Упражнения на Future Simple vs Past Simple

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Определите, к какой группе относится каждый глагол
Decide which category each verb belongs to
ask agree promise start jump turn over want miss scratch pop help order be can't buy make get run think come Regular verbs Irregular verbs
Закончите глаголы в Past Simple и определите, к какой группе они относятся
Complete the Past Simple forms of the verbs and decide which category they belong to

buy — bou t (regular/irregular/both)

  1. become — b eca me — regular irregular both
  2. stop — sto ppe d — regular irregular both
  3. build — bui lt regular irregular both
  4. cancel — canc ell ed — regular irregular both
  5. learn — lea rnedrnt regular irregular both
  6. understand — unders too d — regular irregular both
  7. fly — fl ew regular irregular both
  8. dream — drea mtmed regular irregular both
  9. find — fou nd regular irregular both
  10. laugh — laug hed regular irregular both
  11. travel — tra velve led — regular irregular both
Перетащите корректные формы глаголов на места пропусков. В списке есть лишние слова, которые использовать не нужно
Choose the correct forms of the verbs to complete the sentences.
There are extra words which you don't need

  1. I a spectacular evening yesterday!
  2. My parents abroad last month.
  3. She that dress with a 50% discount.
  4. We a lot at the training courses.
  5. I not to make any noise in the library.
  6. They do everything on time.
  7. My mother a delicious dinner for the party.
  8. He that everything ruined.
Выберите верные ответы (Choose the correct options)

  1. She didn't ran didn't run not did run in the park yesterday.
  2. My parents did order not didn't ordered didn't order any pizza for the party.
  3. We couldn't get didn't can get couldn't got to work on time.
  4. I did not agreed didn't agree not did agree to leave so early.
  5. It didn't rain didn't rained didn't raint last week.
  6. This didn't be weren't wasn't a very good idea.
  7. The guests didn't came didn't come didn't camed on time and I was upset.
  8. My friends wasn't weren't didn't be too excited about the journey.
Закончите диалоги, используя слова из списка. В списке есть лишние слова, которые использовать не нужно
Complete the dialogues with the given words.
There are extra words which you don't need

Didcalltrieddidn't answercalledtryedWeredidn't answered

A: you me yesterday evening?

B: Yes, I several times, but you .


A: Where you two weeks ago? you abroad?

B: Yes, I . I to Greece!

Wasraineddidn't rainwasDiddidn't rainedwere

A: the weather good last week in your town? It a lot in my city.

B: Well, it , but it cold.


A: you the new adventure film last week?

B: No, I . When you it?

didtakewasspentweretookspenddidn't spent

A: How much time it you to do the homework?

B: Oh, it really difficult. I about an hour.

didsleepcouldn'tlostdidn't cansleptlosedwas

A: Why you at Andy's house last night?

B: I get to my flat because I had my keys.

Поставьте слова в нужную форму, чтобы закончить текст
Use the correct forms of the words to complete the text

In April 2019, South Korea became the first country in the world that started using 5G communication technologies. In 2020, this technology also appeared in two US cities—Chicago and Minneapolis. British operators are also planning to introduce limited 5G services soon. Here are some of the advantages of the 5G technology.

The speed of 4G is about 20 Mbps, and it is enough to download an HD film in 30 minutes. However, 5G can do it much faster: from 500 to 1500 Mbps. This is enough to download the same film in 25 seconds. So, the fifth generation of communication is faster, and it covers a larger area than previous technologies. 5G will also have a breakthrough in the development of unmanned vehicles, virtual reality, the internet of things. Another advantage is that a 5G cell tower can work with a hundred times more devices than 4G. This means that not only phones can be connected to the internet, but also vehicles, appliances and many other devices.

Прослушайте аудио и заполните пропуски
Listen to the audio and complete the text with correct verbs

Two months ago my family went to Chicago. We were there because my father had a job in that city. I was amazed. I had a dream to fly there, to have a city tour and its sights. My dad took us with him.

First of all, we bought tickets to the city tour. There {were} a lot of historical museums, parks and monuments. I loved its great architecture. By the way, there were many activities in the program. We visited the Historical Museum, Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain. The most exciting place for me was the Field Museum. We are big fans of Indiana Jones and that museum was all about it. My sister was happy. Visiting that museum was her dream.

The next place we went to was Millenium Park. We wanted to see the Crown Fountain and Cloud Gate, better known as "The Bean''. We took photos and drank latte in the cafe next to it. Our mom didn't like the place, because it was too crowded and noisy. But we liked it.

Our city tour program started at 9 am because we had a lot of things to see and visit. Our dad was with us for only the first two days and then he was busy with his work. But we enjoyed our time while he was working. I hope to come to Chicago once more.

Заполните пропуски подходящими формами предложенных глаголов
Complete the text with the correct forms of the given verbs

Life in the Past

Many years ago, people had a different way of life. They did not havedidn't have computers or the internet. They visited each other more often and talked a lot. They used phones and traditional ways of letter writing.

Do you remember how your parents went to the post office and sent letters to your relatives? Now it is difficult to imagine.

Besides, people didn't have smartphones. It was unusual to see a man walking along the street talking to a small box in his hands. People preferred to use street telephone booths. Now you can't find any of them in the streets.

