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Тест: на уровне какого класса вы знаете английский?

Тест: на уровне какого класса вы знаете английский?

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Тест на уровень английского
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Тест на уровень английского

<…> is on duty today?

what what which who

The bell <…> for me, not for you!

be is are does

I <…> to start talking, did I?

didn’t say didn’t said said not don’t said

Bring <…> parents to school tomorrow!

you yours you’re your

Does anyone want to go to the board? <…> a sea of hands!

it is that is there is there are

If you don’t have <…> questions, you weren’t listening to me.

some the any no

It’s your time you’re wasting, not <…> .

mine my me I

You are <…> class I’ve ever had!

worse bad the baddest the worst

<…> your head at home together with your homework?

didn’t you leave haven’t you left don’t you leave aren’t you leaving

You <…> remember this formula from the last year. What were you doing all summer?

may can need should

Did I say you <…> pack your things and leave the class?

can could have could will be able to

You missed half of my classes. I’m pretty sure you <…> the test.

are failing are going to fail will have failed will be failing

Don’t even tell me you watched the movie instead of <…> «War and Peace»!

to read reading read having read

If everyone <…> off a bridge, would you?

jumped jumps had jumped is jumping

I don’t care who actually did the test and who copied it. I’ll just divide the score <…> the two of you.

among with for between

With answers like that, I should transfer you back to <…> first grade.

a - the an

You <…> flowers for me — better chip in for the new classroom windows.

shouldn’t bought should have buy shouldn’t have bought shouldn’t buy

It’s time you <…> that your school diary should always be on your desk, not in your bag.

learned have learned had learned learn

If I had quit teaching, I <…> deal with such terrible students.

wouldn’t have to won’t have to didn’t have to wouldn’t have had to

If you’re so smart, come <…> here and continue the lesson.

out up away off

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