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Lawrie, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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My name is Douglas Laurie, but my friends call me Doug. Nice to virtually meet you. My training path began when I completed a PDC (Permaculture Design Course) course in 2011 and completed an internship at an organic farm, where I taught the unemployed people basic gardening skills. With my new found skills and the goal of building my own home. I traveled to England, learning the heirloom skills that I would need to design and build my dream home. While I was traveling, I had the opportunity to teach families gardening. The return to South Africa is broken, but much wiser. Then I decided that I wanted to travel a little more, and I always wanted to become a teacher, so I received my TEFL in 2014. I jumped on a plane to China, where I spent more than a year teaching children. Then I went to Indonesia to change the atmosphere and meet new cultures. I taught many types of classes. From business English for professionals to basic English for children. Unfortunately, I stayed there for only seven months because of Miss Management. Now I am back home in sunny South Africa and have been teaching online since 2017. The lesson for me is like talking to a friend. I like it when my students talk about their life, interests, hobbies or something else they like. I will correct pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, if necessary, and I love questions, because I feel that asking questions is the key to understanding. I adapt my lessons to the specific needs and goals of the student. Together we will have fun doing them.

In my free time I like to learn something new, because I want to know more than yesterday. Now I am building my dream house and using accumulated knowledge. I also enjoy art and write a book about how to run a garden in general. My interests are diverse, and I love to learn something new from new people.

I am glad to learn from you and help you in your adventures in English. It would be great to hear about your interests, life experiences and dreams. Thank you for reading a little about my life, and I hope to meet you soon. Best wishes to my potential friend and student.

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