Упражнения на глагол to be в Past Simple

Глагол to be в Past Simple

Дополните правило ниже (Complete the rule below)

Past Simple: "To Be"

The Past Simple tense is used to talk about a completed action in a time before now.

Positive Negative Questions
  • I/he/she/it + was.
  • We/you/they + were.

She was were an only child.

Positive Negative Questions
  • I/he/she/it + was not (wasn't).
  • We/you/they + were not (weren't).

They wasn't weren't good friends.

Positive Negative Questions
  • Was + I/he/she/it?
  • Were + we/you/they?

Was Were we friends?

Разделите предложения на группы
Divide the sentences into groups

My mum wasn't a doctor; she was a nurse.

John was at the cinema two days ago. The weather wasn't warm. My friends and I were at a concert on Sunday. These shoes wasn't expensive. I were in Madrid for weeks in summer. The tea was hot? Right Wrong

Выберите правильные варианты
Choose the correct options

Boy: Who's that?

Teacher: It's Albert Einstein.

Boy: Why he famous?

Teacher: He was were wasn't weren't a scientist.

Boy: Was Were Wasn't Weren't he English?

Teacher: No, he was were wasn't weren't . He was were wasn't weren't German. He was were wasn't weren't born in Ulm.

Boy: And was were wasn't weren't he a musician?

Teacher: Yes, he was were wasn't weren't . He was were wasn't weren't a great violinist. He was were wasn't weren't interested in music.

Выберите правильные варианты ответов на месте пропусков
Choose the correct options to fill in the gaps in the sentences below
  1. The film wasn't were was weren't boring and we left the cinema early.
  2. It was were wasn't weren't cold outside and we was were wasn't weren't at home the whole day. We had a great time together!
  3. Tony wasn't were was weren't at home when I came.
  4. Was Were Wasn't Weren't you at school today?

    — No, I was were wasn't weren't .

  5. They was were wasn't weren't good students. They was were wasn't weren't pretty lazy and noisy.
  6. It weren't were wasn't was a nice day. The sky was were wasn't weren't blue and the clouds was were wasn't weren't snowy white.
  7. Mike and Jack was were wasn't weren't just neighbours but now they are friends.
Выберите правильные варианты ответов на месте пропусков
Choose the correct option to fill in the gaps in the sentences below
  1. Where were was you tomorrow yesterday evening ?
  2. My friend and I was were at the cinema next Sunday last Sunday .
  3. Was Were Mike at school on Monday last Monday ?
  4. Your dress is does nice. Was Were it expensive?
  5. How many students was were there at the conference next time last time ?

Заполните пропуски формами глагола to be в настоящем или прошедшем времени
Complete the sentences with present or past forms of to be

  1. Today Monday, so yesterday Sunday.
  2. My boss was is angry today, because I was very late for work yesterday, and this morning too.
  3. My pencils were here on my desk this morning. Where are 're they now?
  4. — Hi. Is your brother at home?
    — No, he isn't is not . He was here this morning, but now he is 's at the university.
  5. Andy was born in Canada, but his parents were born in Singapore.
Выполните задание (Сomplete the task)
  • A: How was the party last night?

    B: It was great!

    A: Were Tom and Sally there?

    B: No, they weren't were not . They were at home.

  • A: Where was Janice yesterday?

    B: She was at the theatre with her mum.

    A: Was Mark with them?

    B: No, he wasn't , but his sister was


Где были эти люди вчера в 3 часа дня? Заполните пропуски словами из списка
Where were these people at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon? Complete the sentences with one of the words from the list

bed, beach, cinema, restaurant, station
  1. Gary in .

