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Louise, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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My name is Louise. I have a Ba degree and I majored in linguistics and psychology. I also completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Education so I am a fully qualified teacher.

During my 6 years of teaching, I came across students who just seemed to struggle and this frustrated and saddened me. So I returned to studying and did a specialised course to help children with learning difficulties. Recently I completed a Masters TEFL course which was 150 hours long and included a grammar section as well as a teaching adults and teaching children section.

I am a mom to 2 young boys and married to a farmer. Before I got married I lived overseas for many years and travelled through England, Ireland, Scotland and France. During my time in England, I worked in the hospitality industry as a chef and a waitress. I also worked for very prestigious private clients in their homes. I even had the privilege once of making breakfast for a foreign Princess.

I love helping people to succeed and improve their lives. I am passionate about education and I myself really enjoy studying and learning about new things. But I also understand how difficult this can be and I would love to help you as much as possible.
Kind Regards Louise Rensburg

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