Упражнения: Prepositions


With so many complex prepositions, it's easy to get confused. Let's make sure you understand the following prepositions correctly.

Choose the correct meanings of the highlighted prepositions

You should transfer the rest of your payment prior to your arrival to the hotel.

before right after

Everyone has pronounced in favour of the proposed changes.

for against

The implementation of the project can take up to three months.

more than not more than or equal

On behalf of the director, I want to thank you for a great job.

together with representing

Last year the company made a profit in excess of 50 million dollars.

more than less than
Choose the correct prepositions so that both sentences have the same meaning
  1. If Jane hadn't provided me with her reference, I wouldn't have got the job.

    But for As for Jane's reference, I wouldn't have got the job.

  2. This gadget is of good quality and also affordable.

    Away from Aside from being of good quality, this gadget is also affordable.

  3. Our new boss has no creativity.

    Our new boss is void of ahead of creativity.

  4. A young man saved a drowning kid but died himself.

    A young man saved a drowning kid for the sake of at the expense of his own life.

  5. Her behaviour didn't correspond to her words.

    Her behaviour was at variance with in line with her words.

Complex prepositions can be replaced by other words or phrases. Besides, certain complex prepositions are synonyms.

Replace the words in the sentences with the ones from the list so that the meaning stays the same

instead due contact except for agreement regard along according sake regardless

  1. Are you still in contact with your ex-classmates?
  2. The series wasn't renewed for the second season due to low ratings.
  3. This company is strongly against age discrimination and would hire anyone regardless of their age.
  4. Here comes my brother along with his wife.
  5. She chose to study French instead of English at University.
  6. The volunteers are collecting money for the sake of the refugees.
  7. With regard to your questions, the CEO is going to make an official statement.
  8. Later it was found out that he hadn't been playing in agreement with the rules.
  9. Everyone was present at the meeting except for the product manager.
  10. The defendant was acting according to the law.

Three- and four-word complex prepositions, as you remember, contain a noun. This noun can actually help to understand the entire meaning of the preposition.

Complete the complex prepositions with the correct nouns eventtermscontrastlightlackcaseplacesearchmeansaccount
  1. In the of an emergency, call one of these numbers.
  2. This job is better in of money, but it's also more demanding.
  3. In to all the bad things the media have written about him, he's a decent and kind person.
  4. Safety measures have been increased in of recent events.
  5. We had to accept this offer for of a better option.
  6. In of fire, leave the building immediately.
  7. You can take zucchini in of potatoes if you want this dish to contain fewer calories.
  8. Scientists are in of medicine to cure the new disease.
  9. Let's try to lift it by of a crane.
  10. The online conference started later on of technical issues.

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