Упражнения на причастия в английском языке


Прочитайте примеры и выберите правильные ответы
Read the examples and choose the correct options
  1. The listening comprehension prepared by the teacher was not difficult.
  2. The scientists invited to the conference are well known.
  3. Having been written, the test had to be given to the teacher.
  4. When translating, look at the context behind the word.
  5. Being told to come, I accepted the invitation with great pleasure.
  6. Water boils when heated.
  7. The lecture followed by the seminar was exciting.

All the participles are formed from

nouns adjectives verbs

Participles can be placed

before the noun after the noun before and after the noun

There are

rules on how to use participles no rules on how to use participles
Запишите формы неправильных глаголов
Write the forms of irregular verbs
Do — did — done.
  1. Write — wrote written .
  2. Forget — forgot forgotten .
  3. Give — gave given .
  4. Run — ran run .
  5. Be — was, were were, was was/were were/was was were were was been .
  6. Speak — spoke spoken .
  7. See — saw seen .
  8. Feel — felt felt .
  9. Become — became —  become .
  10. Fall — fell fallen .
  11. Take — took taken .
  12. Begin — began begun .
  13. Eat — ate eaten .
  14. Read — read read .
  15. Ring — rang rung .
Запишите формы неправильных глаголов
Write the forms of irregular verbs

Think — thought — thought.

  1. Send — sentsent .
  2. Bring — broughtbrought .
  3. Meet — metmet .
  4. buildBuildbuilt — built.
  5. teachTeachtaught — taught.
  6. Fight — foughtfought .
  7. findFind — found — found .
  8. leaveLeave — left — left .
  9. Drive — drovedriven .
  10. Break — brokebroken .
  11. spendSpend — spent — spent .

Соедините глаголы с образованными от них причастиями
Match the verbs with their participle forms
dG8gcmVhZA== cmVhZGluZw== dG8gd2Fsaw== YmVpbmcgd2Fsa2Vk dG8gdGVhY2g= aGF2aW5nIGJlZW4gdGF1Z2h0 dG8gc3BlYWs= c3Bva2Vu dG8gb3Blbg== aGF2aW5nIG9wZW5lZA== dG8gdGhpbms= dGhvdWdodA== dG8gd2FzaA== d2FzaGluZw== dG8gbG92ZQ== bG92aW5n Image 1, derived from the image by erika8213 on Envato Elements.

Заполните пропуски причастиями прошедшего времени
Complete the sentences with these past participles

Named, created, written, recorded, used, invented, made, based, discovered The Millennium Bridge in London was by the architect Sir Norman Foster.
  1. I was named after my grandmother.
  2. Gold was discovered in California in 1848.
  3. Copper and tin are used to make bronze.
  4. Many different characters were created by Shakespeare.
  5. Telephones weren't invented until the late 1800s.
  6. Most cakes are made from flour, eggs, sugar, and butter.
  7. Many of the Beatles' songs were recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.
  8. The Lord of the Rings was written by J. R. R. Tolkien.
  9. Many characters in books are based on real people.

Выберите подходящие формы на месте пропусков
Choose the correct forms to complete the sentences
  1. Name some cities visiting visited by us last year.
  2. I picked up the pen lying lain on the table.
  3. She was reading the newspaper buying bought yesterday.
  4. Last week we were at a meeting organizing organized by the freshmen students.
  5. Holding Held the old woman by the hand, Jack led her across the street.
  6. It was not easy to find the losing lost money.
  7. Here is the box receiving received the day before.
  8. Do you know the woman walking walked across the street?
Image 1, derived from the image by iLixe48 on Envato Elements.
Напишите причастия, образованные от этих глаголов
Write the participles formed from these verbs
Ving V3
invent inventing invented
type typing typed
forget forgetting forgotten
make making made
write writing written
speak speaking spoken
enjoy enjoying enjoyed
cut cutting cut
choose choosing chosen
educate educating educated
borrow borrowing borrowed
publish publishing published
Выберите правильные причастия
Choose the right participles
  1. The kitten jumped up and tried to catch a bird flyingflown by.
  2. She was looking at the little boy mumblingmumbled something very nice and cute.
  3. SpeakingSpoken of your project, I would rather stay out of it.
  4. The recently inventinginvented gadget is getting more and more popular.
  5. RewardingRewarded for his great results, the student felt motivated and ready to achieve more.
  6. She had never experienced a failingfailed exam before, and the feeling was terrible.
  7. Very many pictures paintingpainted by the great artists now cost unbelievable money.
  8. I made a right decision, though I doubted keepingkept my brother's sceptical words in mind.
  9. The book is about a poor local girl sellingsold flowers in the streets of London.
  10. The interestinginterested audience couldn't stop watching the film.
  11. Nobody is easy about the money earningearned with time and effort.
  12. The church buildingbuilt long time ago became an object of everybody's interest and admiration.
  13. The presentation of a new iPhone finished, and the hall exploded with cheeringcheered voices.
Перетащите элементы
Drag the elements

