Упражнения на прилагательные и наречия в английском языке

Прилагательные и наречия

Выберите правильное слово (Choose the correct word)

  1. Two people were (serious/seriously) injured in the accident.
  2. The driver of the car had (serious/seriously) injuries.
  3. I think you behaved very selfishselfishly.
  4. Rose is terribleterribly upset about losing her job.
  5. There was a suddensuddenly change in the weather.
  6. Everybody at the party was colourfulcolourfully dressed.
  7. Linda likes wearing colourfulcolourfully clothes.
  8. Liz fell and hurt herself quite badbadly.
  9. Joe says he didn't do well at school because he was badbadly taught.
  10. Don't go up that ladder. It doesn't look safesafely.

Заполните пропуски словами из списка. В некоторых случаях нужны прилагательные, а в других — наречия
Complete each sentence using a word from the box.
Sometimes you need the adjective (careful etc.) and sometimes the adverb (carefully etc.).

careful(ly), complete(ly), continuous(ly), financial(ly), fluent(ly), happy/happily, nervous(ly), perfect(ly), quick(ly), special(ly), financial(ly)/complete(ly)

  1. Our holiday was too short. The time passed very .
  2. Steve doesn't take risks when he's driving. He's always careful .
  3. Sandra got into financial difficulties. She borrowed some money from us yesterday to buy products.
  4. Sue works continuously . She never seems to stop.
  5. Rachel and Patrick are very happily married.
  6. Maria's English is very fluent although she makes quite a lot of mistakes.
  7. I cooked this meal specially for you, so I hope you like it.
  8. Everything was very quiet. There was complete silence.
  9. I tried on the shoes and they fitted me perfectly .
  10. Do you usually feel nervous before examinations?
  11. I'd like to buy a car, but it's financiallycompletely impossible for me at the moment.

Заполните пропуски в предложениях, используя по одному слову из каждого списка
Choose two words (one from each box) to complete each sentence


changed, cheap, damaged, enormous, ill, long, planned, quiet

  1. I thought the restaurant would be expensive, but it was reasonably .
  2. Steve's mother is ill in hospital.
  3. What a big house! It's enormous .
  4. It wasn't a serious accident. The car was only damaged .
  5. The children are normally very lively, but they're quiet today.
  6. When I returned home after 20 years, everything had changed .
  7. The film was long . It could have been much shorter.
  8. A lot went wrong during our holiday because it was planned .

Заполните пропуски словами good или well
Put in good or well

  1. I play tennis but I'm not very (good/well).
  2. Your exam results were very goodwell.
  3. You did goodwell in your exams.
  4. The weather was goodwell while we were on holiday.
  5. I didn't sleep goodwell last night.
  6. How are you? Are you goodwellgood is also possible here?
  7. Lucy speaks German very goodwell.
  8. Lucy's German is very goodwell.
  9. Our new business isn't doing very goodwell at the moment.
  10. I like your hat. It looks goodwell on you.
  11. I've met her a few times, but I don't know her goodwell.
Выберите верные варианты (Choose the correct options)
  1. Once or twice late lately Brian has mentioned her name.
  2. Gerald, why did you come back so late lately ?
  3. Ben was paying his entire entirely attention to the task of steering the boat.
  4. I think it's entire entirely possible that the two leaders will discuss the treaty today.
  5. The children are near nearly to solving the puzzle.
  6. The rescue team has evacuated near nearly 2,000 people.
  7. Rose Barlow is a high highly educated young woman.
  8. I can't sing that high highly .
  9. I think it is only right rightly to warn you that I'm leaving in a fortnight.
  10. There is a lot to be done, but as you right rightly say we must move forward carefully.
  11. Jack stepped forward and pushed the door wide widely open.
  12. Prices vary wide widely for products that appear to be very similar.
  13. We thought it would be awful but it was not too bad badly .
  14. The roof was bad badly in need of repair.
  15. The two women were wrong wrongly accused of murder.
  16. It is difficult to say when it all started to go wrong wrongly .
Укажите, что используется в каждом предложении: прилагательное или наречие
Choose the adjective or the adverb for each sentence, as in the example

The cheetah runs fast.

