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Nell, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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My name is Stephan Nell and I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve been teaching English, IELTS, Business and Personal Development at a university in Da Nang, Vietnam, for the past 3 years.

Teaching is something that I am very passionate about and I consider myself extremely lucky to have found something that I love doing. I teach kids, university students and adults. I am a Tefl qualified teacher. and I have completed an IELTS teacher training course. I have 2 Business Management degrees as well as an Arts degree in Brand Leadership. I’m a huge fan of Design Thinking and business model innovation. I believe awareness and self-awareness to be extremely important factors in the pursuit of living a fulfilling life.

Before moving to Vietnam, I was a non-voting director of an International wine company as well as a guest lecturer in Design Thinking at a University in South Africa. I enjoy hiking, meditation, yoga, and an occasional glass of red wine with friends.

I find my diverse range of interests, education and work experience to be beneficial when it comes to connecting with students. Connection is so important when it comes to understanding the needs and interests of my students, which are necessary to create a relevant and challenging learning journey. I consider myself to be a patient and open-minded teacher, and I look forward to assisting you on your learning journey soon.

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