Упражнения: Passive Voice

Пассивный залог

Let's practise using the passive with modal verbs.

Choose the correct options
  1. Gadgets should not be used shouldn't use a lot at university.
  2. The computer company that interviewed Stephen last week may not offer may not be offered him a job even though the interview went well.
  3. We have to be spent have to spend a lot of money on this research.
  4. The first human stone tools can see can be seen in the natural history museum.
  5. The prize might be awarded might award to the scientists who are working on cancer therapy.
  6. The first mobile phones could use could be used only in cars because the receiver and the transmitter weighed over 40 kilos.
  7. Alex has to repair has to be repaired my mobile phone by tomorrow night.
  8. The laboratory should solve should be solved the problem with the equipment as soon as possible.
Put the given verbs in the passive form

A driverless car (can / drive) → without a human driver.

  1. This mobile phone can be used in the USA.
  2. My laptop should be repaired soon.
  3. We tried talking to him, but he could not be convincedcouldn't be convinced . He had already made up his mind.
  4. I am so excited! The laboratory called me, and I might be offered a job soon.
  5. These video games have to be returned to the store by this afternoon.
  6. Try to speak slowly when you give your lecture. Otherwise, some of your sentences can be misunderstood .
  7. Alex is very lazy. If you need him to do something, he must be pushed .
  8. Blue whales can be saved from extinction.

Now let's practise the Past Continuous passive and compare the passive in both Present and Past Continuous tenses.

Choose the correct options
  1. Tickets for the play being sold were being sold were being selling at the box office yesterday.
  2. When I came to the laundry an hour ago, my coat wasn't ready. It is being cleaned was being cleaned was been cleaned .
  3. I could not use my car yesterday because it was being serviced were being serviced was been serviced .
  4. Sam left the room while the money was been collected was being collected were being collecting .
  5. When I arrived at the party, waiters were being served were serving were been served the drinks.
  6. In 2019, the company was still built was still building was still being built the bridge.
  7. The secretary was sending was being sending were sent e-mails when I came to the office yesterday.
Put the given verbs into the present continuous passive or past continuous passive
  1. I couldn't wear my evening dress yesterday because it was being washed .
  2. We had to stay in a hotel while our house was being repaired .
  3. Two people are being interviewed for the senior developer position at the moment.
  4. When I entered the kitchen, my favourite dish was being cooked .
  5. When I looked out of the window, I saw that cars were being burnt by the demonstrators.
  6. When I came to the lecture, the students were being encouraged to work harder.
  7. The new technology developed by our company is being discussed a lot these days. Some people have serious concerns about it.
  8. Alex is ill today, so he is being taught's being taught at home.

Paraphrase the sentences. Write between 3 and 5 words

They usually pay a decorator to redecorate their living room every five years.

They usually every five years.

  1. Has anything ever been stolen from your car?

    Have you ever had anything stolenever got anything stolen from your car?

  2. George fixed his car himself.

    George didn't have his car fixeddidn't get his car fixed at the garage.

  3. Sarah isn't organising her birthday party.

    Sarah is having it organisedis having it organizedis having her birthday party organisedis having her birthday party organizedis getting it organisedis getting it organizedis getting her birthday party organisedis getting her birthday party organized by an event agency.

  4. His hair is too long. He needs a haircut.

    He needs to have his hair cutto have it cutto get his hair cutto get it cut .

  5. I bought a power bank online. It will be delivered tomorrow.

    I will have it deliveredhave my power bank deliveredget it deliveredget my power bank delivered tomorrow.

  6. If you can't see properly, you should go to the doctor to test your eyes.

    If you can't see properly, you should have your eyes testedget your eyes tested .

  7. Are you not going to clean the windows yourself?

    Are you going to have the windows cleaned to have them cleaned to get them cleaned to get the windows cleaned ?

Read the interview with Jim Gook, the CEO of Pear Inc. and complete it with the correct form of the verbs in the active and passive voice

Interviewer: Your new Pear watch 13 is launching soon. What are its new features compared to Pear watch 12?

Jim Gook: Well, our team has been workinghas worked on this new series for a year. All the features which had been developed for the previous Pear watch series can be seen in Pear watch 13 along with new revolutionary ones.

Interviewer: Could you give us more details?

Jim Gook: There is no home button in Pear watch 13. The home screen is accessed by tapping on the screen.

Interviewer: Interesting. But you know, everybody is eager to hear about the breakthrough wellness and fitness capabilities you announced earlier.

Jim Gook: Sure. A sensational technology was integrated by our developers. It is called OxyMeter. It measures the percentage of oxygen being carried by red blood cells from the lungs to the rest of the body.

Interviewer: Wow! It is impressive! How often are the measurements taken ?

Jim Gook: On-demand measurements can be taken while the user is still, and periodic measurements occur during sleep. All data will be visible in the OxyMeter App, and the user will be able to track changes.

Interviewer: Incredible!  Are you planning any other revolutionary features for the next series of Pear watch?

Jim Gook: Yeah. Next year we are going to releasewill release a watch which will be used as a microwave oven.

Interviewer: Pardon?

Choose the word which you need to change

The coursework couldn't be given in on time as all the necessary materials were accidentally deleting from my laptop.

(A) be given (B) necessary (C) were (D) deleting

With the advancements in science and technology a lot of jobs are under the threat of be replaced by robots.

(A) advancements (B) are (C) be (D) replaced

Life expectancy has doubled in a century and infant mortality has being reduced over the last hundred years.

(A) expectancy (B) doubled (C) infant (D) being

An extremely big fish were caught on the north coast of Africa.

(A) extremely (B) were (C) north (D) of

Money is collecting to support breast cancer organizations and charities.

(A) money (B) collecting (C) support (D) organizations
Fact 3 retrieved from https://www.ted.com/ Fact 4 retrieved from https://edition.cnn.com/

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