Упражнения на Present Continuous vs Past Continuous

Настоящее и прошедшее продолженное времена

Прочитайте правила и выберите правильные варианты на месте пропусков
Read the rules and choose the correct options to fill in the gaps

We use Present Simple Present Continuous Past Simple to talk about actions that are happening at the moment of before after speaking.

Be quiet! Mum is sleeping in the living room.

What are you doing right now?

We also use Present Continuous to talk about past present future events that occur during the current time period but not necessarily at the time of speech.

Rob is repairing his car these days.

She is looking for a new job this week.

We don't normally use stative verbs in Present Continuous Past Simple Present Simple . Stative verbs are the following: have (= possess), like, love, want, know, need, remember, believe, understand, smell, agree, etc.

Mike wants to buy a big house. Mike is wanting to buy a big house.

I know everything about Russian history. I'm knowing everything about Russian history.

I have a friend who lives in Italy. I am having a friend who lives in Italy.

But: I am having my lunch now. (= I am eating.)

Present Simple and Present Continuous

Remember that we use Present Continuous Present Simple to talk about:

  • regular actions: I play tennis twice a week;
  • repeated actions: My granny visits us every weekend;
  • daily routines: I brush my teeth in the morning.

It often rains here in autumn. (Every autumn.)

Take an umbrella. It is raining heavily. (Now.)

Прочитайте правила и заполните пропуски
Read the rules and fill in the gaps

For Present Continuous, we use the present form of the verb to be and the -ing form of the main verb:

  • I am watching .
  • He/she/it is working .
  • We/you/they are sleeping .

To make a negative sentence, put not between the present form of the verb to be and the -ing form of the main verb:

  • I am not reading .
  • He/she/it is not playing .
  • We/you/they are not walking .

To form questions, put the verb to be before the subject:

  • Am I dreaming ?
  • Is he/she/it going ?
  • Are we/you/they cleaning ?
Перетащите элементы на свои места, чтобы получились предложения
Put the elements into the gaps to make sentences
I am eating pizza in the kitchen.


What are you doing ?


Mary is not playing video games.


Mike and Sara are watching YouTube together.


We are studying English at the moment.


Are you talking on the phone ?


Зачеркните ошибку в каждом предложении и впишите правильное слово
Cross out the mistake in each sentence and type the correct word

1. Are she playing the guitar in her room? Is .

2. Is he visits his grandma right now? Visiting .

3. Do seagulls crying above the Black Sea? Are .

4. Am Maria brushing her teeth now? Is .

5. What am I do here? Doing .

6. They aren't go to the party. Going .

Заполните пропуски подходящими формами предложенных глаголов
Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the given verbs

She in the park at the moment.

I now. I'm cooking dinner.

  1. Sam isn't studying is not studying right now. He is washing the dishes.
  2. They are listening 're listening to pop music in their bedroom. Don't disturb them, please.
  3. My cat isn't drinking is not drinking milk. It is drinking water.
  4. Hurry up! We are leaving 're leaving .
  5. She 's having is having a shower now. She can't answer the phone.
  6. You 're sitting are sitting near the window. You can catch a cold.
  7. Dad is repairing 's repairing his car in the garage at the moment.
Прочитайте описания ситуаций и выберите правильные варианты
Read the situations and choose the correct options

I'm telling my friend a story. He is silent. I ask him,

"Are you listen?" "Are you listening?" "Am you listening?"

You come home after school and can't see your sister. You ask your mother,

"What are Jenny doing? Is she at home?" "What is Jenny doing? Is she at home?" "What is Jenny do? Is she at home?"

You can't talk on the phone because you're busy. You say,

"Сan I call you back later? I am have dinner with my family." "Сan I call you back later? I will having dinner with my family." "Сan I call you back later? I am having dinner with my family."

Your grandma is watching TV in the living room. You say,

"Please turn the TV down. I will doing my homework." "Please turn the TV down. I am doing my homework." "Please turn the TV down. I am do my homework."

David is on a special diet. His colleagues know that he

isn't eating any meat at the moment. doesn't eating any meat at the moment. isn't eat any meat at the moment.
Разделите глаголы на группы (Divide the verbs into groups) Hate Need Believe Prefer Want Love Know Cost Remember Understand Like Eat Drink Skate Listen Watch Do Get Go Start Read Only Simple Simple and Continuous
Прочитайте предложения и выберите подходящие формы глаголов
Read the sentences and choose the correct verb forms
  1. I have am having a dog. It lives with us.
  2. Mary brushes is brushing her teeth every day.
  3. I believe am believing Mr Puff will find a new job as soon as possible.
  4. Doctors know are knowing how to treat people.
  5. Can you hear it? I think a nightingale* sing is singing .
  6. Felix prefers is preferring vanilla ice cream.
  7. Does Is she like liking red roses? I want am wanting to give her a bouquet.
  8. I work am working on a new project this week.

* A nightingale — a small bird that sings at night.

Выберите верные варианты, чтобы дополнить правила
Choose the correct options to complete the rules

We use the past simple past continuous past perfect

  1. To talk about an action that was in progress at a specific time in the past present future .

    Example: I was washing the car at seven o'clock yesterday.

