Упражнения: Different countries, different people

Разные страны, разные люди

Here are other top 5 countries for doing an internship abroad. Match them to the pictures Singapore South Korea South Africa Germany Colombia Photo 2 by MOLPIX on Shutterstock Photo 3 by Catalin Lazar on Shutterstock Photo 4 by EcoPrint on Shutterstock Photo 5 by canadastock on Shutterstock Photo 6 by Inspired By Maps on Shutterstock Facts 2022 retrieved from https://www.gooverseas.com/, http://www.oneworld365.org/ and https://www.interncolombia.com/
Read the descriptions and choose the appropriate countries
  • Attracts not only fans of K-pop but also students working in electronics and automation. Colombia Singapore South Korea Germany South Africa
  • Home to some of the world's top companies and best-organised people. Colombia Singapore South Korea Germany South Africa
  • Be prepared to work in the environmental or business sectors and speak some Spanish. Colombia Singapore South Korea Germany South Africa
  • One of the most economically influential centres in the world. Colombia Singapore South Korea Germany South Africa
  • Good opportunities in the hospitality and marketing industries as well as a great variety of wildlife. Colombia Singapore South Korea Germany South Africa

Look at the list of the best countries for doing an internship abroad and type the corresponding adjectives

China —

Japan — Japanese

Spain — Spanish

Australia — Australian

Singapore — Singaporean

South Korea — South KoreanKorean

South Africa — South AfricanAfrican

Germany — German

Colombia — Colombian

Complete the facts about the countries with the appropriate adjectives from the previous exercise

  1. The Chinese New Year celebration lasts for 15 days.
  2. German people are very honest. If they want to help you, they will. But if for some reason they don't, they will tell you about it directly.
  3. Although using gestures, including hugging, is very common for Spanish people, it's better to avoid overfamiliarity at the beginning of your business relationship.
  4. The Australian economy is the 13th largest in the world.
  5. Japanese people rarely refuse directly. Instead, they might change the topic of the conversation or stay silent.
Fact 2022 retrieved from https://www.investopedia.com/

Read the text and match the subheadings to the paragraphs

Top countries for doing an internship abroad


What's the main factor for you when choosing an internship? Is it the company's or educational institution's reputation? Or maybe it's a country which you've always wanted to visit! Let's discuss the top 5 countries for doing an international internship. This list is based on positive feedback from interns and a range of internship options. Although this information doesn't change very much from year to year, please keep in mind that this list is relevant as of 2021.

This is the country with the strongest economy in Asia, and it will be especially interesting to students specialising in business, finance, marketing, and hospitality. Moreover, being the world's largest manufacturer and having high levels of air pollution, this country invests a lot in green projects and is rapidly developing eco-efficient technologies. So, environmental science majors, why not give it a try?

Another option, which is quite popular these days, is teaching English in this country. However, you need some work experience and a bachelor's degree for that.

This country has some interesting internship programs in the fields of media and marketing, but first of all, it's the centre of attraction for students interested in electronics and tech. The work environment might be something very different from what you've seen in your country. For example, observing formalities, working hard and subordination are critical there. Have you heard of the concept "karoshi"? It means death caused by overwork or job-related exhaustion. Well, let it not frighten you. After all, internships are temporary. What's more, you'll be charmed by this country's unique culture and magnificent nature.

Having the 14th largest economy in the world, this country offers some good opportunities for young specialists. Apart from work and studies, you'll definitely have something to do there! The country is well-known for its vibrant atmosphere, tasty food, and, of course, architecture. Interesting internships in business, medicine, finance, and hospitality are available for English speakers; however, a basic knowledge of the main official language of the country wouldn't hurt, especially for those who are involved in working with people.

Another country for students interested in green technology, but that's not all! Young people specialising in IT, creative arts, engineering and social sciences are welcome. In general, this country is known for its positive atmosphere for start-ups. Many are attracted by a combination of big city vibes and wildlife with its vast beaches. It means that your experience outside the office or university will be as exciting. Also, you should know that local English is somewhat different from what you might have been studying, especially in terms of pronunciation and vocabulary. That's why you'll probably need some additional training in that area.

Do you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the classical English language? Then it's the right choice! Also, it's the perfect place for someone interested in business, finance, fashion... and also museums, parks, and pubs! If you're considering an internship in this country, the first city you think of is the capital. However, interesting options are available for interns throughout the country. Among the disadvantages, the high cost of living should be mentioned.

Facts 2022 retrieved from https://www.gooverseas.com/ and https://www.investopedia.com/

Complete the sentences with should or shouldn't and the correct verb from the box

  1. You should shouldn't flowers before giving them as a gift in Norway.
  2. You should shouldn't an even number of flowers in Russia.
  3. In Canada, you should shouldn't alcohol outside.
  4. In Singapore, you should shouldn't gum or spit outside.
  5. You should shouldn't in New Zealand.
  6. You should shouldn't the "OK" gesture in Brazil.
  7. In Italy, you should shouldn't Cappuccino in the evening.
  8. You should shouldn't a tip in the USA.
  9. In Germany, you should shouldn't someone happy birthday before the day.
  10. You should shouldn't a clock or an umbrella as a gift in China.
  11. In Hungary, you should shouldn't glasses when toasting.
  12. You should shouldn't a gift with only one hand in Vietnam.
  13. You should shouldn't someone sharp objects as a gift in the Netherlands.


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