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Kirsty, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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  • Стаж преподавания: 11 лет
  • Страна: Мальта
  • Преподает
  • Изучение английского языка для общих целей по скайпу
  • Деловой английский язык на курсах для бизнеса по скайпу
  • Английский для путешествий
  • International Exam preparations Подготовка к экзамену FCE по английскому языку, Подготовка к экзамену IELTS по английскому языку, Подготовка к экзамену CAE по английскому языку
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  • Путешествия
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  • Книги
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I’m Kirsty and I come from a small town near Oxford in England, but I’ve not lived there for a long time. I love sunshine, warm weather and meeting people from different cultures, so I’ve spent the last ten years living and working in a variety of exotic countries including Thailand and Vietnam. I now reside on the lovely little Mediterranean island of Malta.

I have a background in Marketing and hold a degree in Marketing with Psychology. However, more recently I’ve made a career out of my passions, which are traveling, reading, writing, teaching and volunteering; I’m an English Teacher, Writer, and Proofreader.

I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and I’m a Cambridge English-qualified Teacher (CELTA), as well as a certified IELTS Examiner. I’m experienced in teaching students of all ages and levels, from all over the world, including kids, adults and University Professors from Vietnam, China, Korea, Europe and Russia. I also have 7 years of online teaching experience.

I provide fun, yet focused lessons that empower my students to be more confident in speaking English. One of the ways I do this is by tailoring each class to fit the student’s personality, interests and individual needs.

In my free time I love to spend time amongst nature, particularly by hiking in the countryside or swimming and chilling out on the beach. I’m also a big fan of yoga, meditation and both cooking and sampling delicious, exotic and healthy dishes. When I have the time, I also enjoy volunteering and I’ve had some amazing experiences doing this, including: teaching English and Tour Guide skills to ethnic tribes in the mountains of Vietnam, helping novice monks from Laos with their English reading and speaking skills, and assisting on a vegan permaculture farm in Thailand.

I very much look forward to meeting new students on the SkyEng platform and helping them to improve their English skills in an interesting and enjoyable way

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