Fill in the gaps
She is believed for her exams.
  1. She is considered to be a talented artist.
  2. They are thought to have left the country last week.
  3. Sarah is expected to present at the conference tomorrow.
  4. John is known to have assisted them during the crisis.
  5. Beethoven is recognized to have composed numerous symphonies.
  6. The book is considered to be the bestseller of the decade.
  7. He is supposed to attend the meeting from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. next Monday.
  8. They are known to have discovered a new species last year.
  9. She is expected to run the marathon herself.
  10. He is said to be at the police station now.
  11. The team is reported to arrive in Tokyo tonight at 9 p.m.
  12. They are known to have resided in Spain for several years.
  13. She is believed to be working on a breakthrough solution now.
Соедините части предложений
Match the parts of the sentences
QWxsIHRoZW9yaWVzIHdlcmUgdGhvdWdodCB0byBiZSBoaWdobHkgc2lnbmlmaWNhbnQs YnV0IHByYWN0aWNhbCBhcHBsaWNhdGlvbnMgcHJvdmVkIG90aGVyd2lzZS4= VGhlIHN0dWRlbnQgd2FzIGV4cGVjdGVkIHRvIGJlY29tZSBhIHNraWxsZWQgYXJ0aXN0LA== YnV0IGhlIGRlY2lkZWQgdG8gY2hhbmdlIGhpcyBjYXJlZXIgcGF0aC4= VGhlIGFydGlmYWN0cyB3ZXJlIHBsYW5uZWQgdG8gYmUgYXVjdGlvbmVkIGluIHRoZSBhZnRlcm5vb24s YnV0IHRoZSBldmVudCB3YXMgcG9zdHBvbmVkIGR1ZSB0byB0aGUgc25vd3N0b3JtLg== QWxsIHN0dWRlbnRzIHdlcmUgcmVxdWlyZWQgdG8gbGVhcm4gdGhlIGJhc2ljcyBvZiBjYWxjdWx1cyw= YnV0IHNldmVyYWwgc3RydWdnbGVkIHdpdGggdW5kZXJzdGFuZGluZyB0aGUgY29uY2VwdHMu U2hlIHdhcyBzdXBwb3NlZCB0byBmaW5pc2ggdGhhdCBwcm9qZWN0LA== YnV0IHVuZXhwZWN0ZWQgcGVyc29uYWwgaXNzdWVzIG1hZGUgaGVyIGRyb3AgaXQgaGFsZndheS4=
Постройте предложения, используя сложное подлежащее
Construct sentences using the complex subject

the guests, to be expected, to arrive, tomorrow

  1. the room, to seem, to be clean

    The room seems to be clean.

  2. the computer, to happen, to be broken

    The computer happened to be broken.

  3. the chair, to prove, to be comfortable

    The chair proved to be comfortable.

  4. the painting, to be known, to have been sold, last week

    The painting is known to have been sold last week.

  5. everyone, to be expected, to come early

    Everyone is expected to come early.

  6. children, to be supposed, to do homework, after school

    Children are supposed to do homework after school.

  7. the faucet, to seem, to be dripping

    The faucet seems to be dripping.

  8. the building, to seem, to have been damaged, by the storm

    The building seems to have been damaged by the storm.

  9. she, not to seem, to have left

    She doesn't seem to have left.She does not seem to have left.

Заполните пропуски
Fill in the gaps
  1. The book is found to be very interesting.
  2. She is expected to go to the party tonight.
  3. The concert is considered to be a huge success.
  4. The tourists appear to know the city very well.
  5. He is thought to attend the meeting tomorrow.
Сделайте ответы менее уверенными, используя сложное подлежащее и глагол to seem
Make the answers less definite using the complex subject and the verb "to seem"
— Did they move to a new city?

— Yes, they moved to Boston last year.

  1. — Did she finish her project?

    — Yes, she completed it yesterday.

    She seems to have completed it yesterday.

  2. — Does he play the guitar?

    — Yes, he plays it every day.

    He seems to play it every day.

  3. — Did they win the match?

    — Yes, they won by a large margin.

