Упражнения: Safety


Read the text and tick the correct options

Falling ill on a business trip is more stressful because

you consult the doctors you don't know. it's bad for your career. of linguistic and cultural differences.

The most important thing you should put in your medical kit is

special and regular medicine. medicine and extra money. medicine and insurance.

If you have problems with your health, first

go to the doctor. call your doctor. call the insurance company.

How to prepare for a business trip

Falling ill is never a picnic, and it is way more stressful while you are away from your familiar doctors. We will tell you how not to lose your money and survive the business trip.

Two things are important to check before you go — first aid kit and insurance. First aid kit is essential if you have any diseases for which a specific or prescription-only medicine is needed. Those meds and the ones for usual things like high temperature and food poisoning will save you a lot of nerves and time. The insurance is usually provided by the company, but it never hurts to check if you actually have it.

But sometimes, no amount of planning can prevent the unpleasant experience. In this case, you should contact the insurance company and ask them where and when you can get medical services. When you get to the hospital, the doctor might ask you whether you have pain in any part of the body, your temperature and other symptoms.

Don't forget to get a copy of your medical records and insurance papers that prove the fact of your treatment. This way you will be able to receive sick leave at work.

Stage aim: to practise target vocabulary.

Look at the pictures. What are these objects needed for?

Match the words with the pictures personal protective equipment safety goggles a hairnet a lab coat safety gloves toxic chemical waste chemical waste labels to spill a chemical a cage a disinfectant to calibrate a biosafety cabinet Photo 2 by H K Singh on Shutterstock Photo 3 by CoolaM on Shutterstock Photo 4 by krolya25 on Shutterstock Photo 5 by Steve Cukrov on Shutterstock Photo 6 by AppleEyesStudio on Shutterstock Photo 7 by kittirat roekburi on Shutterstock Photo 8 by Alex photohub on Shutterstock Photo 9 by Fabien Monteil on Shutterstock Photo 10 by ibreakstock on Shutterstock Photo 11 by Maridav on Shutterstock Photo 12 by Markus Thoenen on Shutterstock Photo 13 by Prrrettty on Shutterstock
Complete the sentences with the words from the exercise above
  1. Personal protective equipment includes such items as gloves, safety glasses, ear defenders and biohazard suits.
  2. All laboratory animals must be kept in closed cages .
  3. Nitrile safety gloves protect hands against most chemicals and infectious agents.
  4. You must calibrate every piece of equipment before using it.
  5. A biosafety cabinet is a ventilated laboratory workspace area designed to protect the user from dangerous agents such as viruses and bacteria.
  6. Always wear a lab coat with full-length sleeves.
  7. Use a disinfectant after every contact with laboratory animals.
  8. When you spill a chemical , the first thing you must do is check what kind of chemical it is in the material data safety sheet.
  9. If you have long hair, use a hairnet .
  10. They should also provide you with safety goggles to protect your eyes.
  11. A chemical waste label should be put on every container with hazardous waste.
  12. Toxic chemical waste must be stored in a separate container.

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