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Orna, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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Good day. My name is Orna Koch. I am a teacher who specializes in English and the arts. I studied for four years and I have taught for 25 years. I have taught English to students of all ages and levels as well as Business English to young adults. Education runs in my family. I am passionate about teaching and learning new things. I also love helping students by empowering them with knowledge. I have taught at quite a few schools in my country but I want to teach English online because I am very interested in the lives of people abroad. I believe I can learn interesting, new things about people from around the world. I like to teach by starting with the known and move on to the unknown. I like to discuss the interests of my students and find out what is important to them. If you talk about the interest of students and then introduce new work, it makes it easier to understand. Setting goals for myself and my students help both of us to focus and reach the top. I believe success breeds success. The better you do, the better you want to do. Because I also have a background in drama and speaking, I want my students to speak well and be proud when they speak English with confidence. So, in my classes there will be a lot of speaking, and fun! ! In my free time, I read, watch movies and do art. I am a passionate teacher and would love to meet new students to help them make their dreams come true.

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