    They seem to have won by a large margin.

  4. — Are they still in Paris?

    — Yes, they've been there for a week.

    They seem to have been there for a week.

  5. — Is he writing a book?

    — Yes, he's been working on it for months.

    He seems to have been working on it for months.

Измените предложения, используя глагол to happen
Change the sentences using the verb "to happen"

Do you know the way to the station?

  1. If anyone recognizes her, alert the authorities.

    If anyone happens to recognize her, alert the authorities.

  2. If you encounter John, tell him to message me.

    If you happen to encounter John, tell him to message me.

  3. Do you know how to operate this machine?

    Do you happen to know how to operate this machine?

  4. Does she know who Paul has traveled to Rome with?

    Does she happen to know who Paul has traveled to Rome with?

  5. Did you see them depart?

    Did you happen to see them depart?

Измените предложения, используя глаголы в скобках
Change the sentences using the verbs in brackets

The concert was surprisingly energetic. (to turn out)

  1. The apartment was too expensive for me. (to prove)

    The apartment proved to be too expensive for me.

  2. The meeting with the director was quite intimidating. (to turn out)

    The meeting with the director turned out to be quite intimidating.

  3. The old woman was a famous author. (to prove)

    The old woman proved to be a famous author.

  4. She was a talented scientist. (to turn out)

    She turned out to be a talented scientist.

  5. The professor's grasp of the subject was impressive. (to turn out)

    The professor's grasp of the subject turned out to be impressive.

  6. The dinner party last night was delightful. (to prove)

    The dinner party last night proved to be delightful.

  7. The climate in this part of the island was tropical. (to turn out)

    The climate in this part of the island turned out to be tropical.

  8. The seminar was insightful. (to prove)

    The seminar proved to be insightful.

  9. I purchased a novel which was a bestseller. (to turn out)

    I purchased a novel which turned out to be a bestseller.

  10. The intimidating woman who criticized me during the presentation was my supervisor. (to turn out)

    The intimidating woman who criticized me during the presentation turned out to be my supervisor.

Перепишите предложения, используя сложное подлежащее
Rephrase the sentences using the complex subject
  1. It is anticipated that the company will launch a new product next month.

    The company is anticipated to launch a new product next month.

  2. It is speculated that the CEO will resign from his position.

    The CEO is speculated to resign from his position.

  3. It was revealed that the movie won multiple awards at the film festival.

    The movie was revealed to have won multiple awards at the film festival.

  4. It is expected that the traffic will be heavy during rush hour.

    The traffic is expected to be heavy during rush hour.

  5. It was predicted that the stock market would experience a downturn.

    The stock market was predicted to experience a downturn.

Вычеркните слово с ошибкой в каждом предложении и впишите правильный вариант
Cross out the wrong word in each line and type the correct one
  1. She is said to spending her summer in a cabin. spend

  2. Anna is reported to living in Australia. live

  3. The ship is expected to departing in 30 minutes. depart

  4. The birds are believed to having migrated several seasons ago. have

  5. The conference is announced to occurring next week in the morning. occur

  6. Alice is known for joined the Harvard University the previous year. joining

Переделайте предложения, используя сложное подлежащее
Paraphrase the following sentences so as to use complex subjects
  1. It's said that they've sold their old car.

    They are said to have sold their old car.They're said to have sold their old car.

  2. It's said that he's adopted a new pet.

    He is said to have adopted a new pet.He's said to have adopted a new pet.

  3. It's known that she's won the lottery.

    She is known to have won the lottery.She's known to have won the lottery.

  4. It seems that they need another lamp.

    They seem to need another lamp.

  5. It turned out that the carpet was of high quality.

    The carpet turned out to be of high quality.

  6. It's sure that she'll catch the flight.

    She is sure to catch the flight.She's sure to catch the flight.

  7. It's likely that they'll move next month.

    They are likely to move next month.They're likely to move next month.

  8. It seems that she hasn't arrived yet.

    She doesn't seem to have arrived yet.She does not seem to have arrived yet.

  9. It's expected that he'll call today.

    He is expected to call today.He's expected to call today.

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