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Al, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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  • Страна: UK
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Hi my name is Al. I have a bachelor’s degree in Fuel engineering from Leeds University in the United Kingdom. I have worked as a professional English tutor for more than 12 years conducting both private and online classes either one to one or in group classes.

I love teaching and thrive on seeing my students gaining the self-confidence to speak English fluently, striving to build their future. I personalize and tailor made all my classes according to my students’ individual needs. I concentrate and focus on fields they need improvement.

My principal in teaching English is to provide all the necessary material for my students and then work with them step by step to reach our goals. I set milestones for myself and my students. I believe that I should work as hard as my students and see their goal as my own. During the class I teach intensively, expecting my students to work on their own twice as much.

In my free time I write, I love writing inspirational articles and stories and would love to share my thoughts on life coaching. Of course I love hiking deep into the unspoiled nature.

In one word I always tell my students that learning English up to a stage is uphill. However, when you are up the hill from then its downhill all the way to achieve fluency and proficiency. Looking forward to start teaching on Skyeng.

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