  1. She is a careless driver. adjective adverb
  2. Susan thinks school exams are difficult. adjective adverb
  3. They sleep late at night. adjective adverb
  4. She sings wonderfully. adjective adverb
  5. The giraffe is a tall animal. adjective adverb
  6. He usually goes to bed early. adjective adverb
Выберите верные варианты (Choose the correct options)
  1. He packed his suitcase quick quickly .
  2. It was a peaceful peacefully lake surrounded by trees.
  3. She walks careful carefully on the slippery rocks.
  4. The street food in Bangkok tastes incredible incredibly .
  5. The tour guide spoke clear clearly so we could understand the history of the city.
  6. The train arrived late lately at the station.
  7. They felt excited excitedly about their first international trip.
  8. The hotel was extreme extremely comfortable.
  9. This city is amazing amazingly beautiful at night.
  10. We travel light lightly with only a backpack each.
Исправьте ошибки (Correct the mistakes)
  1. The hikers were extremely thirsty after the long trek.
  2. You should hold the railing tightly when you climb the stairs.
  3. The train is too slow . I think we'll be late.
  4. It's a really hot day for a beach trip.
  5. They experienced a deep cultural immersion in the local village.
  6. I'm too tired after this long journey.
  7. We took the quick route to the museum.
  8. The jungle was dark and fearful .
  9. She prepared for the trip carelessly and forgot her passport.
Выберите верные варианты (Choose the correct options)
  1. He works very hard hardly to save money for his dream trip.
  2. I hard hardly had any sleep on the overnight train.
  3. She arrived late lately for the flight and missed the boarding.
  4. I've been travelling late lately , exploring various countries.
  5. We hiked up a high highly mountain to see the sunrise.
  6. I'm high highly impressed with the local hospitality.
  7. The lake was deep deeply and clear, perfect for diving.
  8. We were deep deeply moved by the natural beauty of the place.
  9. The river was wide widely and it took us a while to cross it on a boat.
  10. This country is wide widely known for its beautiful landscapes.
  11. We were near nearly the destination when the car broke down.
  12. Our budget is near nearly exhausted after the unexpected expenses.
Прочитайте и заполните пропуски
Read and complete the sentences
good well bad badly good well

Last Sunday, Jack went on a hiking trip. The weather was good and he felt well .

However, he felt a bit tired because he slept badly the night before. The trail was much harder than he expected, and he felt bad about his lack of preparation.

At the end of the day, he said, "Despite everything, the view from the top was good and I learned a valuable lesson. I should plan well for my next hike."

Заполните пропуски словами из списка
Complete the sentences with the words from the list
quick cheerful happy loud quickly cheerfully happily loudly
  1. The kids sang songs throughout the journey.
  2. The travelers clicked many pictures of the scenic beauty.
  3. The train whistle blew as it left the station.
  4. The local market was , filled with vendors shouting out their offers.
  5. The tour guide was extremely , making the tour fun for everyone.
  6. Despite the scenic route, we decided to take the path to the summit to save time.
  7. We packed our bags when we heard about the sudden trip.
  8. The flight attendant explained the safety procedures.
Выберите верные варианты (Choose the correct options)
  1. The hotel service was very badbadly.
  2. We packed badbadly for this trip.
  3. The weather was badbadly during our trip to Scotland.
  4. Are you feeling badbadly after the long drive?
  5. John's French is very badbadly.
  6. Our trip isn't going very badbadly at the moment.
  7. Your sunburn looks badbadly on you.
Разделите слова на группы
Divide the words into groups
Happy Happily Careful Slow Quick Quickly Carefully Slowly Adjectives Adverbs
Заполните пропуски (Complete the sentences) quickly slow easily peaceful loudly warm gracefully rough carefully
  1. The plane landed .
  2. The train ride was surprisingly .
  3. We navigated the city with a map.
  4. The campground was at night.
  5. The locals celebrated the festival .
  6. The beach was in the afternoon.
  7. The sailboat moved through the water.
  8. The trail was .
  9. She packed her suitcase .
Укажите, что используется в каждом предложении: прилагательное или наречие
Choose the adjective or the adverb for each sentence
  1. The tour guide explained the history incredibly. adjective adverb
  2. He quickly adjusted to the new time zone. adjective adverb
  3. The backpack was heavy with souvenirs. adjective adverb
  4. The local food is spicy. adjective adverb
  5. She is an adventurous traveller. adjective adverb
  6. We usually travel by train. adjective adverb

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