Anyway, our life has completely changed since that time. Old things have been replaced by new ones.

Соедините части предложений (Match the parts of the sentences) SSdsbCBoYXZlIGZvdXIgY2hpbGRyZW4s c28gSSdsbCBoYXZlIGEgYmlnIGZhbWlseS4= WW91J2xsIGdvIHRvIHRoZSBzZWEgdGhpcyBzdW1tZXIs c28geW91J2xsIHN3aW0gYSBsb3Qu SGUgd29uJ3QgcGxheSBhbG9uZSBhdCBob21lIHRvbW9ycm93 YmVjYXVzZSBoaXMgYnJvdGhlciBUb255IHdpbGwgdmlzaXQgaGltLg== TWlubmllIHdvbid0IHNlZSB0aGUgc2Nob29sIGNvbmNlcnQgb24gdGhlIDI4dGggb2YgT2N0b2Jlcg== YmVjYXVzZSBzaGUgd2lsbCBiZSBpbiBDaGluYSB3aXRoIGhlciBwYXJlbnRzLg== TWF4IGFuZCBJIHdvbid0IGJlIGxhdGUgZm9yIHRoZSBsZXNzb24= YmVjYXVzZSB3ZSdsbCBydW4gZmFzdC4= SSdsbCB0cmF2ZWwgdG8gdGhlIGZ1dHVyZQ== d2hlbiBzY2llbnRpc3RzIGludmVudCBhIHRpbWUgbWFjaGluZS4= VGhleSB3b24ndCBiZSBjaGVmcw== YmVjYXVzZSB0aGV5IGNvb2sgYmFkbHku Image 1 is derivative from image by twenty20photos on Envato Elements.
Выберите верные ответы (Choose the right options)
  1. Will visit Jane her sister tomorrow? True False .
  2. My parents will travel to Italy with their friends. True False .
  3. I willn't take flippers because I can't swim. True False .
  4. Mary won't have much time next week. True False .
  5. You will take more books to the countryside? True False .
  6. In the future I will be a doctor. True False .

Закончите предложения (Complete the sentences)

I be a doctor when I grow up. (+)

I be a teacher. (−)

  1. You won'twill not join the athletics club next year. (−)
  2. Mary 'llwill travel a lot when she grows up. (+)
  3. Peter won'twill not come to the party tomorrow. (−)
  4. I think it won'twill not be cold at the weekends. (−)
  5. When we grow up, we 'llwill translate books into English. (+)
  6. Richie and Rachel won'twill not play chess with us on Sunday. (−)
Image 1 is derivative from image by vadymvdrobot on Envato Elements.
Найдите ошибку в каждом предложении. Впишите правильное слово
Find the mistake in each sentence.
Type the correct word
  1. Does he go to the museum tomorrow? WillwillWILL .
  2. Will our dog eating a chicken sandwich? eatEatEAT .
  3. Did Sara go to school next Friday? WillwillWILL .
  4. Well people fly in the future? WillwillWILL .
  5. Will I playing the guitar at night? playPlayPLAY .
Поставьте глаголы в Future Simple
Put the verbs into the correct Future Simple form
  1. Sam will callWill callWill CallWILL CALL me tomorrow.
  2. Fairy will dress upWill dress upWill Dress UpWILL DRESS UP Cinderella in a beautiful sparkling dress.
  3. My cat will not eatwon't eatWill not eatWon't eatWill Not EatWon't EatWILL NOT EATWON'T EAT a chocolate cake.
  4. You will not havewon't haveWill not haveWon't haveWill Not HaveWon't HaveWILL NOT HAVEWON'T HAVE any kids in 5 years.
  5. Walt Disney will earnWill earnWill EarnWILL EARN a lot of money.
  6. We will not drivewon't driveWill not driveWon't driveWill Not DriveWon't DriveWILL NOT DRIVEWON'T DRIVE a car in rainy weather.
Прочитайте утверждение и задайте вопрос с will
Read the statement and write the question with will

Example: We will eat fish for dinner. Will we eat fish for dinner?

  1. Tony will go to the office in the morning. Will Tony go to the office in the morning?
  2. We will celebrate Easter in April. Will we celebrate Easter in April?
  3. My cat won't drink coffee. Will my cat drink coffee?
  4. My mum and dad will give me a present. Will my mum and dad give me a present?
  5. You will earn a lot of money. Will you earn a lot of money?
Прочитайте описания ситуаций и выберите верные предложения
Read the situations and choose the right sentences

Sara is ill.

She won't to stay at home. She will go to school. She will stay at home. Her mum will call the doctor. She will being staying at home. Her mum will call the doctor.

It's rainy today.

I will to stay at home and watch TV. I will stay at home and watch TV. I will staying at home and I shan't watch TV.

Jenny studies medicine in college.

She won't be a doctor. It's her dream. She will is a doctor. It's her dream. She will be a doctor. It's her dream.

He plays football in his school team.

Tomorrow he won't be play at the stadium. It's his second match. Tomorrow he will play at the stadium. It's his second match. Tomorrow he is play at the stadium. It's his second match.

We can't find our car keys.

We will call our mum. She knows where they are. We are call our mum. She knows where they are. We will calling our mum. She knows where they are.

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