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Tiffany Joy, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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My name is Teacher Tiff from Philippines, I'm a big reader, adventurous traveler as well as a music minded. I can't go on a day without music, furthermore Teaching is my cup of tea, I'm the type of teacher who is patient, friendly along with good sense of humor. I can strike up a conversation with my students, without a doubt in my class, never a dull moment I have been teaching English online for nearly four years now, I came across several nationalities trying to improve their English, and I’ve been assisting them for more than 3 years, furthermore guiding students from different levels from beginners to advance to enhance their four language skills, in addition I have taught young learners in a group class and some few trainings on how to handle kids and adults lessons, Well in fact I’m a qualified IELTS tutor, I have helped a lot of candidates, reached the target scores in a short period of practice, they ace the examination with flying colors.

My teaching style is customized to the level and goal of my students but one thing that is constant I always give my 100 percent in each class. So what are you waiting for, why wait? Book my classes now. See you in my class! Let’s soar high like an eagle

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