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Профессии и рабочий распорядок

Here are the stories of people who work in medicine, but aren't doctors. Read the stories and match the person to their profession

When I was a teenager, I loved watching medical TV dramas. I spent all my free time watching episode after episode of shows like Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy or House MD. The world of medicine looked so exciting, and I always knew I wanted to work in a hospital! However, even as a teenager, I understood that being a doctor was a lot of stress and a lot of responsibility. I wasn't sure that I could handle that. Instead, I decided to study healthcare administration and business, and now I manage my own private hospital! I still have to know a lot about medicine, but my job does not involve treating patients. I plan and control all medical services, coordinate department activities, hire medical staff and handle their evaluations. I make sure the hospital works like a well-oiled machine. I have to admit, actual day-to-day hospital life is very different from what is shown on TV. I still love medical dramas, but now I know exactly how unrealistic they are, and I find it very funny.


I went to medical school because biology has always been my favourite subject, especially anatomy. I had a room full of anatomy posters and I could study them for hours. I wanted to know everything about how the human body works. It was just so fascinating to me! At first, I decided to study internal medicine, so I could see many unusual medical cases. In my second year, however, I realised that there was a problem. I wasn't a people person at all! I tried to be nice and polite, but I never seemed to have the patience and the compassions most doctors should have. I cared way more about the cases and illnesses, then the people who had them. I switched to medical research immediately. Now, I work in a clinical laboratory. I get to see interesting and unusual cases, and study them in detail. I know my work helps fight deadly diseases and create better medicine, so I'm pretty happy with my choice.


I never really thought about a career in medicine. In fact, I didn't really know what I wanted to do after I finished high school. I took a gap year after graduating, to work a few odd jobs and see if anything would fit me. My best friend's dad owned a pharmacy, and one day he asked me if I wanted to help him run it because his assistant had to move away. So I agreed. Working in a pharmacy was very difficult at first. As an assistant, I couldn't give any medical advice to customers, but I still had to memorise all the things we sold. I had to know what each medicine is called, where it is, what it looks like, which ingredients could cause allergies and all the stuff like that. And I was really good at it. After just a month, I knew this is what I wanted to do. So after my gap year, I went to medical school to study Pharmacy. It took me 4 years, but it taught me so much about health and medicine in general. I am qualified to consult people on their treatments, give them advice about their lifestyle, even give immunisations! And I love helping people figure out the complex instructions to their pills and make sure they have all they need.

QW5kcmVh SG9zcGl0YWwgYWRtaW5pc3RyYXRvcg== U2ltb24= Q2xpbmljYWwgcmVzZWFyY2hlcg== Q2hpZGk= UGhhcm1hY2lzdA== Choose the correct options
  1. Who discovered their future job by chance? Andrea Simon Chidi
  2. Whose original career plan didn't quite fit them? Andrea Simon Chidi
  3. Whose choice of career was inspired by the media? Andrea Simon Chidi
  4. Who owns a business? Andrea Simon Chidi
  5. Who doesn't have to work with people often? Andrea Simon Chidi
  6. Who has the qualification to give medical advice? Andrea Simon Chidi

Read the conversation and match the idioms in bold to their meanings

Max: It always surprises me how different our managers are. I mean, they may have the same position in the company but they are like night and day.

Emma: Right. I really admire Doris. She's a guiding spirit for her team.

John: She's just lucky to have a great team. They all think outside the box, that's why they show great results. People on Robert's team are not so bright, frankly speaking. So he has to be stricter.

Emma: It means that he just crushed their spirit! You don't want to go the extra mile if your boss doesn't motivate you.

Max: I agree with Emma. I guess Michelle is a great example of balance in dealing with her subordinates. She often raises the bar, but her team does a great job all the time. What's important is that she never forgets to say, "Keep up the good work, Max!" Oh, I have to get back to work, actually.

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Let's revise the vocabulary connected with work duties and job responsibilities.

Choose the correct option to complete the sentences
  1. I'm responsible in charge of checking laboratory documentation and chemical specifications.
  2. I ensure that suitable, clean containers are used to get the product from the company to the patient. This is the priority aim for my department.
  3. I'm capable able to write pharmaceutically and technically accurate protocols.
  4. I finished graduated from New York University.
  5. He is responsible in charge for collecting study documentation.
  6. I'm experienced at in coordinating cross-functional teams.
  7. My area of experience expertise is clinical methodology.


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