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Christopher, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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  • Стаж преподавания: 4 года
  • Страна: Republic of South Africa
  • Преподает
  • Изучение английского языка для общих целей по скайпу
  • Курсы разговорного английского языка по скайпу
  • Английский для путешествий
  • Интересы

My name is Christopher, but you may call me Chris. I live in Cape Town, a beautiful city in South Africa. I am a friendly, open-minded person. I love to travel and meet new people. I also love music, reading, dancing, writing and I love playing sport and exercising.

I studied English Literature and Social Sciences at the University of Cape Town because I am passionate about the arts and fascinated by people. I became a teacher because I love to work with people and it feels good to help others to reach their goals. I believe that our journey in life is all about learning and sharing what we have learnt with other people.

I have been teaching English as a Second Language since 2013. I began working at an online company where I taught students of all ages from all over the world. I then taught at a private school with students from all over Africa who wanted to come and study in my country. This was a very challenging and rewarding experience as many of my students had only received a very basic education in their home countries.

My lessons are conducted in a professional but enthusiastic manner. I believe that someone who is interested and motivated will learn better than someone who is bored and unhappy. I believe that students need to practice in order to learn and that grammar is only important if it is helping the student. We can think of grammar as the engine of a car. The more we know about how a car works, the better we can drive, but you do not need to be engineers, that’s my job.

I would like to tell my students that learning English is a passport to the world. My language is spoken in more countries than any other. I would also like to say that learning a language (or any new thing) is like exercise for your brain. It is important to have a healthy body but it’s even more important to have a healthy brain. I really hope that we can work on making our brains fit and strong together.

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