Упражнения на Present Continuous vs Future Simple

Настоящее продолженное и простое будущее времена

Запишите ответы (Write the answers)

Study the tables and match the rules with the example sentences 1–6.

Example Sentences

  1. I think John will help us.
  2. Helen is going to study Medicine at university.
  3. Ted will be 16 next year.
  4. I'm seeing Dr Clark at 5 o'clock tomorrow.
  5. It's cold in the room. I'll close the window.
  6. It's 8 o'clock! Hurry up! You are going to be late for work.

The Rules

We use Future Simple (will + verb) in the following cases.

To make predictions based on what we think:

I think Sandra will be glad to see you

Example sentence: 1

To make on-the-spot decisions:

I'm hungry. I'll have a sandwich

Example sentence: 5

To give information about the future:

You will have a Russian-speaking guide in London

Example sentence: 3

We use to be (am/is/are) + going to + verb for these purposes.

To talk about plans and intentions:

Max is going to move to the countryside

Example sentence: 2

To make predictions based on what we see in the present:

Joe is stronger than Pete. Joe is going to win the fight

Example sentence: 6

We use Present Continuous (am/is/are + verb + -ing) in this case.

To talk about fixed arrangements:

Joanne is taking her cat to the vet on Monday

Example sentence: 4

Отметьте функции форм будущего времени в предложениях
Choose the correct functions for the future forms in the sentences

I think people will travel to Mars soon.

Prediction based on what we think Plans and intentions

Our school team are playing very well today. They are going to win.

On-the-spot decision Prediction based on what we see in the present

I can't come to the park tomorrow morning. I'm seeing my dentist.

Prediction based on what we see in the present Fixed arrangements

It will be rainy and windy tomorrow.

On-the-spot decision Information about the future

I can't do this exercise. I'll ask my brother for help.

On-the-spot decision Fixed arrangements

We're going to visit the Statue of Liberty when we are in New York.

Plans and intentions Prediction based on what we see in the present

Don't carry the vase like this. You're going to break it!

Prediction based on what we see in the present Information about the future

I don't think Dad will buy me a new video game.

Prediction based on what we think Plans and intentions
Выберите верные варианты и впишите ответы
Choose the correct options and write the answers

Read the sentences and put the verbs in the correct Present Continuous forms.

  1. A: What do are will you doing tomorrow night?

    B: I am is are going to the club.

  2. A: Have you heard news about Alex?

    B: Nope. Has something happened to him?

    A: He am is are getting married this Saturday.

    B: Great! I'm happy to hear that.

  3. A: Do Are Will you playing football tomorrow morning?

    B: Yes, but Jim am not isn't aren't playing with us. He broke his arm.

  4. A: How would you like to get to Paris?

    B: We will are do flying by plane.

  5. A: My granny am is are coming on Friday.

    B: Really? What time do is will she arriving ?

    A: At 10 o'clock.

    B: Do Will Are you meeting her at the airport?

    A: Yeah, sure.

Заполните пропуски (Fill in the gaps)

Put the sentences into negative forms using "will".

  1. Tom broke his leg. He won't play will not play football on Friday.
  2. The train to London leaves at 3:15. I think I won't miss will not miss the train.
  3. Sarah wants to dye her hair pink. I hope Sarah won't dye will not dye her hair pink.
  4. The pool party is on Saturday. I swear people won't wear will not wear track suits.
  5. This lake is dirty. I think I will not swim won't swim in it.
  6. Jessica was born in a village. She won't live will not live in a metropolis.
  7. If it's not raining, we won't take will not take an umbrella.
Выберите верные ответы (Choose the correct options)

Sarah: Hi, Ben! What are do will you do doing does today?

Ben: I am seeing will see see my new boss at 5 o'clock in the evening. What about you?

Sarah: I am going to am visiting visit my granny today. She doesn't feel well. I need to buy some products and pills for her. I'm glad to hear that you are seeing your boss. Do Are Will you have having had a job interview?

Ben: Yeah. Please, wish me good luck. This will is going to is my third interview this week.

Sarah: Oh, dear. I only wish you the best. Will you Are you going to Do you call me after the meeting?

Ben: Yeah, sure. I hope your grandmother will get gets is going to get well soon.

