Упражнения на порядок прилагательных в английском языке

Порядок прилагательных

Расставьте типы прилагательных по порядку, в котором они используются в предложении
Put the characteristics of adjectives in the order they must appear in the sentence
size age shape colour origin material
Расставьте типы прилагательных в правильном порядке
Look at the types of adjectives and put them in the correct order
Opinion size age shape colour origin material purpose

, , , , , , , .

She is a nice tall old fair-haired Russian woman


It is an amazing big new Italian frying pan


These are delicious small square cakes


I have a shiny small round golden ring


This is a nice old porcelain tea cup


Разделите слова на группы (Divide the words into groups) Beautiful Pretty Strange Comfortable Delicious Big Huge Tall Long Enormous Old Ancient New Young Round Square Triangular Rectangular Red Blue Yellow Italian Japanese Thai German French Gold Silver Silk Stone Running Sleeping Frying Opinion Size Age Shape Colour Origin Material Purpose
Запишите ответы (Write the answers)

Read the adjectives and decide which type are they.

  1. Awesome — opinion .
  2. Modern — age .
  3. Black — colour .
  4. Golden — material .
  5. Leather — material .
  6. Pink — colour .
  7. Delicious — opinion .
  8. Swimming — purpose .
  9. Old-fashioned — age .
  10. American — origin .
  11. Tiny — size .
  12. Rectangular — shape .
Перетащите элементы (Drag the elements) Pink porcelain cup Grey metal laptop Dangerous black dog Tall dark-haired man Beautiful tiny doll Fast Italian car The image 1 is a derivative of "NOMINATED!! Pink porcelain Cup with milk and marshmallows", and the image 3 is a derivative of "Aggressive dog barks, dog shows teeth, fangs. pet angry, aggression, anger, rabies, dangerous breed" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements. The image 2 is a derivative of "Working table of interior designer with blueprint and laptop" by FabrikaPhoto on Envato Elements. The image 4 is a derivative of "Man with guitar" by vadymvdrobot on Envato Elements. The image 5 is a derivative of "Doll in a golden dress" by johan10 on Envato Elements. The image 6 is a derivative of "Fast F1 car. Formula one racing sportscar" by photocreo on Envato Elements.
Вычеркните лишнее (Cross the wrong one out)

Opinion: important interesting boring new .

Size: huge yellow little short .

Age: Chinese old new modern .

Shape: square round small triangular .

Colour: black green tiny purple .

Origin: French Russian Turkish Italy .

Material: plastic glass great metal .

Выберите правильные ответы (Choose the correct options)
  1. He has a black long long black moustache.
  2. Today I am wearing a new yellow yellow new T-shirt.
  3. Last year we had long hot hot long summer.
  4. This is a small glass glass small table.
  5. I can see a big black black big printer.
  6. I have a nice glass glass nice cup.
  7. Did you see my metal small small metal box?
Запишите ответы (Write the answers)

A scarf / red / long: .

A long wooden table A big grey cat A small wooden house A tall green tree A tasty red strawberry The image 1 is a derivative of "Knitted scarf" by Determined on Envato Elements. The image 2 is a derivative of "Wedding table" by viki2win on Envato Elements. The image 3 is a derivative of "Pallas cat" by kjekol on Envato Elements. The image 4 is a derivative of "House in Carpathians" by mstandret on Envato Elements. The image 5 is a derivative of "Top of the trees" by pixelaway on Envato Elements. The image 6 is a derivative of "Strawberries in grey bowl. Fresh strawberries. Beautiful strawberries" by bondarillia on Envato Elements.
Прочитайте диалог между бывшими одноклассниками и выберите правильные ответы
Read the dialogue between ex-classmates and choose the correct options

Steve: Hi, Max! How are you? What are you doing here?

Max: Hi, Steve. I heard about this big new new big department store and decided to visit it. How are things in your new school?

Steve: Everything is fine. I like it a lot. The classrooms are bright and spacious spacious and bright . And it is close to my house. What is the news about our previous school?

Max: Oh, I heard that there are several new teachers. I saw one of them. He is a tall Italian Italian tall man with a big black black big moustache.

Steve: Wow! He probably looks like a real Italian. By the way, have you visited the cafe over there? I am a little bit hungry after shopping.

Max: No, I haven't. What about having some little tasty tasty little dessert?

Steve: Sounds great! Oh, I see that you are carrying that new backpack. Where did you buy it?

