Упражнения на возвратные местоимения

Reflexive Pronouns

Соедините каждое предложение с типом местоимений, использованным в нем
(Match the sentences with the type of pronouns used)
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Дополните предложения подходящими возвратными местоимениями
(Complete the sentences with the correct reflexive pronouns)

Subject Pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns




yourself/ yourselves (plural)











  1. I always do my homework myself .
  2. Oh my goodness! Charlie, look at yourself ! How could you get dirty that badly!
  3. Nick cut himself while helping his mum with the dinner.
  4. Everybody always comes late to the class because Mrs. Black, our Geography teacher, is usually late herself .
  5. Ability to study is very important itself .
  6. We bought each other presents with the money we earned ourselves .
  7. Children are always proud of themselves when they are good at something.
  8. When I came home yesterday, I saw that the sofa had been moved to the second floor. I said to my sons, "I can't believe you did it yourselves !"

Допишите предложения, используя возвратные местоимения
(Write sentences with by myself / by yourself etc)

  1. I went on holiday alone.
    I .
  2. When I saw him, he was alone.
    When I saw him, he was by himself.
  3. Don't go out alone.
    Don't go out by yourself.
  4. I went to the cinema alone.
    I went to the cinema by myself.
  5. My sister lives alone.
    My sister lives by herself.
  6. Many people live alone.
    Many people live by themselves.
Дополните предложения подходящими возвратными местоимениями
(Complete the sentences with the correct reflexive pronouns)
  1. My brother is very lazy: he doesn't like to do anything himself .
  2. I myself cleaned up all that mess that you'd made at the weekend!
  3. My grandparents were proud of themselves when they learnt to use a computer.
  4. Be careful! What shall I tell your mother if you hurt yourself ?
  5. Can you imagine that Mary Anderson invented windscreen wipers herself ?
  6. I was impressed when my dog managed to open the door by itself .
  7. Ben! Mila! You have broken mum's favourite vase. Now, you'll have to explain it to her yourselves !
  8. Mum and dad, take a seat and enjoy the dinner. We've cooked it for you ourselves .
Выберите подходящее возвратное местоимение
(Choose the correct reflexive pronoun)
  1. My friend's kitten likes to look at itself himself herself in the mirror.
  2. I'm leaving you for just one minute, George. I hope you will behave yourselves myself yourself .
  3. John's friends came, but John ourselves himself itself didn't.
  4. Did Mary answer this difficult question herself himself myself ?
  5. I can't tell you yourself myself ourselves , but my father will.
  6. The English itself yourselves themselves don't always speak English very well.
  7. The film is brilliant, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves yourself itself , girls.
  8. Our parents were ready to help us, but we decided to do everything ourselves themselves itself .
  9. Well, children, there's a lot of rubbish around the school building, prepare yourselves yourself themselves for hard work.
  10. Helen, dear, have you made this wonderful cake all by herself yourself myself ?
  11. This time the boys made a fire and put up the tent all by themselves ourselves herself .
  12. We themselves yourself ourselves didn't take part in the match, we just watched it.
Впишите подходящее возвратное местоимение
(Type the correct reflexive pronoun)
  1. There are many tasty things on the table. Help yourself !
  2. Don't ask me, I have no idea about it myself .
  3. Did you and your friends enjoy yourselves at the picnic yesterday?
  4. The girls bought themselves beautiful scarves and were very happy.
  5. You'll get a nice present if you behave yourselves yourself .
  6. My brother made the model of the ship himself with his own hands.
  7. Young children shouldn't live by themselves , somebody must look after them.
  8. Every morning I make tea for my parents and myself .

Расставьте буквы по порядку, чтобы получились возвратные местоимения
Order letters to make reflexive pronouns (myself, himself etc.)

i t s e l f

m y s e l f

h e r s e l f

t h e m s e l v e s

y o u r s e l v e s

o u r s e l v e s

h i m s e l f

Заполните пропуски возвратными местоимениями
Complete the sentences with myself/yourself etc.

  1. He looked at in the mirror.
  2. I'm not angry with you. I'm angry with myself .
  3. Karen had a good time in Australia. She enjoyed herself .
  4. My friends had a good time in Australia. They enjoyed themselves .
  5. I picked up a very hot plate and burnt myself .
  6. He never thinks about other people. He only thinks about himself .
  7. I want to know more about you. Tell me about yourself . (one person)
  8. Goodbye! Have a good trip and look after yourselves ! (two people)

Заполните пропуски в диалогах подходящими местоимениями
(Complete the mini-dialogues with a suitable pronoun)

— Who hasn't handed in homework?
— Me. Sorry. Here it is.
They each other you yourself myself herself One
  1. — Why don't you join the army?

