Упражнения: My friends

Мои друзья

Recreate the story. Listen to the audio and mark the sentences as True or False

It's June. The lockdown is over but not everyone has survived. Some people have lost their loved ones and everyone is still numbed by this. It was a shock to humanity and at the same time, it had been a time for reconsideration. So what has changed and what remains the same? What are some new priorities and what are our new values in life? People are still processing this new reality and are trying to get their lives back on track.

The gang is now back at Time for Coffee, as usual, or perhaps not? Much is still the same, but much more has changed. Many businesses have closed down and a number of people are now unemployed or are paid much less. There has been a rise in the number of people who work part-time, while digital industries are thriving. Seeing small businesses and shops putting up their shutters is disheartening, to say the least. Take, for instance, the gang's favourite café. Time for coffee is actually closing down in 2 weeks, along with many other businesses in town.

Sophie, Sardana, and Kate meet at their favourite café and share updates on their lives. Sardana says she's relieved that she finally feels better. With all her friends pitching in, she has now fully recovered. But Sophie wants her to be much more careful in the future. Kate says that she's happy she gave Max another chance. Things seem to be evolving well between the two and she's now head over heels. Sophie says she always had a feeling that they would finally end up together. Sardana thought that it was actually a long shot, but now she says that eventually, people can indeed change.

The girls are now feeling melancholic. They are really sad that their café is closing. Sophie, being feistier than ever, asks them what they can do to lighten the mood. Kate wonders if there's anything they can actually do. Sardana is sceptical and not sure whether or not they should get involved. Sophie tells them it is time they acted on things, even if they are not sure how it will unravel. Rather than just stand by and watch their café close, they should do something about it. The girls have set some savings aside, so she proposes that they rent out the place.

Kate is excited at this prospect but has no idea what they can do with it. Sardana tells them that the best thing to do is to turn it into something new and hip, making it a trend of some sort. She proposes that they renovate it and turn it into a co-working space. Kate agrees on the premise that this space will serve matcha tea and that there will be a range of eco-materials to use. Sophie is all in and Sardana is thrilled. Sophie tells them that she can even advertise it on her travel blog and that means that the place is more likely to become a trend. Kate says that she and George can use it for some of their upcoming marathons, and Max is known for his architectural passion, so he can definitely help with the space planning.

So, they decide to go ahead with it.

  1. Life is not the same after the lockdown. True False
  2. People still can't meet and talk to each other. True False
  3. Kate's friends are unpleasantly surprised that she's dating Max again. True False
  4. Sophie is determined to start a new business. True False
  5. Kate has got some eco-friendly ideas for the start-up. True False
  6. All five friends are ready to pitch in with the project. True False

Listen to the audio and fill in the gaps

This is a story about 5 really good friends. They are students at the same University and they meet very often. Meet Sophie. Sophie is a nice girl and she is 18 years old. She is into arts and taking photos. She loves sharing news so she spends a lot of time on Instagram. She wants to become a famous actress like Irina Gorbacheva. Sophie has a brother, George. George is 19 years old and he loves technology and business. George is very good at Maths. He wants to start his own company. Sophie shares a room with Sardana. Sardana is 19 years old and she wants to become a Russian ambassador abroad. Sardana loves organising things. She's really good at languages but she is not into sports. This isgoodstudentsniceinto artssharing newsspendsbecome a famousbrothergood athis ownshares a roomloves organisinginto sports

a story about 5 really friends. They are at the same University and they meet very often.

Meet Sophie. Sophie is a girl and she is 18 years old. She is and taking photos. She loves , so she a lot of time on Instagram. She wants to actress like Irina Gorbacheva.

Sophie has a , George. George is 19 years old and he loves technology and business. George is very Maths. He wants to start company.

Sophie with Sardana. Sardana is 19 years old and she wants to become a Russian ambassador abroad. Sardana things. She's really good at languages, but she is not .

Sophie, Sardana or George? Choose who it is!

