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Henry, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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Hello there, and welcome to Skyeng, it is so nice to meet you. My name is Henry, I’m a native English speaker and a professional online English teacher with 17 years teaching experience.

Whether you need to improve your English to communicate better with clients or colleagues, or whether you just want to see the world and need to use English for travelling purposes, I can guide you on the path to success. I’m not only well-qualified and experienced to assist you, but also quite eager to help.

Here are the reasons why you should choose to have lessons with me:

  1. I’m a TEFL qualified teacher, with 17 years’ experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language, English for Academic purposes, English for Specific Purposes (Legal, Financial, and Oil & Petroleum industries), Business English and IELTS to learners of all age groups and all levels. This experience includes 15 years face-face instruction in countries such Taiwan, China, Sudan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and South Africa.
  2. I also have 2 years’ experience teaching students from Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, and China, online, on various platforms.
  3. My tertiary qualifications include a professional law degree, as well as two post-graduate degrees in Development Studies and Education Management, law & policy.
  4. I also have a level 5 TQUK certificate in TEFL and an IELTS Academic English proficiency score of 8. (So yes, I have been in your shoes, to best guide you)
  5. I give my students choices rather than directives, which will empower them to learn. I believe that all students are individuals and everyone learns in their own unique way. I therefore use multiple methods of teaching to reach my students.
  6. With regards to teaching, I believe that teachers should expect great things from their students, regardless of skill, talent or ability. I believe that the communicative task-based approach is the best to learn English.
  7. I believe that interesting content makes for interesting lessons. I want my students to enjoy the learning process and have fun, in order to learn, to persevere, and ultimately to succeed.
  8. I build up very good rapport with all my students and treat them not only as students, but as people, being interested in their personal lives, experiences, stories and well-being.
  9. I like to inspire my students to never give up on their dreams and goals they set for themselves. I feel I'm not only a teacher but a life coach as well to my students.
  10. I’m both easy-going and relatable to people with different personality types, and I have all the necessary cross-cultural experiences and sensitivity skills to adapt to my students’ diverse cultural and personal needs.
  11. When I'm teaching I am professional, whether that is in a formative or informative way. I love to have highly interactive classes that stimulate conversation and creativity in the learners. My ultimate goal is to enable my students to communicate with ease and confidence.
  12. I focus on and target all the English learning skills (Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing) and yes Grammar too, in order to develop your language competencies as a whole. At the end of each lesson I provide error correction and feedback on Pronunciation, Grammar and vocabulary issues you may have. I focus a lot on adding new vocabulary to your current repertoire, as I believe that words or lexis are the building blocks of a language. In order to “build your house”, you need to acquire new vocabulary all the time. Grammar is the cement that keeps all these bricks together, so yes, Grammar will be covered.

My passion in life is travelling, taking pictures, and blogging about my experiences. I have worked in, and travelled to 25 countries over the past 2 decades, so I have many stories to tell and experiences to share. I enjoy meeting and engaging with new people and cultures.

I teach online professionally on a full-time basis and I guarantee a professional and effective tailor-made English learning program, to enable you to succeed. I’m looking forward to meet you and assist you in achieving your English language learning goals.

See you in class! 

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