  2. Jack and Kate were at the cinema.

  3. Sue was at the station.

  4. Mr and Mrs Hall were in a restaurant.

  5. Ben was on the beach.

Выберите правильную форму глагола to be
Choose was/were or wasn't/weren't

  1. We (was/were/wasn't/weren't) happy with the hotel. Our room (was/were/wasn't/weren't) very small and it wasn't clean.
  2. Mark waswerewasn'tweren't at work last week because he waswerewasn'tweren't ill. He's better now.
  3. Yesterday waswerewasn'tweren't a public holiday, so the banks waswerewasn'tweren't closed. They're open today.
  4. " WasWereWasn'tWeren't Kate and Bill at the party?" "Kate waswerewasn'tweren't there because she was ill, but Bill waswerewasn'tweren't."
  5. "Where are my keys?" "I don't know. They waswerewasn'tweren't on the table, but they're not there now."
  6. You waswerewasn'tweren't at home last night. Where waswerewasn'tweren't you?

Выберите верные варианты (Choose the correct options)

  1. The house is are was were destroyed by the earthquake last week.
  2. The event is are was were organised every year.
  3. The email is are was were sent by Jane last Monday.
  4. The missing paintings is are was were found last week.
  5. The letters is are was were delivered every morning.
  6. Dinner is are was were served at 7:00. Don't be late.
  7. Great Expectations is are was were written by Dickens.
  8. The invitations is are was were posted last Friday.
  9. A reception is are was were held after the ceremony.
  10. The first film is are was were released in 2009.

Перепишите предложения в Past Simple
Rewrite the sentences in Past Simple

  1. They weren't were not hungry.
  2. Lucy was not wasn't here.
  3. You and I were very lucky.
  4. I was busy.
  5. You were funny!
  6. The weather was terrible.

Расставьте слова по порядку, чтобы получились предложения. Напишите короткие ответы
Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Write short answers

  1. Were your parents at home yesterday ?
    No, they weren't were not .
  2. Was Tom on the bus this morning ?
    No, he wasn't was not .
  3. Was it sunny last Saturday ?
    Yes, it was .
  4. Were you in the team last week ?
    No, I wasn't was not .
  5. Were the shops open last Sunday ?
    Yes, they were .
  6. Were they at the party last night ?
    Yes, they were .

Выберите форму глагола to be в настоящем или прошедшем времени
Choose am/is/are (present) or was/were (past)

  1. Last year she (am/is/are/was/were) 22, so she (am/is/are/was/were) 23 now.
  2. Today the weather amisarewaswere nice, but yesterday it amisarewaswere very cold.
  3. I amisarewaswere hungry. Can I have something to eat?
  4. I feel fine this morning, but I amisarewaswere very tired last night.
  5. Where amisarewaswere you at 11 o'clock last Friday morning?
  6. Don't buy those shoes. They amisarewaswere very expensive.
  7. I like your new jacket. AmAreWasWere it expensive?
  8. This time last year I amisarewaswere in Paris.
  9. "Where amisarewaswere the children?" "I don't know. They amisarewaswere here a few minutes ago."
Выберите правильные ответы (Choose the correct option)
  1. Was Wasn't Were Weren't the children at home yesterday morning?

    — No, they was wasn't were weren't . They was wasn't were weren't at the zoo.

  2. — Annie was wasn't were weren't at school yesterday.

    — Yes, I know. She was wasn't were weren't sick.

  3. — Where was wasn't were weren't you last night, Mark?

    — I was wasn't were weren't at the cinema with Peter.

  4. Was Wasn't Were Weren't you and Sophie at the mall yesterday morning?

    — Yes. We was wasn't were weren't in Jenny's clothes shop because there was wasn't were weren't a sale on.

Заполните пропуски в предложениях (Complete the sentences) was aren't isn't weren't 's 'm are
  1. Why it so cold yesterday? Almost −20 °C! 
  2. My neighbours friendly at all. They never help me. 
  3. Lucy doesn't know how to play the piano. She a good musician.
  4. The school didn't work last week. That's why they at school last Monday. 
  5. Her husband likes to paint a lot. He quite good at it. 
  6. I not a fan of sports and active games.
  7. Look! There a lot of chairs in the room. I can see at least nine.

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