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Janet, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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  • Страна: Canada
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My name is Janet and I am from Edmonton, Canada. I have a Bachelors degree in business. After spending many years as an Accountant and Administrator. In both of these roles, I spent lots of time training and teaching staff. I found that I was enjoying this aspect of my work more than the accounting and decided it was time for a career change. I had also during this period been given the amazing opportunity to live in Thailand. Upon returning to Canada, I started to focus on returning to Asia to live and work.

When my responsibilities in Canada were complete, I made the decision to move to Asia as an English language teacher. I took a TESOL course and additional courses in lesson planning and moved to China. I spent 9 amazing years there. The first 5 years teaching in language school working. During this period I taught children, teens and adults. I then changed my career slightly and spend 4 years working for a blended learning company. I taught teachers how to design lesson plans for the blended learning classroom as well as how to use the computer software. This position gave me the opportunity to travel to Yakutsk twice as well as Thailand, Mongolia and around China. I was invited by TESOL Mongolia to deliver opening addresses at their annual conferences.

Out of the blue, I was offered the opportunity to move to Cambodia as the Director of a new language school. With my love to travel and desire to push myself, I moved to Phnom Penh for two years. During this time I continued to teach which I enjoyed much more than the administrative work! 

At this point, family issued required me to return to my hometown of Edmonton. I have continued to teach but not in a formal atmosphere. Instead, I decided to recruit my own students. They come from Russia, China, Cambodia, Thailand and Canada. They are teens and adults. I teach them general and business English as well as IELTS preparation. My students from Edmonton learn face to face while the others learn on Skype.

Learning English online is an amazing way to learn. Remember that you learned your native language by listening: from the moment you were born you were learning. Speaking came next and then reading and writing. Learning online teaches the same way with emphasis on pronunciation and sentence structure (grammar). As a teacher, I found my passion. To nurture students to become fluent in the English language is so very rewarding.

Having the right fit with a teacher is very important. With my experience teaching Russians, I feel that working with Skyeng is the perfect fit for me. I hope it is the perfect fit for you as well.

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