    — I don't know. say it's really tough.
  2. — Why isn't Jennis with Mike tonight?

    — They're not going out with any more.
  3. —People say shouldn't sit in a draught.

    — Nonsense! There's nothing wrong with fresh air.
  4. — I've just got a promotion!

    — Well done! You must be really proud of !
  5. — What a fabulous sundress! Where did you get it?

    — Well, actually, I made it .
  6. — Who's Willow going round Eastern Europe with?

    — No one. She's going by .
  7. — I believe CD players are completely out of date.

    — Yes. doesn't see many of them these days.

Выберите верные варианты
(Choose the correct options)

  1. I'd like to drive there and see everything myself himself .
  2. She couldn't do it myself herself , so she asked us to help her.
  3. It's very important to understand the grammar rule yourselves herself .
  4. She was unable to work as a store detective herself himself and left the job.
  5. "It's too late to blame   itself yourself ," said the police officer to the shoplifter.
  6. They are too inexperienced to do the task by ourselves themselves .
  7. The cat managed to get out of the house by itself herself .
  8. The rain was so hard that we couldn't see each other and lost themselves ourselves in the forest.
  9. She will make herself myself a try.
  10. The music was so loud that she couldn't hear myself herself .

Заполните пропуски подходящими местоимениями
(Complete the sentences with the correct pronouns)

  1. The razor was so sharp, that the kid cut himself .  
  2. It's a pity, but she never controls herself in any situation.
  3. They can read the English fiction themselves .  
  4. The girl is too small to dress by herself
  5. Look at yourself ! You are so silly!
  6. Don't think Roger can get out of the trouble himself .
  7. They made our way in the hall and finally lost themselves .  
  8. Maria fell and hit herself while jogging.
  9. The town is too small to identify itself as a centre.
  10. Don't give me advice! I can cope myself .

Выберите верные варианты
(Choose the correct option)

  1. — Did you help Jimmy finish his homework?
    — No, he finished it himself ourselves yourself .
  2. — What's wrong with Tom and Henry?
    — They don't get along with herself each other themselves .
  3. — I'm hungry. Have you got anything to eat?
    — There is some food in the fridge. Help each other itself yourself .
  4. — Bye, Mum. We're going to Simon's birthday party.
    — OK. Enjoy herself ourselves yourselves , boys.
  5. — What are you and Dad going to do this afternoon, Mum?
    —  I'm going to buy myself herself each other some new clothes and Dad's going to study. He's trying to teach himself ourselves itself Italian.
Выберите правильный ответ (Choose the correct answer)
  1. The house the self himself itself was nice, but the area was horrible.
  2. Alex, did you choose my present yourself itself myself ?
  3. Katie told her friends to make ourselves themselves herself at home.
  4. He doesn't look yourself his self himself today. Is he alright?
  5. Girls, if you want some more food, help themselves yourselves ourselves .
  6. She did it all by yourself itself herself .
Заполните пропуски подходящими возвратными местоимениями
(Fill in the gaps with the correct reflexive/emphatic pronoun)
  1. Mum burnt herself on the oven while preparing dinner.
  2. I hope you like the cake; I made it myself .
  3. Don't worry, if we need anything, we'll help ourselves .
  4. My parents really enjoyed themselves at the theatrical performance.
  5. The clay itself doesn't cost much, but the potter's wheel is expensive.
  6. The sculptor was very pleased with himself after the success of his exhibition.
  7. How do you know John won the contest? Did he tell you so himself ?

Закончите предложения, используя возвратные местоимения
(Complete the sentences with myself/yourself etc)

  1. He looked at in the mirror.
  2. I'm not angry with you. I'm angry with myself .
  3. Karen had a good time in Australia. She enjoyed herself .
  4. My friends had a good time in Australia. They enjoyed themselves .
  5. I picked up a very hot plate and burnt myself .
  6. He never thinks about other people. He only thinks about himself .
  7. I want to know more about you. Tell me about yourself . (one person)
  8. Goodbye! Have a good trip and look after yourselves ! (two people)

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