Упражнения: Quantity



To express small quantity we can use the following quantifiers in the cards. Study the rules.

A few and Few

We use a few and few with countable nouns (apples, people, friends, etc.).

There is a small difference in meaning between them.

a few = some, not many, small number

few = almost nothing/none, not many as wanted (negative meaning)


  • I have a few friends with whom I spend my free time. (not many friends, but it's ok for me)
  • I have few friends with whom I can talk about this. (almost no friends to discuss a problem and it's not ok for this person — negative emotion)
A few and Few

A little and Little

We use a little and little with uncountable nouns (time, money, knowledge, etc.).

There is a small difference in meaning between them.

a little = some, not much, small amount

little = almost nothing, not much as wanted (negative meaning)


  • I have a little time left before the conference. (not much, but it's enough to prepare for it, some time is still left)
  • I have little time left before the conference. (almost no time left, not much as wanted to prepare or add something to the speech — negative emotion)
A little and Little
Choose the correct options to complete the sentences
  1. There is little few food in the fridge. I can't make dinner.
  2. The show will begin very soon. There are just a little a few minutes left.
  3. It is very cold outside. There are little few people on the streets.
  4. I don't have many friends. I know just a little a few girls.
  5. We have little few money. We are very poor.
  6. I am not very hungry. I will have little few soup.
Fill in the gaps with few or little
  1. At the end of the month I almost have no money to buy anything.

    At the end of the month I have little money.

  2. All people have a lot of friends, but not me, and I'm sad about this.

    I have few friends.

  3. This author usually writes long stories but this one is rather short.

    The story has few pages.

  4. The room I live in is not cozy because there are no sofas, armchairs and lamps.

    There is little furniture in the room.

  5. Lola wanted to know more about geography but the Internet didn't give her enough information.

    The Internet gave Lola little information.

  6. There are not many people in the class today.

    There are few people in the class today.

  7. The soup is tasteless. Give me some salt please.

    There is little salt in the soup.

Ella was in the shop. Let's see what she bought.

Fill in the gaps with much or many manymuchmanymuchmuchmany




mineral water



Cross out the options that are not correct
  1. Ella always buys much many a lot of food.
  2. There aren't much many a lot of plants in John's office.
  3. Do much many a lot of people go to the library today?
  4. I can't make a cake because I don't have much many a lot of flour.
  5. I don't want much many a lot of chocolate. Give me one piece, please.
  6. Do much many a lot of students make grammar mistakes?
  7. Steve always drinks much many a lot of coffee and can't sleep at night.
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Grammar police are worried about their workers' health. Will you help John to make a survey?

Make questions about mental and physical health using quantifiers

How many times do you eat a day? (eat a day)

  1. (have friends)
  2. (drink water)
  3. (hours sleep)
  4. (steps walk)
  5. (fast food)
  6. (time on the Internet)

From time to time, we all hear these dreadful stories about people disappearing with no traces left. Here is such a story or maybe it is not as dreadful as might first seem.

Choose correct options to complete the sentences

A group of five students has been missing since last Monday. Parents were sure their beloved kids were in at on danger as when they hadn't found them at home, they informed the police on by against phone. Police officers started looking for the poor missing kids at once as they were sure they were on in at risk. First, they asked IT specialists to find the traces of the five by in on the Internet but they failed. Then the police informed the citizens about the kids' disappearance by giving a speech on in at the radio, and it worked! Lots of people sent messages of seeing these kids on by in the distance in different city districts on by in email. Unfortunately, those people were taken for these five kids by against at mistake. What might have happened to the kids? Are they on at in trouble?


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