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Merima, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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My name is Merima, but you can call me Meri for short. I am a certified English Teacher with over a year of work experience with students of all ages. I have a TEFL certificate as well as an education in Pedagogy. Teaching English is my passion because I get to meet new people and watch them grow and reach their goals, helping them every step of the way. To understand language is to understand the world, after all.

I have taught students, both online and in person, covering a wide variety of topics and issues. My lessons are held in a very relaxed work environment with lots of positive motivation and dedication to the student's progress. There is nothing we can't learn together and there's no harm in having a little fun with learning. To me, any skill worth learning is a skill that will be challenging, but rewarding. The key is to not be hard on ourselves and to give space for new ways of taking in knowledge. It is a principle of mine to always be direct and precise, to face problems head on and celebrate the victories that come after.

I am a big movie fan; sci-fi, action, comedy, you name it. So in my free time you can usually catch me watching movies with friends, going to art galleries or reading interesting articles. I'm very curious about the world and everything on it.

To my students I would like to say: the first step is always the hardest, in deciding to improve yourself, you have already won, after that you just keep going at your own pace and truly, you achieve great things.

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