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Elden, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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Hello, my name is Elden Maynard, an American English teacher currently living in Moscow. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Medieval Studies — which in the States is much like an English language and literature degree, just with a focus on historical sources instead of novels. It involves lots of writing, argumentation, and careful reading to discern the exact meaning of someone’s words. In my opinion, it is the best specialization for analyzing the complexities of the English language. I have been working as a teacher in Moscow for a few months now, but I have over two years’ experience total, including my time as an English Language Tutor at my University in the US. I feel very proud to be a teacher — the ability to help someone gain opportunity to access the English-Speaking World and improve their life is extremely rewarding.

In my lessons, I give my students exactly what they need, and tailor the materials to suit what they want. Whether they are looking for a classroom experience, or casual conversation practice, I do everything I can to fit their goals. I have used prescribed books and course materials, and also made entire lesson plans on my own, specifically constructed for my students. I enjoy helping students learn not only the language, but also the world in which they will soon be entering with their new-found language skills.

In my free time, I love to expand my horizons, travelling, meeting new people, trying new foods. I’m also a photographer, and occasionally travel to other countries to photograph certain concerts, festivals, and events. One of the great perks of teaching is getting to meet so many students, and develop close bonds with them, so I’d love to hear about your hobbies in our lessons some time! Thank you for choosing Skyeng, and I hope to see you soon!

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