Упражнения: Travelling


Complete the stories with the missing words and phrases

collect, connecting, stopover, two-legged, direct, connection
  1. Once I was flying from Irkutsk to Dubai, and I found it cheaper to fly with a stopover in Delhi. When I bought the tickets, though, I found out I needed a visa to be in Delhi even for 3 hours!
  2. I know that having a two-legged flight can be cheaper than a direct flight, but sometimes it's because your connection is up to 23 hours, which means you need to book a hotel or spend time and money at the airport.
  3. I don't like that sometimes you can have an aisle seat on a connecting flight, because after you collect your luggage, you check in last.

Listen to the speakers' stories and tick the correct options

Story A

Story A

When travelling abroad, I'd always booked all-inclusive tours with a hotel, food, and excursions to all the main attractions. I had been afraid of planning a trip myself for many reasons that I thought were important. What if I got lost in another country? What if they said something in English and I didn't understand? And so on. One day, however, I was reading travel blogs with adventurous stories and got so inspired that I decided to buy tickets to Thailand. It was so spontaneous that I even didn't have time to doubt myself. Anyway, I also booked a bed in a hostel, and two weeks later I was standing in the Bangkok airport thinking that I had made the worst decision of my life. But in fact, it was quite the opposite, as I met a lot of cool people from all around the world in the hostel and made some great friends. I remember we were walking along the streets together one night, enjoying the real country and not just the usual sights for tourists, when suddenly the sun came up. We had been walking all night long! Since that trip, I've always travelled by myself, which saves me money, and I get to know the world and its people more deeply.

Why had the speaker chosen all-inclusive tours before her trip to Thailand?

She had had some fears about travelling by herself. She hadn't had enough time to plan a trip herself. She'd wanted to visit all the main attractions.

What inspired the speaker to go on a trip?

price of the tickets her new friends other people's travel experiences

Story B

Story B

I'm an experienced traveller. Before my last trip to the Sahara desert, I had visited more than 20 countries, climbed several mountains, and even lived in a tent in the jungle. That's why I thought that spending a week in the middle of a desert would be something I could handle. How wrong was I! I had flown to Africa from Russia during the cold winter, so I spent the first two days in the desert adapting to the heat. I guess that was the reason why I drank so much water. Because of that, by the end of the fifth day, I didn't have much water left, which made me quite anxious. The car to take me back to the city would come two days later, so I had no choice but to go find some more water. While I was walking in no particular direction, with the sun already getting very hot, I luckily came upon a tent of some local people. I didn't speak their language, but they understood me and gave me water to drink. They also let me stay with them and drove me back to the city the next morning. And they did all of it for free! It's great that we have so many kind people around us, no matter their language or culture!

Why did the speaker drink more water than he had expected?

because he was anxious because he was walking a lot because of the unusual for him climate

What pleasantly surprised the speaker?

The fact that the locals helped him despite not understanding what he was saying. The fact that the locals knew the English language and culture. The fact that the locals had a lot of water in the middle of the desert.

Story C

Story C

I've always enjoyed travelling, but some years ago I was working very hard and could go on vacation only once a year. Is it true for you as well? Imagine how cool it would be to visit different countries and get paid for it! It sounds impossible, but one day I decided to take the risk and try making it come true. I quit my job and started looking for a position in tourism. It took some time, as I had been to many unsuccessful job interviews before. But in the end, I was finally accepted by one tour agency. Now I write reviews for hotels, which basically means that I stay in hotels all around the world for free and get paid for it. Why am I telling you this? I want you to know that if you have a dream, you should follow it!

What life-changing event does the speaker talk about?

moving to another country changing a job going on perfect vacation

What is the speaker's advice?

Travel as much as you can. Work hard and to be well-paid. Don't be afraid to take risks on the way to your dreams.

Listen to the conversation again and choose the right options

AlexMaria Travel Aventura, this is Alex, hello. Hello...I'm calling because...I'm calling regarding an internship. My name is Maria. Hello, Maria! Ah yes, please, ask me any questions you may have. Hmm... First...First of all, I want to know the profile of your company. Are you a travel agency? No, we aren't, but we work with travel agencies. We are a new company that organises guided tours in Barcelona and neighbouring cities for tourists. Our manager has invited a few travel agencies to our office to pitch a presentation and to ask them to sell our services with packaged tours. Ah, and these meetings are planning... are planned for September and October, right? Right. From the 3rd of September till the 29th of October. OK!... And what should an assistant do? The ad says, "programming of activities." What if I'm not... If I don't have any experience in this field? Actually, we prefer candidates with experience in tourism and sales, but we have a whole team responsible for that so your primary task will be to attend our meetings, collect and write down all the points we discuss, help us create a presentation in PowerPoint, and assist the presentations. Also, you'll need to book air tickets and hotel rooms for our guests and help them with any issues they may have. It is... Is it a paid internship? It depends on what you mean. We don't pay a salary and your journey to Barcelona. However, we provide accommodations for the entire duration of the internship - it's a room in a 4-star hotel, one of our partners. We also provide free lunch in our cafeteria. OK... Thank you...If I'm interested, what should I do? What's my next step? Please, send your CV to alex@travelaventura.es. We'll write you back anyway. I think it will be at the end of next week. If everything's fine, we'll meet on Skype for a final interview. Thank you very much! I'll send you my CV right now.

Travel Aventura is

a travel agency. an organiser of guided tours. a hotel.

The last meeting is scheduled to

the 29th of September. the 19th of October. the 29th of October

The intern mostly has to help

in the cafeteria. with presentations and meetings. with creative ideas.

The company

provides accommodation. provides a car. doesn't provide any perks.

At the end of the conversation, Maria thinks that this internship

isn't suitable for her. is interesting. requires experience that she doesn't have.

Read the text and complete it with the missing words convenientin advanceovernightreservationsightseeing

Travelling tips

  1. Transportation First, choose the way you'll travel. Think, what is more for you: taking a plane is faster, but trains are usually cheaper.

    The main thing is that you should book your tickets , that way you can save money and be sure that you'll start your trip the day you want.

  2. Accommodation There are different types of accommodation you can choose from hostels, hotels or apartments.

    If you just need to stay  , a hostel may be the best option. If you want to have a more comfortable stay, think about a hotel. A good thing about an apartment is that you have a kitchen to cook in, so you can spend less money on restaurants. No matter what you choose, don't forget to confirm your : it means you need to get a letter from the place you want to stay with the dates that are booked for you.

  3. Places to visit When you visit a new place, you usually want to do some .

    You can just walk around the city, but you'll probably enjoy it more if before going there, you read a little about the history of the famous places and make a plan of what you want to see. You can use some websites to visualise your plan. For example, go to Google maps and create a new map. If you are planning a specific trip, it is helpful to use the city name and the date of your trip. Now you can start adding all of your locations, such as restaurants, museums, shops, etc. You can also make some notes to remind yourself why you want to go to this location. Apart from notes, you can add photos of these places.


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