Упражнения на порядковые числительные

Порядковые числительные

Выберите правильные варианты (Choose the correct options)
  1. one firsth oneth first
  2. two twoth second secondth
  3. three thirdth third threeth
  4. four fourth forth fourht
  5. five fiveth fifeth fifth
  6. six sixth sixht sixht
  7. seven sevenht seventh sevnth
  8. eight eightth eighth eights
  9. nine nineth nineht ninth
  10. ten tenth tenht tentht
Посмотрите на рисунок и заполните пропуски порядковыми числительными, как в примере
Look at the picture and complete the sentences with the ordinal numbers as in the example

Number 1 is between the and the numbers.

  1. Number 2 is between the sixth and the eighth numbers.
  2. Number 3 is above the seventh number.
  3. Number 4 is above the first number.
  4. Number 5 is below the ninth number.
  5. Number 6 is between the tenth and the second numbers.
  6. Number 7 is below the third number.
  7. Number 8 is below the second number.
  8. Number 9 is between the firstfifth and the firstfifth numbers.
  9. Number 10 is above the sixth number.
Выберите правильные варианты ответов
Choose the correct options to do the quiz

What's the eleventh month of the year?

October November December

What's the twelfth letter in the word "ADMINISTRATION"?


Friday the thirteenth is

a lucky day. an unlucky day. a long day.

Which holiday is on the fourteenth of February?

Christmas New Year St Valentine's Day

What's the name of the fifteenth wedding anniversary?

crystal silver golden
Прочитайте текст и определите, верны или ошибочны предложения
Read and mark the sentences as True or False

Liz: Would you like to do a crossword about sports, Tom?

Tom: Yeah! I know a lot about sports. What's the first word?

Liz: It's a person who does or plays sports.

Tom: Hmmm … I think it's a sportsman.

Liz: Let me check … Yes, you're right! OK, so the second one is the sport of riding a bicycle.

Tom: Oh, that's easy. It's cycling.

Liz: Yeah, I think the same. So, the third point … What's the word for the fastest speed, or longest distance that has ever been done?

Tom: That's a difficult one … Are there any letters that we know?

Liz: Yes, the word has six letters. The fourth letter is "o" and the fifth one is "r".

Tom: Hmmm … I know! It's a record!

Liz: Cool! I already have points number 4 and 5. And I think I know the sixth word. A game between two or four players with a ball and a racket is tennis, isn't it?

Tom: Yes, I agree. What's the seventh word?

Liz: It's someone who is the first in a game or competition.

Tom: It can be a winner.

Liz: Let me check … Great! It is a winner! So, the last eighth word is a game with a large ball and a special basket.

Tom: Emmm … It's a very strange definition … How many letters are there?

Liz: There are 10 letters. The ninth and the tenth letters are "l".

Tom: So, it's basketball!

Liz: Cool! We've done it! Thanks for your help!

  1. The first word is the name of a sport. True False
  2. The second word is "cycling". True False
  3. Tom thinks the third word is easy. True False
  4. Liz already has the fourth and the fifth words. True False
  5. Liz knows the sixth word. True False
  6. Both the seventh and the eighth words are games. True False
Put the elements into the gaps

Составьте порядковые числительные из букв.
Use the combinations of letters to make ordinal numbers.

10 — .


11 — .

12 — .

13 — .

14 — .

15 — .

Впишите порядковые числительные, как в примере
Type the ordinal numbers as in the example

15 —

16 — sixteenth

17 — seventeenth

18 — eighteenth

19 — nineteenth

20 — twentieth

Впишите порядковые числительные
Type the ordinal numbers

Liz is having a birthday party on Sunday. She wants to decorate her house with different balloons. Here's the list of balloons she finds in the shop.

  1. The first and the ninth balloons are yellow.
  2. The second and the eleventh balloons are grey.
  3. The third , the fourth , the fifteenth and the eighteenth balloons are blue.
  4. The fifth , the sixteenth and the seventeenth balloons are violet.
  5. The sixth and the seventh balloons are pink and red hearts.
  6. The eighth balloon is purple.
  7. The tenth , the thirteenth and the fourteenth balloons are green.
  8. The twelfth and the nineteenth balloons are pink.
  9. The twentieth balloon is red.
Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски подходящими формами предложенных слов
Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the given words

My daughter, Liz, is having a birthday party on Sunday. It's her sixteenth birthday and it's the first time we will not be with her. She wants to celebrate only with her friends. So her father and I are going to visit Liz's grandparents. Liz has got a lot of ideas for the party. She wants to decorate the house with twenty balloons. The last one, the twentieth , will be with a surprise inside. It can be confetti or something else. She also wants to play different board games and dance.

Прослушайте аудио и заполните пропуски
Listen to the audio and type the correct words
  1. I was the first who came to the class yesterday.
  2. His flat is on the fifth floor.
  3. This is your third cup of coffee. Stop drinking it.
  4. He is in the sixth grade this year.
  5. The thirteenth century is a very interesting period in history.
Прослушайте аудио и присвойте каждому животному тот номер, который указал говорящий
Listen to the audio and match the numbers with the animals in the order the author mentions them
1 2 3 4 5 6 The image is a derivative of the image by twenty20photos on Envato Elements.

Впишите числительные (Type the numbers)

  1. 1st — firstthe first
  2. 3d — thirdthe third
  3. 9th — ninththe ninth
  4. 11th — elevenththe eleventh
  5. 15th — fifteenththe fifteenth
  6. 18th — eighteenththe eighteenth
  7. 20th — twentieththe twentieth
  8. 22nd — twenty-secondthe twenty-second
Заполните пропуски правильными вариантами ответов
Fill in the gaps with the correct options
  1. We usually have lunch at seven the seventh pm.
  2. It's Dolly's five fifth birthday.
  3. The cap is not expensive. It costs just three the third pounds.
  4. Dave won one the first place in the skating competition.
  5. It's my two second day in Canada.
  6. Today is three the third of June.
  7. Michael is ten the tenth years old.
Пронумеруйте людей в очереди
Mark the people in the queue using the correct ordinal numbers
the first the second the third the fourth the fifth the sixth the seventh the eighth the ninth the tenth the eleventh The image is a derivative of "People standing in a line banner" by Rawpixel on Envato Elements
Соедините порядковые числительные с номерами этажей, а затем ответьте на вопрос
Match the ordinal numbers with the floors.
Then answer the question

the eighththe sevenththe sixththe fifththe fourththe thirdthe secondthe first

8 floor

7 floor

6 floor

5 floor

4 floor

3 floor

2 floor

1 floor

Which floor is Bill on?

Bill is on the sixth floor.

Прочитайте и определите, на каких этажах находятся комнаты
Read and decide which floor each room is on

Water Tower for Sale

The tower is 150ft tall and 120 years old. There are four floors. On the ground floor, there are two garages. On the first floor, there is a kitchen and a dining room. There's a large living room with fantastic views on the second floor. On the third floor, there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are two more bedrooms and one more bathroom on the fourth floor. There is a lift to all the floors!


Contact: stevensmith@housesale.com

two garages a kitchen a dining room a large living room two bedrooms two bathrooms two bedrooms a bathroom ground floor 1st floor 2d floor 3d floor 4th floor

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