Упражнения: Charity in our world

Благотворительность в нашем мире

Refresh your memory! Listen to the audio and choose if the statements are True or False

Max is back at home and he's working with George on their business project. They are broke, but they are getting more and more excited every day. Of course, neither of them has a clue how to set up the project, but they have their reasons to be excited. On the one hand, Max plans to work side by side with Kate (although now is not the time), so he couldn't be happier. On the other hand, George can't wait to move on with his life, and nothing can beat that feeling.

Tonight the gang is at a charity event for an ecological cause that Kate helped organise. Everyone is dressed up and fancy-looking. Phil is the host of the evening. He's wearing a red leather jacket and he looks very smart. He's a bit nervous as he's never been a host before, but at the same time, he's totally enjoying the experience.

Max is wearing a tie and a black suit. He looks really stylish. He wants to talk to Kate but she's busy mingling. He can see her now, talking to Andrey. She's wearing a black cocktail dress and she looks fabulous in it. He thinks she's the most remarkable girl at the party. Max gets a bit jealous as he wants some alone time with her. He wonders, "Is it ever going to happen for them?" Who knows what the future holds?

At some point, George realizes that he doesn't know what the event is about. He turns to Kate and she explains the whole idea. It turns out that the event's cause is to provide information regarding energy effectiveness. He ponders over this. Russia is indeed rich in energy and therefore Russians can get fuel much cheaper than Europeans. But it doesn't mean that it's good or that it's more efficient. The fact is that if Russians were more ecologically aware and invested in new, green energy, they could live better. Kate insists that their quality of life would be higher and their financial state would become even better. George is sceptical. What does she mean? How could that happen? Kate explains that 30% in energy saving would cover some of their pension problems. George is astonished to hear that; he had no idea. He's even more impressed by the fact that Kate is such an inspiring person to so many people. This is something he needs to remember for their project. Kate is influencing people in a positive way and this is key to their business plan's success. Kate's influence did not go unnoticed by the rest of her friends, either. Sardana, Max, and Sophie are now discussing how it's important to have a role model in order to inspire socially important causes. Sophie mentions Greta Thunberg while Sardana thinks that Greenpeace is a brand itself and therefore not associated with only one person. Sardana believes that this branding approach is more effective. So, which is better?

  1. Max and George don't have a lot of money at the moment. True False
  2. Kate hosts the charity event. True False Phil hosts the charity event.
  3. It would be beneficial for Russians to invest in green energy. True False
  4. Kate's positive influence on other people is noticed by all her friends. True False
  5. Sardana believes that Greta Thunberg is more effective in helping the environment than Greenpeace. True False Sardana believes that branding approach, like that of Greenpeace, is more effective.

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12 апреля 2023
Учусь в Skyeng уже полгода, в последнее время стала довольно быстро расправляться с домашками, так что раздел с бесплатными заданиями очень помогает не скучать между уроками. Занимаюсь английским практически каждый день.
01 мая 2023
Спасибо за бесплатные задания. Кажется, у меня наконец получилось разобраться, в чем разница между прошедшими временами. Мучился с этой темой еще со школы.
15 апреля 2023
Удобно, что можно делать упражнения с телефона, помогает скоротать время в дороге, да еще и с пользой.
31 марта 2023
Задания — огонь! Жаль только, что навык устной речи никак не проверишь здесь. Если хотите потренировать именно речь, то мне лично понравились Skyeng Talks: недорого и времени много не отнимает.
25 апреля 2023
Отличный способ быстро проверить, помнишь ли ты какую-то тему по английскому или ее нужно повторить. Надеюсь, раздел будет пополняться новыми заданиями.
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