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Label the internal organs. Use the word list below if necessary. Add new words to your vocabulary Lungs Liver Kidneys Reproductive organs Brain Thyroid Heart Stomach Small & Large Intestine Bladder

Match the verbs with other words to form idioms. Match the idioms to their definitions Z2V0 c29tZXRoaW5nIG9mZiB5b3VyIGNoZXN0 dG8gc2hhcmUgeW91ciBwcm9ibGVtcyB3aXRoIHNvbWVvbmU= Z2l2ZS9sZW5k YSBoYW5k dG8gaGVscCBzb21lb25lIHRvIGRvIHNvbWV0aGluZw== d2FzaA== eW91ciBoYW5kcyBvZiBzb21ldGhpbmc= c3RvcCBkZWFsaW5nIHdpdGggYSBwcm9ibGVt cGxheQ== aXQgYnkgZWFy dG8gZG8gc29tZXRoaW5nIHdpdGhvdXQgcHJlcGFyYXRpb24= ZHJhZw== eW91ciBmZWV0 dG8gZG8gc29tZXRoaW5nIHVucGxlYXNhbnQgaW4gYSBzbG93IHdheQ== a2VlcA== eW91ciBjaGluIHVw dG8gYmUgY2hlZXJmdWwgYW5kIGhhcHB5 Y3Jvc3M= eW91ciBmaW5nZXJz dG8gaG9wZSBmb3IgYSBnb29kIHJlc3VsdA==

There are many body idioms in English. As is the case with colour idioms, many of the body idioms are easy to understand. It's not surprising — the human body functions in the same way everywhere, which is reflected in the languages people speak. Still, some of the body idioms can be tricky to understand. Try to figure out the meaning of 10 idioms. Break a leg! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_-1hzPZTgg That is, good luck!

Choose the correct options

1. What does someone who loves sugar and candies have?

A sweet tooth A sweet tongue A sweet mouth

2. What do you give someone if you ignore them?

Cold feet The cold shoulder A cold head

3. What can you say about something extremely expensive?

It costs an arm and a leg. It costs a head and a neck. It costs a heart and a liver.

4. What is head over heels about?

Feeling very confused Being deeply in love Moving awkwardly

5. If you pull someone's leg, what do you do?

To try to motivate someone To do their work for them To joke or tease someone
Check why

The expression originated in England, in the 19th century, when pickpockets used a cord to make people trip and fall. While the person was on the ground, the thieves went through their pockets. Later, people were tripped just to make them look awkward.

6. What do you do when you need to memorise a poem?

To learn by heart To learn by mouth To learn by fingers

7. If someone lives hand to mouth, what does that mean?

They are always gossiping. They eat too much. They only earn enough money for food.

8. Which of the following do you do if you agree with someone?

You see eye to eye. You hear ear to ear. You are head to head.

9. What is the person who has a cheek like?

Disrespectful Indecisive Coward
Check why

Someone cheeky is rude and insolent. That is why to have a cheek means to be disrespectful enough to do something.

10. What does put your back into something mean?

Get into trouble Work very hard on something Ignore something

11. Which of the idioms from the questions above really exist in the English language?

To get cold feet A cold head To hear ear to ear To be head to head
Check why

If you get cold feet, you get nervous, usually before an important event. A natural body reaction.

To be head to head means to be very close to each other. It is usually said about competitors that are showing similar results.

Read the dialogue and choose the correct verbs to complete the idioms

Ann: What's up? You look frustrated.

Ben: I'm exhausted. My IELTS exam is in a week, and I'm not ready!

Ann: Keep Put your chin up! You'll pass it with flying colours. Can I lend borrow you a hand with the preparation? We could roleplay the Speaking part.

Ben: Thanks a lot. Let's do it tomorrow. I'm too tired now. I've been revising grammar for the last 4 hours.

Ann: Good for you. You know, I can't be that motivated and focused. When I have to study hard, I just start to pull drag my feet and, some time later, I just wash wave my hands of this work.

Ben: Sometimes I think it's better to hear play it by ear.

Ann: Just take a break and put give your back into work again.

Ben: Will do. Thanks for your support. I've got taken my concerns about the exams off my chest.

Ann: I hold cross my fingers for you!

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