Max: I bought it two days ago. The price was nice. Also they gave me this brand-new black black brand-new cap.

Steve: Great! So, let's go!

Запишите ответы (Write the answers)

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your letter. You asked me about my typical weekend. Usually I spend it at home doing homework and housework. But last weekend I went shopping with my mum. I needed some clothes for the summer. First we bought me a nice yellow cotton T-shirt. After that I tried on tight black jeans but I didn't like them. Also we bought brown leather shoes. Then we went to another department store. Mum needed some stuff for the kitchen. We found a beautiful small white cup. Moreover, we chose a new pot for our plant. It is unusual round green . After shopping we went to a cafe. I ordered a sweet delicious apple delicious sweet apple dessert.

Can you tell me about your last weekend?

Best wishes,


Расставьте прилагательные в правильном порядке
Write the adjectives in the right order

a/an big empty car park a/an attractive young man dirty old shoes a stylish purple leather jacket a tall thin woman a long sandy beach a lovely new wooden floor a/an smart Italian suit beautiful big dark eyes a/an friendly old black dog

Исправьте ошибки. Если ошибок нет, нажмите Enter
Сlick (⤶) or Enter at the end of a sentence if it's right. Correct the wrong sentences

  1. Sarah's wearing (a denim short skirt).
  2. I'm looking for .
  3. I want to buy some white leather trousers .
  4. My sister's bought some trendy purple glasses .
  5. He gave his mother a patterned silk scarf for her birthday.
  6. She looks very sexy in that tight black Lycra™ T-shirt .
  7. My boss's wife was wearing a beautiful long red dress .
  8. You can't wear those scruffy old jeans to the wedding.

Заполните пропуски (Complete the sentences)

  1. — Can l help you?
    — Yes, l'm looking for some smart high-heeled sandals.
  2. — Did you see either of the robbers?
    — It all happened so fast. I saw a young man wearing a blue denim jacket running out of the restaurant.
  3. — You don't really like these pictures, do you?
    — No. And I can't bear those awful gold picture frames.
  4. — Your son looks really like you — he has your big dark eyes.
    — Do you think so? I think he looks more like my husband.
  5. — Are you looking for something?
    — Yes. I've lost a long black silk scarf. Have you seen it?
  6. — We used to live in a beautiful old wooden house near the river.
    — How lovely. Could you swim in the river?
  7. — I've just arrived on the flight from Athens, but my suitcase hasn't arrived.
    — What's it like?
    — It's a small black leather case.
  8. — Ever since Simon came back from Bangkok he's been cooking me delicious spicy Thai curries.
    — Lucky you! I love curries.
  9. — What does Simon's wife look like?
    — She's quite slim and she has short curly brownshort brown curly hair.
  10. — I'm going to wear my new blue and white stripednew striped blue and white shirt.
    — Yes, do. It really suits you.

Выберите правильный порядок прилагательных
Choose the correct order of the adjectives

  1. Mike never lets his little brother drive his sports expensive German German expensive sports expensive German sports car.
  2. She makes delicious chocolate chocolate delicious cookies.
  3. I want you to meet that tall blonde Swedish blonde tall Swedish Swedish blonde tall girl.
  4. The room was filled with red big big red balloons.
  5. The boy needs five cotton small small five cotton five small cotton balls for that activity.
  6. What are you doing with these empty glass glass empty bottles?
  7. We can seat up to ten people at our mahogany oval dining dining oval mahogany oval mahogany dining table.
  8. He was wearing a dirty old flannel flannel old dirty old dirty flannel shirt.
  9. Pass me the plastic big blue big blue plastic big plastic blue cups.
  10. All the girls fell in love with the handsome new American American new handsome new handsome American teacher.
  11. He recently married a young beautiful Greek beautiful young Greek beautiful Greek young woman.
  12. It's in the large blue metal blue large metal blue metal large container.
  13. She gave him a small Egyptian black black Egyptian small small black Egyptian vase.
  14. This is a new Italian wonderful wonderful Italian new wonderful new Italian movie.
Заполните пропуски (Complete the sentences) good old Swiss

1. This is a watch.

cool new German

2. I would like to buy a car.

cute small English

3. We have a bulldog.

successful young American

4. My brother is a businessman.

tasty just cooked Italian

5. How about eating a pizza?

caring middle-aged British

6. My parents are people.


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