Participle 1

A rock the road; planes around; students ill; by the mountains; by the river; the boy football; while in the motel.

Participle 2

The flags by the people; Moscow Kremlin is all over the world; the distance by the hikers; I was guilty.

Заполните пропуски подходящими формами слов
Complete the sentences with the appropriate words in the correct form

Participle I Active

  1. The boy reading a book is my friend.
  2. Flying on a plane, I always think of home.

Participle I Passive

  1. The problem being discussed at the press conference is very urgent.
  2. Being held up I missed the bus home.

Participle I Perfect Active

  1. Having finished the breakfast, I rushed into my room to play.
  2. Having done all of his homework, he went to the cinema.

Participle I Perfect Passive

  1. Having been cleaned , the room was ready to be rented.
  2. Having been substituted , the football player was very angry.

Participle II

  1. The problem discussed with the director was solved quickly.
  2. The money kept in the bank was safe.
Напишите правильные формы причастий
Write the correct forms of the participles
  1. The force applied on the object was measured.
  2. Having graduated from college, she began to work at a bank.
  3. Having made these experiments, we can compare the weight of elements.
  4. The substances found in the experiment were described in the report.
  5. Having listened to the lecture, students usually leave the class.
  6. There is a couple of classes studied optionally.
  7. A successful group project is a result of all the members working together.
  8. Describe the picture shown on the slide.
Перетащите элементы
Drag the elements

Put the words in the right order to complete the sentences.

  1. in the 1980s, a smiley face is still used all over the internet.
  2. , the movies were almost the end of theatres.
  3. his book about black holes, the scientist became known all over the world.
  4. This building in the middle of the last century is situated in central London.
  5. from Cambridge, I worked there as a tutor.
  6. A system transparent wires for transmitting the information.
  7. The quantum computers an infinite amount of operations a second will become available in the near future.
  8. New equipment reduces the number of employees .
Выберите правильные ответы
Choose the correct answers
  1. Having written Writing Being written the essay, I went on a break.
  2. It is a book describing described being described our country in the 19th century.
  3. I looked at the woman having been played having playing playing at the table.
  4. The text giving given being given by the teacher is not so difficult.
  5. He saw running run having run sportsmen.
  6. We stood watched having been watched watching the magician.
  7. Having gone Went Going to work, I found 10 pounds.
  8. The woman reading having read read a book is my mother.
Перефразируйте предложения и заполните пропуски причастиями
Paraphrase the sentences and fill in the gaps with participles
  1. As our classes were finished, we went home.

    Having finished our classes, we went home.

  2. If my father permits it, we will go to the mountains on vacation.

    Father permitting , we will go to the mountains on vacation.

  3. As the chest was open, we could see everything inside it.

    The chest being opened , we could see everything inside it.

  4. John had no will to continue working that day, for it was so hot outside.

    John had no will to continue working that day, it being so hot outside.

  5. The efforts to solve the issue failed, and the actor asked to think it over again.

    The efforts to solve the issue having failed , the actor asked to think it over again.

  6. Breakfast was served downstairs, as there was the canteen.

    Breakfast was served downstairs, the canteen being there.

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