Упражнения на модальные глаголы must и have to

Глагол must

Прочитайте и заполните пропуски
Read and fill in the gaps

Use must or must not (mustn't).

Mary: Must I go to school today?

Mother: Sure, you must. Today is a test.

  1. Student: Must I read the whole text?

    Teacher: Yes, you must . It's your homework.

  2. Daughter: Mum, must I come to dinner?

    Mother: No, dear, you mustn't must not . It's a business meeting.

  3. Visitor: Good morning. Must I pay for the bill?

    Manager: Certainly, it's $3.

  4. Student: Must I prepare for the exam?

    Teacher: Sure, it will not be easy.

  5. Worker: When should I come?

    Boss: All workers must be on time.

Прочитайте предложения и вычеркните лишние слова
Read the sentences and cross the odd word out

You must to visit this museum!

  1. You must never to do such bad things.
  2. Must I to visit grandmother?
  3. How often do must I call the doctor?
  4. You don't must do your homework.
  5. Must I to pay for the transfer?
Расставьте слова по порядку, чтобы получились предложения
Put the words into the gaps to make sentences

You must be kind to animals.

You must be polite

1. .

You must not be rude

2. .

You must help people

3. .

You must not be selfish

4. .

You must be careful

5. .

Прочитайте предложения и выберите корректные варианты ответов
Read the sentences and choose the correct options
  1. You must mustn't touch this animal. It is very dangerous.
  2. You must mustn't be polite with elderly people.
  3. You must mustn't brush your teeth twice a day.
  4. You must mustn't tidy your room at least once a week.
  5. You must mustn't walk alone late in the evening.
  6. You must mustn't drink unfiltered water.
  7. You must mustn't wash all fruits before eating them.
Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски подходящими формами предложенных глаголов
Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the given verbs

If you want to visit Eagle Resort Beach, you need to follow some rules. First of all, you mustn't must not throw litter on the beach. If you do this, you will have to pay a fine. If you see some rubbish, you should pick it up and take it to the rubbish bin. You mustn't must not take seashells, coral, starfish and other things you find on the beach back to the hotel. It is against the country's rules. You should respect the space of other people on the beach. You don't have to do not have to come to them and talk to them. But, of course, if you want, you can do it. Have a nice time on the beach!

Посмотрите на изображения с правилами посещения бассейна и выберите правильные варианты ответов
Look at the pictures with pool rules and choose the correct options
  1. You must mustn't take a shower before entering the pool.
  2. You can can't use restrooms.
  3. You must mustn't have any glass containers with you.
  4. You can can't play or run near the pool.
  5. You must mustn't watch your children.
  6. You must mustn't bring pets to the pool.
  7. You can can't bring food to the pool.
Image 1 is a derivative of "🌟Nominated🌟 little boy is taking an outdoor shower" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements Image 2 is a derivative of "White Plastic dishware" by formatoriginal on Envato Elements Image 3 is a derivative of "Hotel waitress serving food" by Rawpixel on Envato Elements Image 4 is a derivative of "No Running warning on the ground at an indoor swimming pool." by twenty20photos on Envato Elements Image 5 is a derivative of "Cute little children in a swimming pool" by microgen on Envato Elements Image 6 is a derivative of "Little girl with inflatable rubber circle having fun in outdoor swimming pool in luxury hotel" by travnikovstudio on Envato Elements Image 7 is a derivative of "No Smoking sign, no pets allowed sign, service animals permitted sign" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements Image 8 is a derivative of "A public restroom sign with a male and female symbol pointing in right direction for facilities." by twenty20photos on Envato Elements
Выберите подходящее слово
Choose the correct word
  1. You must mustn't touch the antiques.
  2. You can't must wear shoes inside this place. It's not allowed.
  3. You can't must follow the map to find the market.
  4. You must can buy souvenirs at the airport. It's possible.
  5. You mustn't can throw rubbish on the streets.

Заполните пропуски в предложениях глаголами must, mustn't, can, can't
Complete the sentences with must, mustn't, can, can't

  1. "You mustn't must not step on the grass here," the policeman said.
  2. I must make the beds every morning because my mother is ill.
  3. You mustn't must not eat with dirty hands.
  4. Baby Bob is only six months old, so he can't can not cannot walk.
  5. We must wash our hands before our meals.
  6. You must look at the traffic lights.
  7. Can I borrow some money, please?
  8. You must protect the trees. They are very important.
  9. You mustn't must not cross the road when the lights are red.
  10. You must bring warm clothes because it's very cold.

Дополните правила глаголами must, mustn't, can, can't
Complete the rules with must, mustn't, can or can't

  1. You must do your homework carefully.
  2. Can I use your phone?
  3. I can do it for you if you like.
  4. It's getting late. We must go now.
  5. You mustn't drink too much coffee.
  6. You must study your lessons every day.
  7. You must be careful! You drive so fast!
  8. It's warm, so the children can swim today.
  9. You must bring the umbrella because it is going to rain.
  10. The boy can't open the door because he hasn't got the key.