Sarah: Me too. Bye. I am waiting wait will be waiting for your call.

Заполните пропуски подходящими формами глаголов (Present Simple, Present Continuous, be going to, Future Simple)
Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs (Present Simple, Present Continuous, be going to, Future Simple)
  1. A: What are you doingare you going to do on Saturday evening?

    B: Miriam and I are goingare going to go to the theatre.

    A: Oh, really? Which play are you going to see ?

    B: We are going to see're going to see Hamlet. The play starts at 7 p.m.

    A: Lucky you! And what are you doingare you going to do tonight?

    B: I haven't decided yet. Maybe I will meet'll meet my sister, and we will go'll go for a walk. Will you join us?

    A: Sure. What time will we meetshall we meetare we meeting ?

  2. A: What time do you finish work tomorrow?

    B: At 5. On Fridays we usually have a short day. Why?

    A: We are havingare going to have're having're going to have a party on Friday. Will you come ?

    B: No, sorry, I can't.

    A: Why?

    B: We are going're going out of town on a short holiday. I am leaving'm leaving on Friday evening.

    A: Cool. What time is your train?

    B: At 5:30.

    A: If you need, I will give'll give you a lift to the airport.

    B: Thank you, don't bother. Polina is going to dropis dropping's going to drop's dropping me off.

  3. A: Hi, Bobby! Any plans for the weekend?

    B: Don't know yet. I hope I will go'll go out with Susie.

    A: What a pity. I wanted you to go skiing with us at the weekend?

    B: Oh, no way! I think if I ever go skiing, I will break'll break my legs.

    A: Please, I promise you will be safe'll be safe !

    B: No, thank you. Definitely, I will call'll call Susie right now and invite her to the cinema. See you!

Выберите верные варианты (Choose the correct options)
  1. I 'm going to will lend you some money. Don't worry!
  2. She is going to will ride to the new apartment.
  3. My relatives are going to will celebrate my entering college.
  4. She is going to will stay with us until the holiday.
  5. He is going to will pay for the bill. He is a gentleman.
  6. Are you going to Will you lie to him?
Соедините предложения и грамматические функции
Match the sentences with their functions
SSB3aWxsIGxlbmQgeW91IHNvbWUgbW9uZXku cHJlZGljdGlvbiBiYXNlZCBvbiBwcm9taXNl VGhlIHBsYW5lIGFycml2ZXMgYXQgMiBwLm0u dGltZXRhYmxl U2hlJ3Mgc2VlaW5nIGhpbSB0b21vcnJvdy4= Zml4ZWQgYXJyYW5nZW1lbnQ= SSdtIGJ1c3kgbm93LiBJJ2xsIGNhbGwgeW91Lg== b24tdGhlLXNwb3QgZGVjaXNpb24= SGUncyBnb2luZyB0byBidXkgdGhhdCBib29rLg== cGxhbm5lZCBhY3Rpb24gb3IgaW50ZW50aW9u
Запишите ответы (Write the answers)

Correct the mistakes in the sentences. If there's no mistake, click ↵ ("Enter").

  1. My sister doesn't want to drive there by car. She is going to take a taxi.
  2. I am so tired of this lockdown. I am going to book tickets to Crimea.
  3. Joey and Marta are going to get married in July.
  4. Don't worry about that interview! I'm sure you will pass it.
  5. Look at this blue bright sky. I think it is not going to rain .
Запишите ответы (Write the answers)

Negate the sentences.

Mum will help me with my homework. — Mum won't help me with my homework.

  1. He is going to buy a new flat this year. — He isn't goingis not going to buy a new flat this year.
  2. My parents are seeing their colleagues tonight. — My parents aren't seeingare not seeing their colleagues tonight.
  3. My friends are going to buy a dog soon. — My friends aren't going to buyare not going to buy a dog soon.
  4. The lecture starts in two hours. — The lecture doesn't startdoes not start in two hours.
  5. I'm ordering pizza tonight. — I am not ordering'm not ordering pizza tonight.

Запишите ответы (Write the answers)

Read the text. Put the given verbs in the correct future forms to make grammatically correct text.