  2. To talk about two ongoing actions that were happening at the same time.

    Example: We were playing in the garden when our mother was cooking dinner.

  3. To talk about an action in the past that interrups another action. The action in the past continuous present perfect present simple starts before and often continues after the other shorter action or time.

    Example: I was walking in the park when I met John.

The structure of affirmative negative sentences in the past continuous is was/were + Ving to be + Ving have/has + Ving .

Look at the examples:

Mary was doing her homework while it was raining.

We were watching TV yesterday at five o'clock.

The structure of affirmative negative sentences in the past continuous is had + Ving was/were + not + Ving to be + not + Ving .

Look at the examples:

We weren't sleeping at eleven last night.

I wasn't walking with my dog while my sister was at school.

We use was or were before the subject to form questions in the past continuous tense past perfect tense present simple tense .

Was your mother working at nine?

Were they working in the garden?

Заполните пропуски подходящими формами глаголов
Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs

Use Past Continuous.

  1. They were playing basketball at three o'clock yesterday.
  2. My family was having were having dinner at eight o'clock yesterday.
  3. I was watching TV at nine o'clock yesterday.
  4. It was raining at half past nine this morning.
  5. We were eating pizza in the cafe after school yesterday.
Сделайте предложения отрицательными (Make the sentences negative)

Yesterday we were walking in the park. — Yesterday we in the park.

  1. I was reading a book for two hours. — I wasn't reading was not reading a book for two hours.
  2. We were playing football all day yesterday. — We weren't playing were not playing football all day yesterday.
  3. She was looking at the mirror when you came. — She wasn't looking was not looking at the mirror when you came.
  4. Nicole and Sandra were sleeping when I was playing tennis. — Nicole and Sandra weren't sleeping were not sleeping when I was playing tennis.
  5. The cat was lying in my bed last night. — The cat wasn't lying was not lying in my bed last night.
  6. Jorge was working for the whole evening. — Jorge wasn't working was not working for the whole evening.
Посмотрите на изображения, впишите подходящую форму глагола to be и выберите верный вариант из списка, чтобы закончить предложения
Look at the pictures, type the correct form of be and choose the correct options to complete the sentences

Alison was cooking cooked been cooking lunch at half past two yesterday.

Sam was doing does do the shopping in the evening.

Jim, Olga and Anna were been dancing danceing dancing at this time yesterday.

Mike's dog was teking a bath taking a bath took a bath in the afternoon yesterday.

Steve was making made to make coffee in the cafe at half past five yesterday.

Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother were dress up dressing up been dressing up for the ball at 10 o'clock yesterday.

Image 1 is a derivative of "Woman cooking and listening to music" by gpointstudio on Envato Elements Image 2 is a derivative of "Online Shopping" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements Image 3 is a derivative of "Boys and girls dancing" by bialasiewicz on Envato Elements Image 4 is a derivative of "Pomeranian dog take bath" by leungchopan on Envato Elements Image 5 is a derivative of "Barista preparing cup of coffee for customer in coffee shop." by Nejron on Envato Elements Image 6 is a derivative of "Little girls dressing up and playing with make-up in front of a mirror." by twenty20photos on Envato Elements
Найдите глагол с ошибкой в каждом предложении, вычеркните и впишите верный
Find one incorrect verb in each sentence, cross it out and type the right variant

Last night I were sleeping in my bed. —

  1. Sara weren't sleeping yesterday at five o'clock. wasn't was not
  2. Three pigs wasn't building their houses all day long. weren't were not
  3. Tom and Nick were drinking Coke and eat pizza on my birthday yesterday. eating
  4. We was visiting the art museum from two till three. were
  5. Jack was slept all the time. sleeping
  6. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were walked in the park last evening. walking
Выберите правильные варианты и впишите -ing-форму глаголов, чтобы закончить предложения
Choose the correct options and type the correct -ing form of the verbs to complete the sentences
  1. My family was having dinner at eight o'clock last night.

    Was Were your family having dinner at eight o'clock last night?

  2. I was watching The Game of Thrones on TV last night.

    What were Which were you watching on TV last night?

  3. Mary was doing her homework at half past seven on Friday.

    Was Were Mary doing her homework at half past seven on Friday?

  4. It was raining at nine o'clock this morning.

    Was Were it raining at nine o'clock this morning?

Выберите верные варианты, чтобы закончить диалог
Choose the correct options to complete the dialogue

Anna: Hi, Sam. I called you yesterday. You didn't answer me.

Sam: Hmm… That's strange. When did you call me?

Anna: At half past six.

Sam: I swim was swimming were swimming will swim at that time.

Anna: But I also called you at seven o'clock. Your grandma answer answered will answe answering me.

Sam: What did she say?

Anna: That you was walking will walk were walking walk with your friends.

Sam: No, she was wrong. I were sitting was sitting to sit sitting at the cafe with my mum and dad. We were celebrating mum's birthday the whole evening.

Anna: Why didn't you call me back?

Sam: I wasn't doing were doing was doing did my homework from 9 to 11 o'clock. I was very tired and went straight to bed.


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