Посмотрите на картинки и напишите предложения, используя must (!), mustn't (X) или can (✓)
Look at the pictures. Write sentences about what you must (!), mustn't (X) or can (✓) do

(read/ this carefully) (!)

You must read this carefully!

(talk/ loudly/ in the library) (X)

You mustn't talk loudly in the library You must not talk loudly in the library .

(study/ quietly/ here) (✓)

You can study quietly here .

(drive/ too fast/ this country) (X)

You mustn't drive too fast in this country You must not drive too fast in this country .

(cross the street/ safely/ now) (✓)

You can cross the street safely now .

(answer all the questions correctly) (!)

You must answer all the questions correctly .
Заполните пропуски словами can, can't, will, won't, must, mustn't, should
Fill in the gaps with can, can't, will, won't, must, mustn't, should
  1. Will you go away for the weekend?

    — No, I won't .

  2. Visitors mustn't must not take pictures in the gallery. It's not good for the paintings.
  3. Tonia has a headache. She should take an aspirin.
  4. Can I have a piece of cake, please?

    — Of course you can .

  5. — I have a toothache.

    — You should visit the dentist.

  6. Dolphins can swim but they can't can not cannot fly.
  7. Students must always bring their homework.
  8. Can you play the piano?

    — No, I can't but I can play the guitar.

  9. You mustn't must not make any noise in class.
  10. In the future there won't will not be any schools. Students will have classes online.
Изучите изображения и выберите правильные варианты ответов
Look at the pictures and choose the right answers

You must need mustn't needn't park here. This place is for disabled people.

You must need may take the piece that you want.

You must need mustn't needn't walk the dog here. The children are playing here.

I must need mustn't needn't to study harder to pass the exam.

I must need mustn't needn't pay my rent every month.

We must need mustn't needn't to collect trash on the beach.

May Must Need I take your pencil?

You must need mustn't needn't take photos in the museum.

You must need mustn't needn't to drink more than 2 litres of water every day to stay healthy.

The image 1 is a derivative of "Нет парковки" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements The image 2 is a derivative of "Зебра пакетик торт нарезать на куски и листья мяты" by sonyakamoz on Envato Elements The image 3 is a derivative of "45870, Знак собак не допускается" by Mint_Images on Envato Elements The image 4 is a derivative of "Две азиатские студентки тяжело читают, чтобы подготовиться к университетской учебе." by poungsaed_eco on Envato Elements The image 5 is a derivative of "Моделируйте дома и монеты с людьми, используя калькулятор на заднем плане, Концепция стоимости дома." by poungsaed_eco on Envato Elements The image 6 is a derivative of "Волонтер на пляже" by Pressmaster on Envato Elements The image 7 is a derivative of "Взятие карандаша" by Pressmaster on Envato Elements The image 8 is a derivative of "Подписать на государственную собственность" by twenty20photos on Envato Elements The image 9 is a derivative of "вид сбоку молодого спортсмена питьевой воды" by LightFieldStudios on Envato Elements
Выберите правильную грамматическую форму на месте каждого пропуска
Choose the right grammatical form in each gap to complete the text

Every year millions of people go to the museum to see great exhibitions and look at the most beautiful paintings in the world. Sometimes, you needn't to needn't need needn't to go to the ticket office to buy a ticket. You can do it online or in the museum's application. But don't forget to download it before the excursion.

All of us know the rules in the museum. We must to follow must following must follow to must follow them.

First, pay attention to your boots. Don't come to the museum in dirty boots. If you don't have shoes to change, buy special shoe covers or slippers at the entrance to the museum. A sign of a crossing camera means that you must take mustn't take mustn't to take mustn't taking photos in the museum. You mustn't eat food in the halls. You should to consume should consuming to should consume should consume your food only in special zones. The museums usually have small canteens or cafes for tourists. Also, you mustn't bring your pets to the museum. Some kids try to take small pets such as lizards, turtles and spiders with them. Don't forget that they're forbidden too. You don't has to shout to haven't shout don't have to shout haven't shouting or talk loudly at the museum. The people around you enjoy watching exhibitions and they think about art. Also, it's rude to point to the paintings and exhibits.

Используйте модальные глаголы, чтобы закончить предложения
Use modal verbs to complete the sentences

  1. You must listen to your teacher.
  2. You can't cannot ask questions during the exam.
  3. You mustn't must not drive over 35 mph.
  4. You can't cannot enter the building after 8.00 p.m.
  5. You mustn't must not keep the pets in the rooms.
  6. You must follow the given rules.
Выберите правильные варианты ответов (Choose the correct options)
  1. You must have to keep off the grass. It is a rule.
  2. Crocodiles can must swim very fast.
  3. The teacher says that students have to can to study hard before exams.
  4. You mustn't don't have to smoke here. It is forbidden.
  5. Could Must I borrow your mobile? I have lost mine.
  6. She can has to speak French very well—her mother is a French teacher.
  7. You don't have can to buy this book, I have it at home.
  8. You can't must go for a walk until you mop the floor in your room.

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