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Jessica, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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Hello my name is Jessica. I have just graduated from one of the top universities in the UK with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, which I studied in London. I am also studying for my TEFL qualification.

I decided to be a teacher because of two reasons. My love of travel means I needed a job that is as flexible as I am, one where I can take with me wherever I go. The second reason stemmed from my love of learning languages. After sitting in the student’s seat for so long, I knew what worked and didn’t work as a professor, and that made me want to try it out for myself and also to teach others the beauty of the English language.

I have been working as an English tutor for over three years, it was a job that I began in Paris, looking for jobs at a time when my French level wasn’t very good was proven difficult, so I jumped at the chance to be an English tutor when I saw it. Since then I have tutored multiple others and recently I have been working in an English school here in Mexico, where I live now.

My working principles are simple; I believe in the KISS method: Keep It Simple Stupid. Language learning should be a fun process and judging from my own experience, the more effort a student puts into speaking the language from the beginning, the quicker that student learns. I try not to over-complicate the language, yes, a grammar structure might be difficult as first but practice makes perfect, right?

Believe it or not in my free time, I love to learn and perfect my languages. Right now, I can speak four and I have plans on learning at least another three or four. I also love to travel and discover different cultures and learn about their history. You will either find me wandering around art galleries, museums or curled up at home with my favourite book and a cup of tea. 

If I had one message to prospective students it is that learning with me will be a fun process. I like to concentrate on perfecting your conversational skills as well as the other skills, so there will be lots of talking during the lesson. However, I apologise in advance about my British humour, I am known to say a terrible joke or two. 

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