Упражнения: Future life, predictions

Жизнь в будущем, прогнозы

Stage aim: to check the grammar discussed in the course.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs from the list

to motivate to go to announce to swell to smoke to keep to cool to model to speak to inspect

  1. We regret to announce that the 11:30 flight from London will arrive late.
  2. He regretted speaking so rudely.
  3. Her twisted ankle started to swellswelling : she even couldn't put on her shoe as it was too small then.
  4. Consider going into medicine — you're so good at helping people!
  5. A bit of local anaesthetic allowed to keep the pain at a bearable level.
  6. A new interesting training programme as well as an incentive pay plan have been designed to motivate doctors.
  7. Additionally, sweat serves to cool down the body temperature.
  8. This software has been developed for modelling different reactions of a human body to external stimuli.
  9. This machine serves as a device for inspecting single tablets with defects.
  10. The company doesn't permit smoking in the lab.
Tick the correct sentences

The following sentences are correct:

I hope the anticancer treatment will be invented soon. I hope the treatment for AIDS is going to be invented soon. Becoming a doctor is my ultimate dream; that's why I intend to get a good education in this sphere. I am never going to be in time to prepare for the audit which will be next week. The use of animals in clinical trials is being reduced, although the end of animal testing seems far. It's 10:30! We're going to be late for the clinical pharmacy congress! I doubt that more complicated forms of cancer are going to appear. I am certain that the traditional treatment will be replaced by a personalised one.

Choose the correct use of be going to
  1. She can't come with us because she's going to see her friend next Sunday. plans prediction
  2. When are you going to start? plans prediction
  3. It's cloudy. It's going to rain now. plans prediction
  4. I have a message from Ella and Paul. They aren't going to the party next Saturday. plans prediction
  5. The food wasn't fresh in that cafe. I'm going to be sick. plans prediction
  6. The summer is going to be hotter next year. plans prediction
Put the words in the correct order to make sentences I'm going to sell my car. John isn't going to come tonight. What are you going to do tomorrow? Is it going to be sunny tomorrow? Steve is going to Los Angeles next week. Do you remember?

Steve is going to Los Angeles next week. = Steve is going to go to Los Angeles next week.

We can use Future Continuous to talk about predictions. Let's have a look at some predictions for the year 2100.

Complete the sentences with the Future Continuous forms of the verbs
  1. Three quarters of the population will be living in large cities.
  2. Robots will be doing lots of jobs, including healthcare and customer service work.
  3. 50% of people will be working from home rather than going to the office every day.
  4. Educators will be using VR technologies on a daily basis.
  5. People will be wearing special protective uniform every day.
  6. The first human colonists will be living on Mars.
  7. People will be using much fewer languages than they do now.
  8. Students won't be studyingwill not be studying at schools and universities.

Use the verbs with Future Simple or be going to

A. — Bye!

— See you! I you tomorrow.

B. — What about your holiday?

— I it in Greece next month.

  1. — Do you have any plans for this weekend?

    — Yes, I'm going to visitI am going to visit my father.

  2. (In the restaurant)

    — Are you ready to order?

    — I think I will haveI'll have a salad and a steak.

  3. — Look at those dark clouds in the sky.

    — Oh, it's going to rainit is going to rain . Run! Quickly!

  4. — Do you want to go to the cinema with us this evening?

    — Sorry, but my exam is tomorrow. I am going to studyI'm going to study a lot tonight.

  5. — Why did Jane buy green paint?

    She is going to paintShe's going to paint the house.

  6. — Tomorrow is a very important meeting in our office.

    — Alright, I won't beI'll not beI will not be late tomorrow.

  7. — I'm hungry.

    — OK. I'll makeI will make some sandwiches.

  8. — What are his plans for the weekend?

    He's going to doHe is going to do some shopping.

  9. Are you going to take a taxi tomorrow?

    — Yes, I am.

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