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Gary, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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  • Страна: UK
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Hello, welcome to Skyeng it is very nice to meet you. My name is Gary from England.

I am a Celta/Trinity qualified Tefl teacher, with advanced certification in teaching English to young learners, teaching also Business English, ILETS and other English courses.

I became a teacher when I got given the opportunity to teach in China. I love the interaction, stories & friendships you can build from teaching.

Seeing that smile on a student's face when they have been praised or the willingness to try when something's to difficult. I feel I'm not just a teacher but a life coach as well to both students and others.

I've been working as a Tefl teacher for 6 years & online almost 2 years.

I have taught English in China, Australia, Thailand, Italy & England to many different nationalities. I am interested in hearing students stories & life goals which I'm happy to assist with.

I have taught student's from 3 to 49 so any age, any nationality I am happy to teach.

I also teach English to Chinese & Filipino students online in a different time zone.

When I am teaching, I take every students lifestyle/individuality into perspective & concentrate on reaching the students end goals in that particular lessons & end of course. I like to say that I am an easy going individual, yes I am your teacher but I want to be a friend as well, we are equal!

When I'm teaching I am professional, whether that is in a formative or informative way. My philosophy in learning anything new is make sure that you are interested, that you are feeling fulfilled & that you are having fun. Learning a new skill isn't easy, this takes a lot of time & commitment. With this said learning a new skill & being not just praised when things are good but being supported & helped when times are hard.

In my spare time I read alot, socialise with friends & family, keep fit at the gym. I also play sports & I'm a drummer writing my own music.

I am looking forward to teaching you English, but also being a supportive person through your journey.

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