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Write the correct words for their definitions from the list angry attractive bored busy clever cool furious impossible quiet
  1. This person learns and understands things quickly. clever
  2. It is when you are tired and impatient because you do not think something is interesting. bored
  3. This person has strong feelings about something that they dislike very much. angry
  4. It is very difficult to do. impossible
  5. It is very attractive, fashionable and interesting, so people like it very much. cool
  6. These people are very angry. furious
  7. This is pleasant to look at or it is beautiful. attractive
  8. This person works hard and has a lot of things to do. busy
  9. This person doesn't make much noise or makes no noise at all. quiet

Sometimes we use more than one adjective before a noun. In this case, they come in a certain order.

We often use two adjectives before a noun. Sometimes we use three. We use more than three adjectives very rarely.

Choose the correct category for each adjective friendly lovely awful nice huge tiny tall round square thin flat young old new ancient black white pink blue German Russian English Chinese cotton plastic metal woollen Opinion Size Shape Age Colour Nationality Material
Put the words in the correct order a big round metal thing an amazing young Russian actress a tiny ancient golden bracelet a perfect new plan an awful smelly pile of trash a friendly little black puppy a hilarious American sitcom

Psychologists believe that there are several kinds of intelligence, not just one. It means that everyone is intelligent in their own way. Do you believe it?

Let's see which things people can be good at.

Choose the correct options to complete the sentences

  1. I am keen interested good at arts. I started painting when I was a child.
  2. Kate is hopeless good interested at maths. She just can't understand it.
  3. Harry is excellent famous passionate about teaching. He really loves children.
  4. Vanessa Mae is passionate famous aware for her brilliant performance.
  5. His sons are mad good hopeless about video games. They spend hours playing.
  6. I am quite enthusiastic interested upset in history. I'm reading a book about World War II now.
  7. My son is excellent gifted aware at maths. I hope he will get an A in his final exam.

There are some notable exceptions where one of the adjectives doesn't follow the usual pattern.

Look at the exceptions and choose the correct options to complete the sentences


  • Scared/scary

    This documentary is really scary.

  • Stressed/stressful

    I watch comedies to relax after a stressful day at work.

  • Impressed/impressive

    The special effects were impressive.

  • Upsetting/upset

    I got upset when I found out that this TV show had been cancelled.

  1. I got really bored boring halfway through the pilot episode.
  2. The ending was surprised surprising .
  3. Don't be upset upsetted , I'm sure this series will have at least one more season.
  4. It was an emotionally stressed stressful time for the main character.
  5. The TV show was in English, with no subtitles, so I found it quite tired tiring to watch.
  6. The drama series wasn't so bad. I just found it a little depressed depressing .
  7. I must admit, I was confused confusing by the ending.
  8. It's annoyed annoying when I'm trying to watch my favourite TV show, but it is constantly interrupted by commercials.
  9. The performance of the actor in the leading role was impressed impressive .
  10. I know it's not a horror TV series, but I still find it really scary scaring .
  11. I'm quite excited exciting about the new series with Benedict Cumberbatch.
  12. I just wasn't interesting interested in any of the characters.


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12 апреля 2023
Учусь в Skyeng уже полгода, в последнее время стала довольно быстро расправляться с домашками, так что раздел с бесплатными заданиями очень помогает не скучать между уроками. Занимаюсь английским практически каждый день.
01 мая 2023
Спасибо за бесплатные задания. Кажется, у меня наконец получилось разобраться, в чем разница между прошедшими временами. Мучился с этой темой еще со школы.
15 апреля 2023
Удобно, что можно делать упражнения с телефона, помогает скоротать время в дороге, да еще и с пользой.

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