My family and I love exploring new cities. Every time, when we get somewhere, we have a city tour. Tomorrow we are going to haveare having a city tour in Chicago. It's an amazing city. There are historic museums, huge shopping malls, parks and restaurants, great architecture and a lot of activities to do. First of all, we are going to visitare visiting the Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain. My dad will buy tickets to the Field Museum for me and my sister. He has promised! I'm looking forward to visiting that museum. It's a must-see for "Indiana Jones" movie fans.

The next place we are going to visitare visiting is Millennium Park. My sister wants to see the Crown Fountain and Cloud Gate, better known as "The Bean". She is going to take a lot of photos there for her Instagram, and my dad is going to drink their famous latte. The tour starts at 8 a.m. because we have a lot of things to see and visit. We are visiting Chicago because of dad's work. He is invited to the conference. It starts the day after tomorrow and lasts three days. My mother, my sister and I are going to enjoyare enjoying the city all these days. Our plane takes off in 15 minutes. It will be the greatest family journey.

The image is a derivative of "Cloud Gate The Bean in Chicago USA" by FiledIMAGE on Envato Elements.
Заполните пропуски глаголами в Future Simple и выберите их функцию
Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs using Future Simple and choose the correct function
  1. It's so hot in here. I will open'll open the window if you don't mind. threat on-the-spot decision promise
  2. I think mum will like'll like the present we've bought. on-the-spot decision prediction promise
  3. You have my word, I won't letwill not let you down. promise request threat
  4. You should study hard or you will have'll have serious problems at school. on-the-spot decision request warning
  5. Mum, will you help me with the homework? request on-the-spot decision threat
  6. You will not getwon't get away with bullying the classmates! request threat on-the-spot decision
Прочитайте описания ситуаций и выберите подходящие формы глаголов на месте пропусков
Read the situations and choose the correct forms of the verbs to complete the sentences
am going to gowill goneare going to gowill go

You want to go on holiday abroad but still can't decide where. You say to your friend:

"I think I to a warm country."

will buy'll buysis going to buyam going to buy

You have an idea to buy a scarf for your mother's birthday. You say to your sister:

"I a scarf for our mum's birthday. What about you?"

willn't be ableam not going to be ableam not goingwon't be able

Your friend is asking you to help him with his English project tomorrow, but you're busy. You tell him:

"I'm afraid I to help you tomorrow."

Are you going to helpYou will helpYou are going to helpWill you help

You can't take the book you need from the shelf that is too high in the library. You ask the librarian:

" me to get that book, please?"

will come'm going to comingwill to come'm going to come

You want to visit your grandparents at the weekend. You call you grandmother and say:

"Hi, granny, I on Saturday. Do you need anything?"

Выберите подходящую грамматическую форму на месте каждого пропуска
Choose the right grammatical form in each gap to complete the text

Holidays! At last! I can finally relax and have a rest. I still don't know where I want to go. I 'll probably go 'm probably going 'll probably going 's probably to go to a travel agency and choose a popular holiday resort. In this case, I won't need to worry about the place to stay in, the tickets or the food which are going to been is going to be are going to be are going be included in my package holiday. There is also another option. My brother organises exciting trips every year. This year, he is going to is going will going goes camping in the mountains with his wife and friends. As the trip will last for about 10 days, their children is not going won't going not going are not going with them. Our parents are going to look after them. My brother is planning to travel by car, so I have to rent one if I want to go. I also has will also have am also having have to to buy a tent and a sleeping bag. Plus, I need to take a lot of warm clothes and other necessary equipment. They are leaving will leave leave are going to at the end of the month, so I still have time to make a decision and get everything I need. And which kind of holiday are you planning to have this year?

Выберите подходящие формы глаголов, чтобы закончить предложения
Choose the correct forms of the verbs to complete the sentences
I am seeing will see my friends at the café at 6 o'clock. We will go are going to a ski resort. I have a headache. I think I will take am taking an aspirin. Is this box heavy? I will am going to help you. Look at the clouds! Let's go home. It is going to rain is raining soon. In the future, robots will do are going to do all the housework. Images 1, 4 are derivatives from images by Pressmaster on Envato Elements. Image 2 is derivative from the image by NomadSoul1 on Envato Elements. Images 3, 5 are derivatives from images by twenty20photos on Envato Elements. Image 6 is derivative from the image by Besjunio on Envato Elements.

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