  1. Sophie Sardana George is 18 years old.
  2. Sophie Sardana George is 19 years old.
  3. Sophie Sardana George loves arts.
  4. Sophie Sardana George is very good at Maths.
  5. Sophie Sardana George is not into sports.
  6. Sophie Sardana George wants to be an ambassador.
  7. Sophie Sardana George wants to start his own company.
Listen to the gang and choose the correct options

NarratorSardanaPhilSophieKateMaxGeorgeIt's time to say goodbye! Phil and Sophie are leaving town in two days, but it is subject to the weather conditions. Max and Kate seem as happy as ever. They may well end up together for good. It certainly looks like they're together for the long run. Kate and George have been launching more marathons, and there has been a rise in their number of followers. Sardana has started renovating the cafe, and Max is helping with the floor plan and other improvements. Everyone is managing themselves just fine, and no one is complaining of the little time they have left to spend together. Right now, everyone is fully devoted to their new projects and centers their attention on that, rather than on their eventual goodbyes.Get in touch when you arrive.We will!Katie, I'm so happy to see you getting on so well with Max. I kind of had the feeling this might happen.Well, it's true that you've always believed in us. I feel so lucky.I'm the lucky one. Finding a girlfriend like Katie is like finding a needle in a haystack!Don't forget we have the marathon tonight! Sardana, are you joining us?I'm finishing off late, but I'll make it.You are the best, and you're so well-organised. You really have it all figured out, and you have your life so together. Every time I compare myself to you I feel so inadequate.Come on, making comparisons between you and others can be very toxic. Compare yourself only with yourself. If you continuously compete with others, you'll become bitter, but if you compete with only yourself, you'll become better.So true.We are all different, and we are all unique. And as the Little Prince taught us, "What is essential is invisible to the eye."I second that.I hope through our travels, I will be able to find myself. Sometimes, I feel as if I've lost myself somewhere along the way.Oh, come on now. Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself!Kate, I'll miss your spirit. I will miss all of you guys.Some of us will still be here. You know we've got work to do ;)Of course, but it's still hard to say goodbye.Cheer up. Hold your head up high and remember: the most beautiful things are those that unite us, anything that tries to separate us is unimportant.So true! We will never allow petty things such as distance to bring us down. We are bonded for life, and I have made something for us to remember each other by.Sophie gives everyone a wooden keychain in the shape of a puzzle piece with a photo of each of them on one side.Wow, it's so beautiful. What is it?Each one of us will carry one of these on our keychain, and when we are together and the pieces are united, we will have a whole group photo.Sophie, that's so sweet! Let's write something on one of the walls at our new place, so that it stays with us.They write on the wall: "Friends are forever, never apart. Perhaps in distance, but never at heart!"
  1. Kate and George Phil and Sophie Sardana and Max are leaving town in two days.
  2. Kate and George Sophie and Kate George and Sardana have been launching more marathons.
  3. One of the guys says that finding a business partner friend girlfriend like Kate is like finding a needle in a haystack.
  4. Sardana will won't might take part in George's marathon tonight.
  5. Sophie Max Sardana considers that making comparisons between you and others can be very toxic.
  6. Sardana Sophie Kate made a present for her friends.
  7. In the end, the friends write a statement about friendship on their presents the walls their group photo .

Complete the dialogue with the missing words and phrases negative buyerexclusionarywealthyaveragehealth food storesvegetarianjunk food

Emma: Hi, Max! Listen, I need your advice. Remember we were discussing personas?

Max: Hey, Emma! Sure, I do. What's the problem?

Emma: We received a request from the producer of a famous podcast about marketing. They want to talk about buyer personas. They sent me a list of questions and among them … Look …

Max: "Can you give an example of McDonald's negative buyer persona?"

Emma: Max, I know that dealing with negative personas is your thing.

Max: Thanks, Emma! I must admit that I do have some experience in that field. So, do you have any ideas?

Emma: Well, in my opinion, McDonald's doesn't target the most health-conscious customers, though the company tries to make its products healthier.

Max: Good point. Anything else you want to add?

Emma: I also wouldn't consider customers as buyer personas. Such customers usually seek exclusive experiences and high-level service.

Max: You are right, I like the way you think. There are exceptions, of course, so you may see very expensive cars parked in front of McDonald's.

Emma: So, what is missing?

Max: Vegetarians? What do you think?

Emma: Oh, right! Most of them typically shop at !

Max: I'd also like to add that It is always a good idea to give a name to your buyer persona, even a negative one.

Emma: How about Richy Veggy?

Max: Nice shot! I like it! So the negative buyer persona of McDonald's is called Veggy Richy, he is a and earns a fairly high wage. He usually shops at health food stores, never eats , likes practicing yoga and meditation. If you want, you can make a sketch of our Richy to have his image in front of your eyes.

Emma: If I were the marketing manager for McDonald's, I would do that without any hesitation! Thank you, Max! You helped me a lot!

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Спасибо за бесплатные задания. Кажется, у меня наконец получилось разобраться, в чем разница между прошедшими временами. Мучился с этой темой еще со школы.
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Удобно, что можно делать упражнения с телефона, помогает скоротать время в дороге, да еще и с пользой.

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